Hatsune Miku – Amazing Magician [Game Edit] / Mitchie M

This song was made for a social network game “Wiz of a black cat” and Hatsune Miku’s collaboration. I used Hatsune Miku V4X Beta voicebank.
◆ Instrumental mp3 DL: https://soundcloud.com/mitchiem/amazing-magician-inst
◆ Lyrics text: http://mitchie-m.com/blog/hatsune-miku/lyrics/english/amazing-magician-eng/
◆ UTAU ust DL1: https://soundcloud.com/makkusandesu/amazing-magician-kasane-teto-ust
◆ UTAU ust DL2: https://soundcloud.com/renjitakuma/amazingmagicianrenri/sets

Music: Mitchie M http://www.mitchie-m.com
Illustration: Tama http://sg.xii.jp/o/

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Mitchie M
【Official Site】http://www.mitchie-m.com



  1. X TunE より:

    Always nice video ^^ 😀 makes me happy

  2. Evelyn Kawaii より:


  3. Chizuru より:

    Everything about this is so well done. I’d love to hear a full version
    (Can’t seem to find it anywhere).

  4. Hikawa Lê より:

    I love Mitchie M but this video so short

  5. strawberry gamer より:

    your videos always make me smile . i love them !

  6. HtfAnime VocaGirl より:

    Congrats Mitchie M! Miku got part into a Lux commercial with Scarlet
    Johnson with one of your songs! Lol ^^

  7. meyurine より:

    pls tell me the filipino subs were for comedy omg

  8. 다시시작해 より:

    미쿠찡.. 넘귀여워요.. 잘보고가요 ^^
    (자막 감사드립니다~♥) oωο

  9. * Angelic_Otaku * より:

    AHHHH! Love the sond and you <3

  10. -ルイス·ディエゴ より:

    I would like that this song had a long version T^T

  11. Appendices より:

    Thanks for the great video. I’m hoping that If you ever make a full version
    single of this song, or have this song in your next album I will buy them!

  12. darling ofthewar より:


  13. まふぅともう一人のちゃんねるぅ より:


  14. iT'S JOKE より:

    So cute and amazing again!! Already in love ♡♡

  15. Joshua M より:

    Never stop, Mitchie M. Never stop being amazing.

  16. Filip Żbik より:

    I have feeling this song is about Megumin from KonoSuba… 😮 <3 <3
    ...absolutely purrrrfect work. :like:

  17. lucastwg より:

    205k views and over 7k likes! Congrats!

  18. dalttang 달땅 より:

    하츠네미쿠! 점점 발전해가는것같아 너무 좋아!?

  19. mikumiku videos より:

    adorei!mais que tudo!

  20. MrRebornII より:

    Thanks for the Portuguese (Brazilian) translations you have in your musics!
    This helps a lot to grow the Vocaloid community here. And i can have a good
    time trying to get the song in the right rhythm for Portuguese.

  21. Antonia-Sophie Lier より:

    can you speak german?

  22. Sylvia より:

    me ha gustado ???

  23. Ivy !!! より:

    Mitchie! you should make an instagram!

  24. Lunar Bow より:

    I just discovered this channel and I’m glad i did! I really like the way
    Miku’s voice is used here! She sounds so lively. Really nice!

  25. 古久保智也 より:


  26. こここゆいこ より:


  27. Sonic And Miku Concet in Indonesia より:

    Apa ini dari Indonesia?

  28. Color Gaming より:

    What happened this was like your last video in forever don’t stop please
    your doing great

  29. Shinju Endo より:

    I honestly cannot believe my flipping ears! All shall like!

  30. ryan zakoi より:

    i ´ve an idea for ur next song Mitchie M

  31. Illyrie より:

    Even though it’s shorter, this song has the same effect of Mitchie M’s
    other songs; makes me incredibly happy! I swear, your music makes it sound
    like even Miku is having fun. <3

  32. 月落梦泯 より:

    Who can tell me the name of this song?

  33. Harvart より:


  34. Lps. Com より:


  35. Bonnie - Chan より:

    que Kawaii

  36. UnderDog 777 より:

    this is amazing! I wonder how I didn’t notice it much sooner.

  37. Hatsune Miku より:

    Short But still amazing

  38. Default Minazuki より:

    any songs that are coming out soon?

  39. Alicia Daddo より:

    Do you make the videos aswell as the songs?

  40. Kurumi Chan より:


  41. The Zenith Serene より:

    i know that you probably get a lot of comments, but on the off chance you
    read this, i would like to invite you to a project I’ve created as someone
    to do a few songs for my fangame.

  42. fabulosh uh hUH より:

    Have you done any songs with Rin yet??

  43. Rainbow Bird より:

    It’d be cool to see you do a wider variety of voicaloids to make sound

  44. 苏文俊 より:

    this song have original full song??

  45. mikuo music より:

    your music is wonderful

  46. sonicflameclaw より:

    too bad this song is kind of short its amazing

  47. 랑유호 より:

    is this a full ver? i wanna hear more longer than this ;)

  48. Stevie Offical より:

    How did you make Miki sound like a real person?! I never heard a Vocaloid
    song with such a good pitch! Can you maybe make a tutorial on how you made
    this song?

  49. Natsumi Hanaki より:

    This is very pretty! Your tuning and music are surely the best! :)

  50. Miss.Blueberried PanCake (toonophilia) より:

    1:14 anamı ağlattı ciddi ciddi o kadar uğraştım yinede çeviremedim :(((

  51. Yuuko Fea (Lina) より:


  52. Saara Chaaan より:

    I love this (*^▽^*)

  53. AnimatingAnime より:

    Everyday I listen to your music! Your an inspiration, thanks for wonderful

  54. ViRiX Dreamcore より:

    OMG YOU DID IT AGAIN!! You are a vocaloid GENIUS!!

  55. Miguel Ángel Roberto Alejandro Paredes より:

    Los subtitulo son de agradecerse!!!

  56. ThePopushi より:

    Full version please!!! ^ u ^

  57. Min Suga より:

    I love it :’3
    Awesome work,as always! :D

  58. trash kun -3- より:

    this is a really good song! I really like it :DDD

  59. くろゆん より:


  60. Danilo Marquez (Digijun) より:

    Amazing as always 🙂 it really gives a “sparkling” magician kinda theme

  61. Daniel Ko より:

    Over 7,000 likes but only 24 dislikes wow! Keep up with the good music

  62. Shino Illustrator より:

    I’m not a fan of vocaloid but everytime i heard mitchieM songs

    i gosh… I love it…

  63. Say kawaii より:

    I think I saw Rin and Len ??? maybe it’s only my imagination, yeah I’m
    sure it is

  64. D-Tomoyo's Atelier より:

    I love every single song you composed.
    your Miku stand’s out from all and its amazing !

  65. Amira Ayunda より:

    Love this song so much ????



  67. Penguinvader より:

    Your songs are amazing, I wish I could buy your 39D album.

  68. Eevee10101 より:

    I love how Miku sounds real, when I was playing Project Mirai DX for the
    first time and playing AgeAge Again, I was like “This sounds a lot
    different…” Now it is just one of Mitchie M’s amazing works as always :)

  69. nerdy _posta より:

    Love this song!

  70. Rin-chan fan #0.2 より:

    I love how in your songs you make half the words in English!

  71. juke より:


  72. Tấn Kiệt Hồ より:

    I love it
    Please do more videos like this
    You are the best

  73. Smurf Frey より:

    It’s really amazing to hear different artists’s songs, because even if
    they’re using the same Vocaloid, you can tell who made what song with how
    the voice sounds, like I can pick out any of PinocchioP’s or Mitchie M’s
    songs because of how Miku’s voice sounds different. I really love Mitchie
    M’s style! <3

  74. Momoriri より:

    you are so awesome, i love your way to use miku <3

  75. SuperJ Love AnimeCupcakes より:

    When are you going to do more songs? I Love them!

  76. Dika Nandi より:

    really like the artwork

  77. Seran より:

    너무나 좋은것

  78. INVADEROZ570 より:

    mitchie m is the light!!!!!

  79. Ailtekon より:

    I’ll never cease to be amazed at how wonderful you make Miku sound.

  80. Vira Jackson (ElV) より:

    I hope I can look forward for the German subtitles 😀
    *I’m Indonesian btw*

  81. 세은안 より:

    오 한국어 자막!!

  82. Hebihime より:

    Is there a full song?

  83. Hiratomo 2k_2 より:


  84. AppleArcade120 より:

    I don’t understand. Your YouTube channel is in English, but your website is
    in Japanese.

  85. Waridoo より:

    amazing music ! and amazing hatsune miku v4x and amazing magician <3
    mitchie m the best love ya !

  86. aldi saja より:

    yeah finally v4x miku

  87. Cameron Kinsella より:

    Amazing song. Keep up the hard work! =3

  88. RAWR STAR より:


  89. Fake Hatsune Miku より:

    Mitchie M perhaps you can do songs with Rin and Len Kagamine and Megurine
    Luka, the world needs to see ur talent being used on the other vocaloids
    i’m not the only great vocaloid there and we have done a lot of great songs
    and collaborations this is only a nice suggestion

  90. Mao Mao より:

    i swear each time your music gets better and better! i wish there was a
    longer version though :’)

  91. maximiliano baigorria より:

    necesito la cancion completa ya!!!!! X3

  92. MrTMP117 より:

    This is so good! You have always impressed us! Keep up the amazing work!!

  93. MI AOU より:

    Omg your tuning of Miku is just amaaaziiing

  94. ドーナツダニエル より:


  95. ドーナツダニエル より:


  96. Tyler より:

    i love it, i love it, i love it, you are so good at making music, thank you
    for this excellent song. ANAZING MAGICIAN!!!!! ✨?✨????????

  97. Meltem Yulu より:

    love it so much 😀 too short i want more pls xxx 🙂 greetings from belgium

  98. Dilan Polii より:

    Aww… Supporting Indonesian Subtitle… XD

    Good Work! <3

  99. Radioactive FistFoot より:

    Absolutely incredible… everything, the voice, the music and the edit. I
    love all the effort you put into this song MitchieM. And nice job Tama for
    the illustration, great artist. I only wish this song was longer because
    it’s so cool.

  100. Bonsai Chan より:

    Gah! I don’t know how you do it! >u< There's not one song of yours that I don't like or hasn't made me smile. Your definitely one of my favorite artists.


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