[Pokemon go] Snorlax Gotcha! 一場與卡比獸的戰鬥

Taiwan 新北投公園 Beitou Park

Ps1. 這是綠燈~紅燈的時候大家有很乖站著不動XD
People were waiting for the traffic signal to turn green, no one had any action.
Everyone suddenly surged to one direction when the red light switched off to green.

Ps2. 我後來受不了也去抓了0.0
I didn’t go for… No, I cannot take the temptation but still missed it lol…

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  1. 聖嘉黃 より:

    太扯了!!!!!!!現在都被迷瘋 了嗎

  2. 中國支那人 より:

    Taiwan is Taiwan, China is China Taiwan is not China

  3. 中國支那人 より:

    NO 1

  4. DerecMathew O より:


  5. Marino Tomljanovic より:

    fuck pokemons

  6. splashister より:


  7. s972512 より:

    KFC: Thanks

  8. 可羅 より:


  9. 金小菈 より:


  10. Jose Navarro より:

    gente estupida!!

  11. Niki Nikic より:

    Decadence of civilization…

  12. Theo Jelic より:

    Retards, my God how many idiots is on this white world

  13. Hugo Royen より:

    I found a Snorlax in a forest lost in the middle of nowhere, I was alone,
    it was cool. :)

  14. dangerousnat より:


  15. Holy Jose より:


  16. Richard Kennedy より:

    It actually turned out that H&M has 50% sale

  17. Bron Con より:

    Pokémon go to the polls?

  18. Mike Yang より:


  19. Stephen Bachman より:

    someone needs to put a rare Pokémon on the edge of a building.

    see how many people are dumb enough to fall off.

  20. SpillipS より:

    The zombie apocalypse has begun.

  21. meio peng より:

    Why the people here aren’t Taiwanese?奇怪?

  22. Wolyafa より:

    ZERG RUSH!!!

  23. 藍晏雨 より:


  24. Mohamed Z より:

    Pobrecitos! mira en lo que se han convertido con el tiempo…

  25. juan pablo bedoya より:

    al final si se cumplió lo que dijo albert einstein, la humanidad cada vez
    está más estúpida por culpa de la tecnología

  26. Jens S. より:

    scheiß Smombies!

  27. Franz M より:

    was the actually real? I thought it was a commercial.

  28. 1190cygnusx より:


  29. 劉庭妤 より:


  30. TsaiInkGames 蔡阿墨 より:


  31. Cristian Herrera より:

    you want to walk or run go to fucking walk or run… dont tell me this is
    goo please… is stunning to see people go crazy about a game… really
    need that to go to street or do exercise? for real? and this is our future?
    not only kids even people with so much years are playing this shit… its
    amazing to think this people is our present and future… world is going
    shit… then anybody could tell me its a game or everybody can do what they
    wants… yeah.. and its bettwr this than getting home… ooooou man…. so

  32. llasall1 より:


  33. boring 偉 より:


  34. c0llaz0 より:

    humans stupids

  35. Cedric Valden Almirez : より:


  36. Sun Yat-sen 孫中山 より:


  37. GamerGTAV666 より:

    Walking Dead

  38. 喵喵 より:


  39. . Horse633Jump より:

    Pokemon Go 公司如果把超稀有寶全設置在ISIS,不知道會有多少小智__ 踏上大師的旅途 = =?

  40. 文風 より:


  41. 政億鍾(自由的胖胖) より:


  42. Fannyaprily Aryani より:

    i know this is in beitou,taipei,taiwan

  43. Brian Ineedprep より:

    It’s just innocent entertainment right? Look, I will not give you a speech
    base on my personal preference. However, there is a pretty good standard to
    use when judging something. Basically, ” Are the results good or bad ?
    Based on those results are how things should be judged”

  44. 花嘿噴 より:


  45. THE101NE より:

    holy shit. The youth got nothing else useful to do in their lives? like

  46. stelios ramoukos より:

    Most idiot country in the world

  47. unknowm dragon より:

    It’s just a snorlax for heavens sake

  48. 怡婷謝 より:


  49. Dat Boi より:

    Zombies…Zombies everywhere.

  50. 盧峙帆 より:

    果然這就是我最愛看的 陰屍路< 行屍走肉>

  51. 羅彩安 より:


  52. 涵涵 より:


  53. 177 D14870 より:

    250+ Nukes in America and we won’t use one? Really? Seriously? If there
    were ever a reason to use one, this is it. Those are clearly zombies.

  54. Fernando Amaya より:

    the only time that people look for the fat ones

  55. improlyhigh より:

    ho Lee fuk

  56. Counter Globalist より:

    Pokemon go was developed by the CIA to extend their surveillance
    They will drop a rare pokemon where they want cameras and then people will
    swarm it sending pictures back to the intelligence agencies.

  57. rdiexdul1 より:


  58. e Ji より:


  59. Alvaro Sebastian Nuñez Quiroz より:


  60. Glenn Sharp より:

    Sad. The world is clearly fucked up.

  61. AmbieNz Oscar! より:

    Estoy seguro que guily estuvo ahí :3

  62. Peter Chou より:


  63. D K より:


  64. Randy singh より:

    dumm ass people they nothing better to do

  65. My Channel より:

    zombie attack!!!

  66. AJ Styles より:

    What is this? World war z

  67. Mitchell Brandalise より:

    Why are they all running to KFC?

  68. OZG2008 より:


  69. 黃翊豪 より:

    i don like Pokemon go

  70. Kaleb Hurst より:

    oh shit that was such a big thing right thgere

  71. 米如 より:

    恩 我只想說

  72. dsadda tusytd より:

    There is not china,there is Taiwan,bitch!

  73. theguythatcould より:

    no life.

  74. 青春无悔 より:


  75. Acroztic Temperrz より:

    This is so sad to see.

  76. miguel aparicio より:

    I caught a snorlax but it was just me the was no crowd

  77. Daisy Jane Ling より:

    overrated !!

  78. 徐徐慶耀 より:


  79. Dj Pyromania より:

    “Look at all those chickens!”

  80. GoldenCrystal より:

    Honestly i love gaming but this is sad shows that humans are stupid.

  81. Syafiqh Zul より:

    wtf wrong with people????just wanna catch snorlax??? are u a fking kifding
    me man

  82. Maikzockt 2000 より:

    can you push me ?

  83. 綠萊姆 より:

    When video ends :
    3 sec later : KFC exploded
    5 sec later : Godzilla appears at right side
    10 sec later : Everyone catch Godzilla BC they thought they are catching a

  84. bustin nuts より:

    why do all that shit when you can just snipe rare pokemons at home instead

  85. IIIGTA Master より:

    Could u imagine everyone runs there then they just find a pidgey

  86. Tempered Urchin より:

    Do you want free pokecoins? Go fuck youself

  87. DarkSagan より:


  88. matt hansen より:

    Pokemon Go… To the polls am I right?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  89. Marvin Brutus より:


  90. Demonism より:

    Plot twist: Godzilla was mistaken for Snorlax.

  91. SupaGotDunked より:

    is this people runing across the street just to get a snorlax? xD

  92. Haschte keine Ahnung より:

    no brain, no sense, no life!

  93. Diego Paredes より:

    weones locos xd

  94. Qwertx779 pikachu より:


  95. altcape より:

    What a stupid game ?

  96. Ma Hz より:

    Jajaja en mi país ya hubiesen atropellado a todos:(

  97. Ultraheaven より:

    Where’s ebola when you need it

  98. Dili Bouille より:

    WTF !!!!

  99. Jhosep Morales より:



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