Pokemon GO HACK! Tap To Walk ANYWHERE / MAP CHEAT & AUTO FIND | Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

Hack Pokemon GO App! Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 NO Computer to Walk ANYWHERE, Auto Find High Level Pokémon Cheat & FIX CRASHES.
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⬇️ Table of Contents ⬇️

0:05 – Hack Pokémon GO & Stop Crashes!
0:20 – Jailbreak Required – Check Description
1:03 – How to FIX Crashes!
1:36 – Step 1: Launch Cydia
1:44 – Step 2: Add This Source
2:22 – Step 3: Install Poke ++
3:05 – The Hack: Demo & Explanation!
3:17 – Joystick to Walk ANYWHERE
3:35 – Will You Get Banned?
3:50 – Hack Settings & Options
4:18 – Tap to Walk Instead!
5:09 – Perfect Curveball Every TIME?!
6:12 – Use Google Maps To GO ANYWHERE
6:28 – Tell Which Pokemon It Is In Advance!


Chris, Jake Lowe, Chad MacLeod, mohammed Nabil Alyafei, Daniel Sheppard, Noor Sa, Kevin, Marcus, Nathan otero, Ernest Aguilar, doug masters, Tyler Sanderson, Jose Reyes, Jorge M Lopez, Ally Starr, Matt Kane

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  14. michael lonergan より:

    Downloaded the hack everything went fine but I open the app and nothing
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  34. Damien Lopez より:

    my joy stick wont work? like my character doesnt walk around and the tap to
    walk isnt working either? i dont know what I am doing wrong


    is this working on android

  36. Davilson Hard より:

    I can not get the pokestops! Whats do i do ?

  37. Davilson Hard より:

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  38. Danielle Mendoza より:

    everytime i add “beta.unlimitedapps” it says “hostname could not be
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  39. Cherlynn Ng より:

    I can’t install the Poke Go ++ as they say there is an error and its left
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  40. Snowy Militia より:

    How do you auto find pokemon

  41. Dexter より:

    How can i teleport to locations?

  42. Purex Bleach より:

    I think it’s been patched because the game crashes a few seconds after

  43. Small Fry より:

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  48. SoonGaming より:

    Gps not found , how to fix ?

  49. MEGAMAN より:

    It won’t let me install the hack it doesn’t show install

  50. DEAN CAMELO より:

    Pokemon go has recently released a permanent banning system. Does this hack
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  54. EvoF GGWP より:

    help me.. the joystick ,other features , pokestop , gym are all missing..
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  55. Maximo Jr Garcia より:

    there’s an error. “hash sum mismatched”
    please help sir @iCrackUriDevice ..thanks

  56. Gammine To Hard より:

    Does this only work for ios 9.3.3 ?

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  72. Superintendente Chalmers より:

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    it shows the paddle but its not working. help!!!

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    i cant install the jailbreake! D: heeelp

  76. Ian Farley より:

    I needed this!!

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  78. Mark Saanchez より:

    I followed all the steps correctly and i do see the joystick but when i try
    to use it, it wont move my player. He just stands still, i basically just
    have a joystick. I tried using all other options like the “walk to this
    location” it doesnt work either. Im not sure what i did wrong, can anyone

  79. Jhin or Afk より:

    HELP PLEASE!! The only pokemon I cann see and catch are the ones near my
    house, when I leave my house to go somewhere else no pokemon spawn or
    appear on my nearby list.I can stil collect pokestops and fight gyms and
    hatch eggs.

  80. ultimatehulk10000 より:

    So now my app doesn’t show Pokemon or pokestops and the joystick
    disappeared ?

  81. John Bonz より:

    Cannot use anymore after this update.

  82. ZomBieFy GT より:

    Why is my Iphone unable to be jailbroken its 9.3 even

  83. Dylan Kiedrowski より:

    It just says error when I try to catch it, why does it do that and how can
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  84. col goe より:

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    new sollutions?

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    Can you delete cydia and all the other apps that it downloads and it will
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  95. Fro5ty2003 より:

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