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  67. Enseioth より:

    Does this work with lucky eggs?

  68. Nick Foster より:

    I’ve done this before I got it down to 2 minutes and then reset it for 2
    hours and I never once encountered a Pokemon with the incense after the
    original 30 minutes so I think the game reads it somehow to not work after
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  69. Andres Sabillon より:

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  71. Darren Valenti より:

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  72. PARTY HOPPER より:

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  77. Vodans より:

    This works with lucky egg?

  78. ryan casian より:

    No matter how many times you change your time, after 30 minutes your
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  79. camren Garcia より:

    Patched yet?

  80. 93KREAM より:

    only thing thatll work after 30 min is lucky eggs. actually havent tried
    lures though

  81. Bishal _ak より:

    The developers aren’t stupid dude. It is actually server sided. The effect
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  82. Felipe Ortiz より:

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  83. Felipe Ortiz より:

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  84. Felipe Ortiz より:

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  85. Felipe Ortiz より:

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  86. Felipe Ortiz より:

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  87. Ligit-_- Scorpion より:

    dose it work for android

  88. Robert Anderson より:

    this doesn’t work, when you activate the inscent it registers in the
    server, it doesn’t go off of the time on your cell phone duh, any person
    with a brain can figure that out… its cosmetic, after the 30 from when
    you activated it, it’ll be gone

  89. Kevin United より:

    It didn’t work

  90. Vasuvius より:

    Does this work with lucky eggs

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  93. TheWizard より:

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  94. RaZa より:

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  95. TYCH4K より:

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  96. Rai Jolt より:

    doesnt this theory work for lucky eggs also then? i would try but i ran out
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  97. Darth Jar Jar Binks より:

    I did this and got a soft ban hahaha

  98. WweSmackdown より:

    Does the hack even work?


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