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  1. Hong Nguyen より:

    what city?

  2. tardistango より:

    I tried this and technically it works, but I can’t use pokestops, catch
    pokemon, build up distance walked, or do anything with gyms.
    So, I deleted flygps, and now I can’t pick up any GPS/location services on
    my phone. Pokemon Go just keeps saying it can’t detect my location.
    Please halp.

  3. Mark Kilpatrick より:

    just ruins the point of the game you dick

  4. Hunter Spikes より:

    Can someone help me do it after the update the other day

  5. Frederick Watts より:

    Pokemon Go Hack – Pokemon Go Hack Unlimited and Free PokeCoins Hack =>>>

  6. Megahead HD より:

    I done it for a second and It fucked me game that’s fly gps

  7. John McGrath より:

    says failed to detect location on my pokemon go

  8. Danny Billy より:

    Does this still work on the update. I keep getting this is no available on
    later versions.

  9. breakingplanse より:

    yes! guys I found a working glitch we can all do fast to get coins! check
    it out here

  10. Agnus Déi より:

    Cheating and botting is against Tos so u all get banned morons

  11. Hommy S Rivera より:

    link don’t work

  12. Hommy S Rivera より:

    link don’t work

  13. Luan Ly より:

    I cant find mock location app in developer option

  14. Thor 2552 より:

    i can’t do this because it doesn’t let me choose an app for mock location,
    its just an on and off switch, just says “failed to detect location” when i

  15. Clover Gaming より:

    Fake asf, it says no root but you have to a rooted phone to have it not say
    “Failed to detect location”

  16. Tajwaar Kalam より:

    is this only for android

  17. Mobile Gamer より:

    yo I need help, it says that “the version does not work correctly lowered”
    what do I do to get this to work? It would mean alot to me if you could
    help me because I never get out the house alot for i have very little data
    but i love playing this game.

  18. Mobile Gamer より:

    aha lol

  19. ‫שי שלמה בן חמו‬‎ より:

    its work? i’m afraid to take the risk

  20. HighFlyerPlayz より:

    its failing to detect my location has anyone got a fix???

  21. Skelli WoW より:

    when I spin poke stops I get try again later and I can’t press gyms unsure
    if it works for finding Pokemon nothing has shown up yet

  22. Siren Sixx より:

    5 days later from posting the video. do you still have your pokemon account

  23. Josef Larsolle より:

    It says no root, wtf bro

  24. CyborgRobo より:

    It works but keeps teleporting me to my original locatoon

  25. Dustin Mcbride より:

    need help please

  26. Dustin Mcbride より:

    it won’t let me catch pokemon or use pokestops

  27. Doge lololol より:

    it says Failed to detect location

  28. AVERY CARTER より:

    Can I do this on iPhone 6s Plus?

  29. Chove121 より:

    dosent work garbage

  30. Kush Gumber より:

    this works but the only problem is that i can’t access poke spots and
    Pokemon run away.. help.

  31. joseph padogdog より:

    I got soft banned, how do i avoid it?

  32. Rhys Horgan より:

    someone please help it say location not found

  33. Camryn C より:

    Um, how can you select mock application? I don’t have that option. . .

  34. Ryan Lamarre より:

    fuck u it says no root

  35. Cormac Blount より:

    on my phone just says allow mock location, is that a problem??

  36. Isaac Millerr より:

    the joystick disappears when I open pokemon help!

  37. Aj Garcia より:

    I tried out this hack and it worked out perfectly but now it keeps saying
    failed to detect location…… someone plz help…..

  38. EDS3Gaming より:

    Links dont work. Dislike

  39. Scypheroth より:

    galaxy s6 keeps telling me to enable mock location even though i have it
    selected in the mock location setting…

  40. shobhit jain より:

    app is not working cant recieve anything from pokestop

  41. Soumyajit Sanyal より:

    It just says failed to detect location, which figures because it detects
    the mock location enabled in the android. Also if you set it off the fly
    gps does not work and we return to our current location. SO HOW EXACTLY IS

  42. Guy Guy より:

    when i press “joystick location-pokemon go” it says “this version does not
    work correctly lowered [masimelrowoo] to normal operations only in later
    versions !”

    It doesn’t make any sense. please someone help :(

  43. Spanish Gee より:

    if i have the location on it keeps going back to my original location where
    im n the location i chose on flyGPS..how do i stop it or dod i do a wrong

  44. Kyle Griffiths より:

    Mine works but no matter what pokemon breaks free and runs, Any ideas?

  45. Jessica Pompei より:

    ok this is not letting me use any of tge poke stops. anytime i flick one
    nothing happens, no poke balls, no berries nothing

  46. Isaac brown III より:

    none of the links work…

  47. Dark Cazual より:

    first of all thanx you i’ve bin looking all of the place for this but now
    my question is my account keeps popping back to my original location will
    this soft ban me ?

  48. Julian Gonzales より:

    when I spin pokestop or try to catch pokemon it does not let me? help.

  49. SuperKtro より:

    thanks mate…..has anyone reported ban with this

  50. Wappy1369 より:

    hey just a question sometimes the joystick on the app disappears how do i
    get it to come back on the screen

  51. Gabry Meraviglia より:

    I don’t see any pokémon help pleaze

  52. cristopher ortiz より:

    so I tried this but it won’t let me catch any Pokemon and also it won’t let
    me get any of the poke-stops

  53. D- BOYZ より:

    How do you select mock location app on galaxy samsung s6?? I have the
    developer options but there is no actual button to select mock location

  54. Mister RandomFlick より:

    everything works but my joystick is doing the opposite off my finger how to

  55. 01Jaymez より:

    Worked for me, thanks for this I live in the back ass of nowhere

  56. Colton Argall より:

    I did everything the bid said to do and all I get is failed to detect
    location wherever I go. plz help

  57. tijsvanijs より:

    can your account get banned for this?

  58. gl hf より:

    when i click on the joystick mode for pokemon it says”this version does not
    work correctly lowered.[Masimelrowoo] to normal operation only in later
    versions!” please help

  59. VMattGm45 より:

    just tried this out and had a good 10 minutes before getting a softban i
    don’t recommend going to ny

  60. Rajiv Ratnavale より:

    where do u get fly gps?? ur link is not working bro :(

  61. iXiooo より:

    what is marshmallow (not food)

  62. Victor Osegueda より:

    I am running 5.1.1 and I can’t usr the Joystick

  63. Kazu Nuki より:

    does anybody know why my phone only had allow mock locations. it dosent let
    me choose the app

  64. Lalith prasad より:

    The pokémon is escaping. Help me

  65. giuliano giuliano より:

    failed to detect location

  66. edyfofashow より:

    fuck you and all you cheating little shits

  67. Rishabh Mishra より:

    superb job

  68. ‫יובל מנסנו‬‎ より:

    I have android 5.0 varsion

  69. ‫יובל מנסנו‬‎ より:

    Please help me out

  70. ‫יובל מנסנו‬‎ より:

    Hi i do what you done but in the location choose that dont give me chance
    to choose only to turn it on

  71. maya felton より:

    so how do I go back and remove the joystick? delete the app?

  72. Tonyxo より:

    It says something about new and older versions, I don’t understand HELP!

  73. vishwas madhavi より:

    Supppperb….. Thanks a lot ….!!

  74. Damo Mcndrw より:

    Dude been trying to get a stable method for playing pokemon go in my house
    for a couple days now. Been trying all the IOS ones on my old Iphone 6 as i
    didnt want to harm my current device(Galaxy s7 Edge) but I looked at this
    and thought that it looked pretty safe. Works perfectly. Thank you so much!

  75. SD GAMING より:

    pokemon keeps saying failed to detect locatio… help

  76. Bernadette Todd より:

    ha you guys still need Pokecoins? just use the cheat posted here

  77. Its Neil より:

    this got banned worked first now if i catch any pokemon with flygps help
    the pokemon runs away also dont get any stuff at pokestops smartnintendo

  78. Carlos Rivera より:

    how I can upgrade Samsung version

  79. David Williamson より:

    when I select mock gps. it doesn’t give the option underneath to select
    flygps. It just says debug mode, when you select it. it just says nothing.
    I’m using a Samsung s5?

  80. David Williamson より:

    when I select mock gps. it doesn’t give the option underneath to select
    flygps. It just says debug mode, when you select it. it just says nothing.
    I’m using a Samsung s5?

  81. David Williamson より:

    when I select mock gps. it doesn’t give the option underneath to select
    flygps. It just says debug mode, when you select it. it just says nothing.
    I’m using a Samsung s5.

  82. durlabh sethi より:

    Location works perfectly but joystick doesnt work please help……

  83. Carlita Vanevery より:

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  84. Francesco TheiverA より:

    by now you guys should know about the cheat to get Pokecoins! its online
    here –

  85. LUAL SHOTS より:

    *why everybody still trying to hack pokemon? Dont waste your time, you can
    actually add unlimited PokeCoins and PokeBalls using this new method* just
    search *LOKIESGUIDE* in google. it works for any devices. enjoy

  86. Varun Parashar より:

    can we change location anywhere in world

  87. xavier winfrey より:

    I have Samsung Galaxy grand prime. .. can’t select fly GPS when I turn on
    mock gps

  88. Idalia Escandon より:

    ɷɷ Heeeeyyy Frienddsssss I Have F0undddd Workingggggg Online Hacck visitt :

  89. NrT Ktm より:

    why do I get a failed to detect location error

  90. Jeovanni Morales より:

    I created another account and tried it and got soft banned! Only got to
    level 6. So Cheaters Beware!

  91. DheSomix より:

    *why everybody still trying to hack pokemon? Dont waste your time, you can
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  92. Mr Niko 2002 より:

    5 Minutes into using this app Nintendo caught on to what i was doing and
    made every Pokemon i tried to catch run away haha

  93. rajesh maharjan より:

    *Very Simple, best and 100% working On IOS, ANDROID and WINDOWS – Pokemon
    Go!! Enjoy !!*

  94. Kassie Palmisano より:

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  95. Jonikles より:

    i have a galaxy 7s how do i do it?

  96. Sylvie Harelson より:

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  97. Princess16 Kentkian より:

    cant catch. all there flying. dont know if this one really works

  98. Sachin Kumar Singh より:

    I used this for like 5 minutes and got soft banned. Why?


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