Pokemon Go – Central Park, New York City Pokemon Hunting Gameplay!

Pokemon Go – Central Park, New York City. Catching Pokemon! This is my first Pokemon Go video. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of YouTubers upload Pokemon Go content, and here’s a fact guys, I’m a big fan of Pokemon. I’ve been a fan ever since I was kid. Pokemon played a major role in my childhood. And when I was in high school, I still played Pokemon competitively. Unfortunately, once I got to college, I didn’t have any time play basically any game other than Clash of Clans. So when Pokemon Go came, I was just overjoyed. So I started my Pokemon journey today, I head straight to Central Park here in New York City this morning to hunt down some Pokemon as I recorded. So let me know if you guys like this type of content and would want me to upload more Pokemon Go content.

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Pokémon Go (stylized as Pokémon GO) is a free-to-play, GPS based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was initially released in July 2016. The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world. Although the game is free-to-play, it supports in-app purchases. An optional companion Bluetooth wearable device, the Pokémon Go Plus, is planned for future release and will alert users when a Pokémon is nearby.



  1. Alexandra Addington より:

    Step1: Highlight the numbers
    Step2: Ctrl and F
    Step3: Put 9 in
    Step4: Enjoy

  2. David's seconds channel より:

    I’m 10 I’m thinking to live in new York I’ve been thinking about since 6
    well pokemon go will hopefully will still be alive in play store

  3. Vincensius Christopher より:

    my first pokemon was bayonet doppler p2

    oh wait

  4. Tyler1 Korean より:

    I reached level 16 in 2 days…

  5. Jan Čonanović より:

    And there is me just catching pidgey’s and rattata’s

  6. Dilophosaurus Rex より:

    But srs you can stand still in central park and catch 10x more pokemon then
    you would catch walking 10000m in my town…

  7. Shadow Online より:

    of coarse your a fan of Pokemon, you name is ash

  8. ish 13c is ugly より:

    team red anyone?

  9. Wolf Silverflame より:

    why couldn’t I be born earlier? So that way I could be in NYC right now

  10. Liz Bert より:

    Team Valor? ❤️

  11. Darwin Anguisaca より:

    What are the best areas in New York

  12. Evan Hanson より:

    You know, I miss when the nearby list has those one or two steps. I hate
    the three step glitch

  13. ReM[i]X より:

    when the steps still worked <3

  14. omar younes より:

    Try living in the countryside lol.

  15. Milon Sarowar より:

    when it come out in Bangladesh

  16. Rhea Bector より:

    What app do you use to record your screen?

  17. 広瀬くず より:

    Pokémon is Japanese anime.
    Do you know that?

  18. Alvin C より:

    “The one and Only Ash” as far as i know Ash is Asian not nigga… correct
    me if im wrong

  19. Chad Odinson より:

    Tfw live in the sticks

  20. Ramon Gnudi より:

    oh my god!!! the people are very very stupid!!! i can’t think that someone
    is searching with a f***ing phone some f***ing Pokémon!!! ??? The world
    is turning into a fucking nuthouse

  21. Youth Perfect より:

    Love Pokemon go hunts

  22. Eric Ayala より:

    just went today so lit and prosperous

  23. Matt Gaming より:

    Does anyone know how he recorded and edited this video? I found it really
    hard to record pokemon go. Thanks

  24. Debasish Chapeyar より:

    the dragonite was a prank played by famous prankster in central park 😛 :D

  25. Games&Co 2016 より:


  26. leonardo dicaprio より:

    When they “find” an explosive device, then the public will realize how
    dangerous this game.

  27. Thomas Jr. より:

    what app do you have for your recording

  28. Lukas Denorme より:

    How can you be an experienced player if you don’t even know what a lure
    model is. And first try isnt special on such an easy pokemons. Sorry but
    you are terrible at this game.

  29. rbfabc より:

    It’s just not fair

  30. Oficialok Ofi より:


  31. manglethelps12234 より:


  32. manglethelps12234 より:

    *goes to new york with a iphone5
    *goes up to a random lady
    lady: umm hello?
    lady: umm it will be a long time

  33. manglethelps12234 より:

    WHERES MEW?!?!?!?!

  34. EpilepticSpudmonkey より:

    bunch of brain dead faggots

  35. Brian Mendoza より:

    como puede des cargar él jugo soy de México y no esta disponible

  36. underdog1cc より:

    Central Park is full of pinsir’s was there few days ago riding my bike and
    everywhere pinsir’s would show up. Also doduo’s ..

  37. Ralph Wiltsey より:

    ɷɷɷɷ Heeeey Friendz I Have Found W0rikingg Online Hacck visittt : –

  38. Vineet Agarwal より:

    wait for some more days …u will human casualties bcos of this dumb game

  39. MCD OurHealthyDay より:

    You are fucking idiot

  40. Adam Bl より:

    #TeamMystic FTW

  41. ItsRubix より:

    who here is #teamvalor ? (red) ❤️❤️❤️????

  42. Alex Luevano より:

    The end of the world… is coming…!!!…

  43. Love Games より:


  44. Russell Westbeast より:



  45. chaosdream1 より:

    see its much easier and more fun for you guys who live in big famous cities
    like this.

  46. Germancho Tunjo より:

    how you do to catch pokemon, unused ra, I do not appear I have to use a
    button to catch

  47. El duro #1 より:

    I dont know how people like this shit

  48. IAmaPersion より:

    And it’s no wonder why the rest of the world sees America as it truly is.
    Our country is filled with idiots and one of the most important things to
    us is Pokemon Go. I live here and yes, this is America.

  49. SkettiLobbies より:

    awkward AF they think you’re recording them

  50. Jason Vaughan より:

    keep doing these game plays New York looks to be pretty hot for Pokemon go
    I love this it’s great

  51. CrismaFire より:

    Pokemon sucks and if it played a major role in your childhood you need
    help. Really don’t look at me get some help

  52. Gavin Willis より:

    in pokemon go we need like a feed so we can know when rare or really good
    pokemon spawn ok like a trading system so we can trade other pokemon

  53. Ultra man より:

    In NYC people are just so lucky of pokemon go they have everything and so
    so many pokestops

  54. Mussb Abdulla より:

    Are you guys using car to get around?

  55. Ssj Gohan より:

    You could just turn off ar and no awkward situations anymore

  56. Kevin Rojas より:

    wow amazing so many pokestop

  57. Legit sP gaming より:

    Do a Face reveal

  58. hariaksh pandya より:

    so that leaves flying are pokemons?!!

  59. The Smug Doge より:


  60. The Smug Doge より:

    Wow. I’ve never seen this many shaking grasses… Sometims I wish i lived
    in new york…

  61. Christopher Hurd より:

    1:30 walks away from a Paras, like a fool.

  62. Johnny Blount より:

    Ash (Ketchum (Catchem catch em)

  63. Benoit より:

    Dont play that game ash … its for kids come on
    play a real pokemon game at least

  64. Milan Bhandari より:


  65. gaming with ShAwOn より:

    i just got a drogonitr

  66. Asgar Ismayilov より:

    Hi Ash. Is it available for androids? I can’t find it in play market.

  67. Jvictor より:

    ash make a best hog tournament deck. without legendary card. thanks

  68. Ujjwal Kacker より:

    plzz do a face reveal

  69. Larry Stogsdill より:

    can you do more please

  70. LMH GoProStudios より:

    Yes please post more content about Pokemon Go, you’re the most strategic
    gamer I know; I only trust you!! Thanks Ash!!?

  71. gospidey より:

    I got this game yesterday and I guess I have good luck Bc my first ever
    catch was a pikachu

  72. Wilick Gaming より:

    Ash is bad at Pokemon. He says he played it, but he obviously has no
    experience. Plus, you don’t just get a free pass because your “name” is
    Ash. No offense, just advice.?

  73. Burnout Wien より:

    Damn how many Pokémons there are, now I wanna go there or Hongkong etc, you
    find more Pokémon there in 1 hour than I do in a day that’s crazy

  74. Billy Soto より:

    Let’s catch pokemon together bro I live right next to you brah

  75. clashwith sam より:

    Ash – pokemon go your name should be !awsome viedeo keep it up

  76. Ilan aizin より:

    I wanna see how you look

  77. Pokémon GO Indonesia より:

    Selamat Bermain

  78. Pokémon GO Indonesia より:

    Selamat Bermain

  79. Stavol2Dual より:

    Its amazing that this is what counts as gameplay nowadays

  80. some random gamer より:

    Got a gyrados, sadly I have to jump in the river for it

  81. Booker counts より:

    Oh nyc… How I love you.

  82. TheDan Channel より:

    Dislike because using android

  83. KidsAfterNews HD より:

    Can you make more videos With Pokémon Go?

  84. KidsAfterNews HD より:

    You got a Dragonite?

  85. jerry han より:

    add music to the background, sounds so boring

  86. Theblizzardking より:

    I didn’t know Ash was African.

  87. Diego E'Silva より:

    Loved the video ash, keep posting what you love

  88. Gabriel Aleman より:

    What app are you guys using for recording

  89. Chris Dotson より:

    You’re painfully terrible.

  90. Pj Morgan より:

    Moar Plz

  91. iam jp より:

    Is there so much pokemon because its New York or it is common. I get only
    one in 100 metres in avg. I’m in India

  92. Laney Gaming より:

    If u click on the pokeball when it stops rolling u can pick it back up

  93. ShmanDaLamb より:

    nice vid bruv make more pokemon go vids plz.

  94. Jordan Bao より:

    Finally I got a working Pokemon Go in my country. I download it here

  95. Jessica Thieleman より:

    yes, add more poke’ content! love it!

  96. Kroaten Stolz より:

    Damn are there Mann pokestops. And u got a Pinsir :(

  97. SocialPoint Gamer より:

    who thinks that ash should do a q&a


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