Play Pokemon GO with Fake GPS without errors!

Get Stable GPS Signal:

The app is back at Play Store:

This video teaches you how to use the app called “Fake GPS for Pokemon GO”, avaiable for Android and FIX the errors that most users get while trying to play!

Vídeo (PT-BR):



  1. Bosco Yeung より:

    seems samsung phone cant use this

  2. Creed より:

    Hi there, when I activate and deactivate and go back on Pokemon GO there
    are no Pokemon nor poke stops and I get failed to detect location I
    listened to everything you said and it didn’t work

  3. ianrsite より:

    Kill yourself hacking scum. All you do is make the game less fun for
    everyone else.

  4. Aldi Reynaldi より:

    in app i should on mock location,but if i on mock location pokemon go cant

  5. Chaitali C Sinha より:

    it doesn’t have work I did all the steps and double checked too but says
    failed to detect location

  6. ashwin ramanathan より:

    Doesn’t work in redmi note 3

  7. Jiko Biko より:

    sorry said wrong i said activate fake location then start pokemon, but you
    have to
    1. open pokemon go
    2. set fake location and activate
    3. before you get in the game close fake gps go and open it again, then
    deactivate location, try check location you should see a blue mark around
    your fake position. then you are ready.
    enter your game again and enjoy i’ll in 5 – 10 hours make a video for this
    just so i can help i dont want anything but i have heard many sad ppl
    destroy there phone cuz of they try and end with a broken phone cuz they
    tried many weird things. but i dont want anything only proof that it works
    without root so you dont have to void your new phones warranty. be patient
    and promise it will work 🙂 have a nice time

  8. Mohit Dogra より:

    The app closes with an error “Google play services has stopped
    unexpectedly”. Plz help

  9. PROTOTYPE_ NuKe より:

    how do I get my real location back to normal

  10. Yasser Zakaria より:

    every time i catch a pokimon it leaves the pokimon ball and run then return
    to my original location.

  11. Jiko Biko より:

    now i can sat its working for none rooted devices too
    1. open pokemon go
    2. open fake gps go, request permission from the app or give permission
    manually from settings. ( under security, or under app manager –
    application permissions, and get in your developer options and enable mock
    location from gps go )
    3. open fake gps go, activate and close the app ( app has to be closed
    after activated always! thats the glitch)
    open pokemon go and you should be in your chosen location. ( for 2 or 3
    minutes at a time but you can get what ever you want in that 3 minutes )
    when it says gps location fail, dont worry, open fake gps app that you
    closed before and deactivate it, then choose the exact same location you
    were in before activate and close again important to close! sometimes you
    have to close pokemon go and open again) if you pic a location thats to far
    away from where you started, you’ll get a soft ban, to bypass that ban
    simply spin the pokestop 40 times and you will get your reward, when that
    happens it means that the soft-ban have been bypassed. this is for none
    rooted and rooted devices without xposed installed. do it 2 or 3 minutes at
    a time close and open its annoying i know but 100 % bygger chances then go
    around no need for 2 persons to discuess that its easier this way. i hope
    this was helpfull anyway. bye

  12. louk gk より:

    not work

  13. Vansh Chauhan より:

    bro can’t do anything always they said failed to detect location what can I
    do now any suggestion Pls give

  14. Deepak Ranga より:

    can u go out of ur area to other city

  15. Toms Lacis より:

    got same app, but the thing was, my pokemon go was re-entering from start
    when I minimised to move a bit. so it didn’t work for me at first. then I
    download “hide mock location” and few more apps to run it (app will ask to
    download those apps), and selected “pokemon go” and “Google maps”. works
    perfectly, same like in the video,. but if u change locations with great
    distance very often, it will show – too far away. so, go to rockfeller and
    sit there, it’s a great place. ^^

  16. meika lumei より:

    i cant see the gyms pokemons or the pokestops

  17. All in one Channel より:

    plz tell me how to download pokemon gps

  18. 不動明王 より:

    Please translate into Japanese!!!!!!!!!
    I’m Japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anish Dahal007 より:

    Thanks Man !!
    Thank u so much really works !!

  20. underwaterdogs より:

    How do i go back to normal even at my own house it says location isnt

  21. João Pedro Falcão Branco de Almeida より:

    GGarcia pode me ajudar no meu esta sempre dando gps signal bot found

  22. Captain Storm より:

    It works but why do i get banned?

  23. saish Sakharkar より:

    and I have catched all the 151 pokemons using

  24. saish Sakharkar より:

    i am using it since a week

  25. saish Sakharkar より:

    yes it works

  26. Nismo Z より:

    I’ve tried and tried but can’t detect the location and if that not appears
    there is no pokemon at all :/

  27. iFrostyy より:

    can u do this for IOS? please make a tut or tell me how

  28. Dinnia Arias より:

    me estaba funcionando bien y hace 2 horas no funciona sale error.. :(

  29. Henrique Marçal より:

    soa-me a br

  30. Cian Grenham より:

    none of that worked for me

  31. Brandon Whitlock より:

    idk how but I uninstalled everything and now my Pokemon doesn’t work right
    my guy does not walk with me and I get teleported to like 20 meters in the
    wrong direction plz help

  32. Shawn Frost より:

    it works but it wont let me catch anything, i throw one ball it breaks lose
    and runs away

  33. Elvis Presley より:

    I continue to get the Failed to detect location error, Mock locations seems
    to be the single cause. Thought I have a Galaxy S5, if someone can let me
    know if its the phone, or something else?

  34. RebellisSpiritus より:

    Instructions unclear, dick stuck in pokeball

  35. Lewis Cregan より:

    tried this and now my pokemon go won’t find any location, on the app or
    not. someone please help

  36. Daniel Prudencio より:

    how do you fix it back

  37. Daniel Prudencio より:

    how do you fix it back

  38. alex motoc より:

    it works but i have an error “Error:Failed To Start”

  39. mr. purchaze より:

    works for me aswell, but i use fake location spoofer almost lvl 50:D

  40. Autumn Westwood より:

    you make zero sense

  41. jenny hartshorn より:

    it says location error

  42. Rufina Freiberg より:

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  43. Afsha Khan より:

    after clik on set locaton app close automatically and do nothing help

  44. Yasmin Com Vocês より:

    O meu é tab 4 as configurações são diferentes oque eu faço para ativar?

  45. Fabian Trujillo より:

    ummmm, I have problem someone help me when I deleted the app my pokemon go
    app won’t work no more what should I do

  46. Joey Lyndon より:

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  47. kamil latocha より:

    wow 46 potions ur like super OP when i have 40 at level 10 ……..

  48. Chari Gamer より:

    with this…you can get banned?

  49. Franck Padilla より:

    i love this, we have the same phone.

    and it is “sig-nal”, not “sign-al”

  50. Siddhant Sonar より:

    its wrong
    fake app

  51. Siddhant Sonar より:

    i still get location error

  52. Thomas H より:

    While using this method I am unable to collect from Pokestops. I click and
    spin them but nothing happens.

  53. fabrob Channel より:


  54. Official JMor より:

    It does work but like he said u need a stable GPS signal it worked for me
    but it doesn’t work all the time

  55. Sumer Sharma より:

    fk u.. fake video.. and if you are talking about items then i have more
    than 60 of each of them… this video was made when the youtuber was
    actually in rock feller.. stop fooling us you retard

  56. Param Sheth より:

    not working

  57. Izola Biscoe より:

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  58. Kima.K. Gribuste より:

    one time it was working. But another time it failed.

  59. Dale Moffett より:

    yeah i dont understand lol, i am in rockfeller Center on Google maps but
    when i load Poke Go im Still at my current location lol

  60. shahzaib tube より:

    fake fuck…

  61. Mark Moody より:

    It just doesn’t work.. I have strong GPS in my home. I’ve followed your
    instructions and still it defaults back to my home actual location.

  62. Aatmesh Singh より:

    I need some help
    I followed all the steps till the end but after 30 seconds of doing it the
    game said no GPS detected

  63. SCORPION より:

    root or not

  64. Supriyo Rakshit より:

    it doesn’t work… man…

  65. Abram Seavers より:

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  66. CyberManiac より:

    why all Pokemon’s escape?

  67. Nishith Parikh より:

    i get gps signal not find
    and get teleported to nowhere in the water
    and i cant fix it no matter hiw much i try

  68. Konrad M より:

    my character move and i have failed to detectd

  69. Evon Brandsrud より:

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  70. Dio Suseno より:

    if using mock it always failed detect location and the app need it so if i
    turn it off it go to my house

  71. alien290 より:

    Ty jebana kurwo

  72. Monit Gohil より:

    it perfectly works bt it is nt catching any Pokemon y idk

  73. Singleton Sims より:

    ɷɷi recently use an on the web cheat to get my factors or coins there’s a
    good one i found here men – ɷɷ=>>>

  74. Billy Davis より:

    it won’t let me set a location it just makes Google Play crash

  75. Max Roden より:

    failed to detect location….now wat to do..????

  76. Jervin Villanueva より:

    its working but all pokemons are running away

  77. Bobbie Hinckley より:

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  78. Sujeet Punjabi より:

    I did the exact same way as he did
    and also allowed the mock locations
    then too it didn’t worked! 🙁
    can anyone help?

  79. alaa reda より:

    still Gps Signal Not found

  80. Saurabh Garg より:

    still failed to detect—-plzzzz help

  81. PopsiclesInMyCellar より:

    aaaand get BANNED.

  82. gesslFJ より:

    i cant catch a pokemon, i can turn the pokestops but i get nothing

  83. SHIV NARAYAN より:

    It says GPS signal not found and shows no Pokemon and no pokestop Pls help

  84. Sarjeet Singh より:

    this is not working,whenever i try to capture the pokemon,they came out of
    the ball and run away, pokestop keep on showing try again.

  85. Insuk Min より:

    will it work if my phone is not rooted?

  86. hannahbelladonna より:

    dude it worked

  87. Rufina Freiberg より:

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  88. Ilham Al Huda より:

    Mock location in mode on or off? Because my mock location in mode on dont
    work my pokemon go “Failed Detection”

  89. Joey Lyndon より:

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  90. Mahesh Smith より:

    fake ?

  91. Victor Koh より:

    It doesnt work for me…. no Autofix fuction as well.

  92. Izola Biscoe より:

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  93. CapTeam より:

    mine still says failed to detect location

  94. evolution954 より:

    it works what about being banned?????

  95. Abram Seavers より:

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  96. BronzeFX avs より:

    when i go to place my pokemon do defend gym i get error,how to fix that
    please,im not good at english i am from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  97. Ankit Verma より:

    pokeomon runs away

  98. Lior Zaken より:

    why my character goes back to my location then back to the fake location
    each 10 seconds

  99. Evon Brandsrud より:

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  100. Marco Pereira より:

    Do NOT do this! I did it and was banned permanently.. ?


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