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Pokemon Go players are sort of Nazis

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Created by Tom Hinchliffe and Don Greger

Voice-Over by: Alex Walker Smith


Music by: Alex Walker Smith


Sound by: Mike Winters
Website: http://letsmakenoise.com



  1. hassan herman より:

    uhh what is Holocaust? im serious

  2. Eltoons より:

    I cant stoo laughing XD Team VALOR HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Rain-B-Bane より:

    what are those things plugged in the phones?

  4. Gunther より:

    Quality content

  5. UltimateRacoon1 より:

    then it turns out to be a drug induced dream

  6. DNA Tangie より:


  7. FZone96 より:

    Team Valor in a Nutshell (no offense)

  8. 츠키아카 より:

    fucking clones.

  9. Snowflake The ghoul より:

    i fucking shat myself laughing

  10. Steven Manuel より:

    looks like one of those survival films movies lol

  11. kitromilo o より:

    i fucking lost it from the beggining OMG lololol

  12. GreenJake13l より:

    Is this based off anne frank.

  13. Mike Cain より:

    9gag brought me here

  14. Gamer Gaget より:

    poor magikarp he was just scared but then out of no where he gets
    suffocated shame on you pikachu! and also team valor wtf is wrong with you
    guys team mystic would have just thrown 1 pokeball andthen done!

  15. Mark Castorena より:

    I love the fact that despite the name of the video most people don’t
    understand that this is the poke holocaust

  16. Flappy Shootcake より:

    Bruh this is so fu(king accurate.

  17. Greifmaster 64 より:

    It’s funny how they gave squirtle a frog voice.

  18. Armaan Amod より:

    Hahaha team Valor!

  19. luckystarharehare15 より:

    This is the best video I have seen. It encompasses my feelings about
    pokemon go and how people are obsessed for some reason. Now I love me some
    pokemon, but pokemon go rubs me the wrong way.

  20. ScarletGenesis より:

    team valor!!!!

  21. Acrobat より:

    this shit aint funny at all

  22. A rainbow fishy 2 より:


  23. Emperor Of Tamriel Adrian より:

    ?? wtf its like Nazis looking for Jews ?

  24. Dregan Dye より:

    childhood officialy ruined



  26. Calvin the Patriot より:


  27. Jaybull - Minecraft Roleplay より:

    I’ve watched this at least 20 times… “TEAM VALOR!” xD hahaha

  28. Mark Shey より:

    9GAG sent me here

  29. Emperor of the Sun より:

    the magikarp was a baby

  30. Kurajmo Strife より:

    Haha i watch this 5 time now. And still laugh.
    Magikarp is genious.
    Awesome video

  31. Whetsit Tuya より:

    This is why I’m honestly the only person in the world who doesn’t play that
    game, I will admit I was hellbent on seeing Star Wars like the other 7
    billion people only because everyone else was talking about it

  32. SuperDoodler101 より:

    “Team VALOR” lmfao

  33. vF Paladin より:

    Didn’t that nigger say team valor

  34. Vogav より:


  35. GameDemon より:

    I fucking lost it at “TEAM VALOOOR!!!” Holy shit. ?

  36. neisan92 より:

    Good luck tracking anything with the tracker being broken and stuck at 3

  37. Alexander V より:

    They even have German accents

  38. Alexander V より:

    Dats fucked up

  39. MTT The YouTube channel より:


  40. Olli Ikonen より:

    This is so true!

  41. Rumtastic より:

    Where mah nipple rubbing Team Valor mates at!?

  42. Mitchell Gasser より:

    Always knew team valor was a bunch of nazis

  43. Indestructable RobWilde より:

    This channel is genius.

  44. Awakened Zero より:

    that team valor reference lmao

  45. Harvey L より:

    What’s that in there hand

  46. The Real Steele より:

    OMG this is true

  47. Kaitlin L より:

    hahahaha! lol this makes me laugh everytime!! 😀 XD

  48. Catbug w より:

    I don’t want to play the game anymore…

  49. Invincibleipod より:

    This is really sad if you think about it O_O

  50. Kappa Master より:

    lmao, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” it’s so sad xD

  51. Chiss Wingcrest より:

    This needs to be a movie.

  52. Sazzy Gaming より:

    ………Team Valor is going too far

  53. melkin maradiaga より:

    dah fuuuuuck

  54. Cyborgfranky2010 より:

    Now if only the radar actually worked in the real game as well as that…

  55. Some Anon より:

    i have lost faith in the human race

  56. Dane Jenkins より:

    team valor in a nutshell haha

  57. Umut Can Yıldız より:


  58. Jaylen Williams より:

    find this on Insta ??

  59. Cretin The Cretin より:


  60. Asher maeda より:


  61. Farrith Iska より:

    9gaggers where u at?

  62. Zero Reaper 714 より:

    when other people on facebook and Instagram take credit for this

  63. Dd T より:

    That messed up

  64. seanie boi より:

    look at the URL…

  65. Starguy 1o1 より:

    it’s the new pokemon go tralier

  66. Chandler Becker より:

    am I the only one who got the Anne Frank joke?

  67. Neanderthal Man より:

    Accurate representation of Pokemon Go fans!

  68. Matthew Long より:

    Todays society.

  69. clonetrper より:

    Me and my friends do this to all the Team Valor people

  70. Matty Falconer より:

    Gotta gas ’em all. HITLERMON!

  71. Jared Thompson より:

    The team valor guys always gets me to cheese out

  72. Velocihater より:

    Hitler did nothing wrong

  73. xX Justin Xx より:

    poor magikarp.

  74. Silence ! より:


  75. Alex Macmillan より:

    Team Valor!!!

  76. 2 SHIE より:

    I just wanna say it … FUCK POKISHIT I HATE IT

  77. jo jo より:

    gotta gas’em all

  78. FlyingGrunt28 より:

    I nazi dat cuming

  79. Gregory Marrero より:

    ze pokemon

  80. Gunnar より:

    Welcome to the real world.

  81. Alfaomegabravo より:

    Nobody wants a magikarp they could just have let him talk.

  82. Nicholas aboo (Whatevervile) より:

    this is really f’d up

  83. Dfw Llama より:

    team Edward !

  84. Alice M より:

    The URL has Go in it.

  85. NUKEM_KHIGHT より:

    lol squirtle shut up shut up

  86. Xavier Monsivais より:

    That entire crowd is what my city hall looks like every day… Poor
    mayor… His tree is always beaten with pokeballs…

  87. Adolf Hitler より:

    Just like old times.

  88. ChaosPhoenix (FredBear197) より:

    My brother told me to watch this…..

  89. Aditya Srinath より:

    Are Team Mystic the Soviets?

  90. FaZe より:

    Why do I need so much MAGIKARP to evolve??????

  91. Mr Wonderful より:

    What were the ashes using to find the pokemon? Was that a shadow or smoke
    that they were putting it up to?

  92. walkedsquare844 Gonzalez より:

    cool video

  93. Justin Choi より:

    stupid ass majikarp

  94. Creasing Player0 より:

    NOOOO!! WHY!!!!!

  95. Darren Squyres (big9335) より:

    they uploaded twice in one month wtf

  96. Jordan Nelson より:

    Secret History of Pokemon Go

  97. Orrin Lee より:

    This almost makes me not want to play the game anymore

  98. Yapmanpac より:

    *The Nazis have returned.*

  99. Gahmliel Artison より:

    What the hell is this funny shit

  100. GuardianSeyden より:

    aaaaaw. so short, but still AWENSOME


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