SEE US GET ARRESTED; https://youtu.be/ufbkATw71Xc

awesome team;
Dylan Steinberg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUBgWmjSAJZFzGnClTgYNrg
John Komar www.kinarf.com
Kyle Thrash https://vimeo.com/kylethrash
Dillon J. Fleharty http://www.dillonjfleharty.com/



  1. Daniel Saucedo より:

    I appreciate the effort but It feels soulless. It feels like all your doing
    in trying to capitalize on Pokémon Go.

  2. GBHGaming より:

    song plz

  3. Ernest Roberts より:

    Didn’t think the second coming would be in the form of pikachu! Nice video
    casey! I just hatched an egg using a drone/ made a video! Would love to
    hear opinions!

  4. Forever Kicks より:

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  5. SunnyHD より:


  6. WaffoesGaming より:

    This shit is amazing

  7. Diego Alves より:

    Where did you get it
    this jacket?

  8. tom jonkman より:

    can somebody tell me what song this is ??

  9. MegaMGstudios より:

    what even is that background music?

  10. Muhd Zahir より:

    nice ?

  11. yasin cardak より:

    yeah but the music is awesome ??

  12. Cooltra Gaming より:


  13. ffghhf jhhhj より:

    Once again none Pokémon fans taking advantage of Pokémon Go’s popularity
    for views

  14. KryticalStrike より:

    0:37 “keem meme”

  15. Guillermo Suchicital より:

    dude that hoodie

  16. Froyo The Fighter より:

    What’s the song?

  17. paulochar3 より:

    Na moral o melhor canal ! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…. The best
    channel… hahahaha!

  18. Cookie Man より:


  19. Pinky Party より:

    What did they say to the cops when the cops got there

  20. jack Clark より:

    casey breaks new york again

  21. Mysterious Moon より:


    Everyone is fighting against the trainer for the pikachu

  22. gmaureen より:


  23. Bhs Tv より:


  24. dorotheaeli1 より:

    Have not laughed so hard in years! Thank you!

  25. Juan Esteban Ospina Calle より:

    best 3 minutes of my life

  26. Pranit Tadikonda より:

    Dat music doe

  27. Pranit Tadikonda より:

    Dat music do

  28. Danielius Daraška より:

    this song isndo catchy

  29. Cynthia Oliva より:

    i like how the pokemon was fighting back lmao

  30. SimplyD より:

    That was soooo good!!

  31. XxInkSans AnimationsxX より:

    I want da music &-&

  32. May Devone より:

    I like behind the scenes better and the music!

  33. Kriddle Scribbles より:

    Well it definitely shows that casey is on the Red Team..

  34. Jonathan Zimmerman より:


  35. Martin Grojzdek より:

    grate shit

  36. Martin Grojzdek より:

    this song is just…. just fucking gratr

  37. zaki attar より:

    Ha ha ha

  38. its me より:

    song ?

  39. Does anyone from Google still care about youtube or is an autistic dog doing design for youtube now? より:

    Ashey Ketchstat looks like he went through some rough cocaine years.

  40. Karolin A. より:

    That’s so funny :D

  41. Chelsea Wolf より:

    lol i knew it was shawn xD

  42. World of Fifa Germany より:


  43. Krish Patel より:

    Shonduras as pickachu

  44. Sa Mallory より:

    No morning run today lmao

  45. Lynn Lynn より:

    Whats the song? Pls reply if you know! Thx

  46. Luckygaming 001 より:

    whats that song

  47. PricetagsArePriceLess より:

    I would be running with my phone following them ??

  48. Jen “Jen at home” より:

    I’ve watched this at least 15x, it makes me smile watching Casey and Shaun
    having such fun in NYC.

  49. Batmanscape7 より:

    1:14 Pikachu dabbed

  50. Valerie Miller より:

    everyone please check out my short film/mockumentary on my channel about a
    girl who is obsessed with Roger Federer!!!

  51. Doc Pandaman より:

    This was a fun video. Good job.

  52. Santi Ortega より:

    what the hay was that song

  53. Ashton Butterfield より:

    Haha I was in new York and I saw a Pikachu running and followed by some guy
    in a red jacket. little did I know it was Casey ??

  54. EpicDolphin101 より:

    Drunk pikachu

  55. Finrot より:

    I can’t describe my hatrid for this song

  56. Sexcaliber より:

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  57. Déborah Girard より:

    Only you and Shon could do that?

  58. XJumpy95 より:

    haha funny

  59. Mackenzie Waldron より:

    i love it

  60. Mackenzie Waldron より:

    whats the song name?

  61. cohen foster より:

    love the music lol

  62. The SamEnglish7 Show より:

    Hey, Shawn’s Channel? How did the entire shoot felt like compared to the
    final outcome or finished edited product I just saw?
    My semi-pro observation:? I saw many behind the scenes and it seemed a
    blotched shoot and thus the outcome was a semi-pro finish with many
    cinematography mistakes … but had amateur quality scenes in the short. I
    started amateur, So i still liked it regardless if it was Pikachu.”

    Casey? What made you want to shoot this short? Give me the environment and
    sketch book of the short as well?

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  64. Talah Al より:

    This music makes the whore video 10 Times’ funnier. Well Done guys!

  65. Indemshadowez より:

    What the heck the song is so weird

  66. Shadowking45588 より:

    Sub and watch my videos

  67. Shadowking45588 より:

    Sub and watch my videos

  68. Shadowking45588 より:


  69. Shadowking45588 より:


  70. DeejayHonesT より:

    Uhh casey don´t zoom that often in one shot please 😀 still fun video

  71. Simon Osten より:

    watch at “Julien Bam”

  72. Sameena Khan より:

    my opinion only but I think the making of this video is better than this

  73. Issac Partys より:


  74. JONEZGAMEZ より:

    This music is???

  75. GamingShowCase より:

    that was so awesome

  76. Ramon Castro より:


  77. Kuran Yuki より:


  78. DemandDesigns より:

    do part 2!!!

  79. Nelly LasVelghus より:

    Shaun reconnu dès le départ malgré le déguisement ^^ sa manière de rouler
    est unique ! Ahaha 😀 Enorme vidéo <3 !

  80. Virus Gt より:

    Sub to me and ill sub back comment done

  81. Mahmut Mirza DEDE より:

    ekin soyak love you

  82. Mohamed Sankari より:

    Damn, Casey.

  83. yikes より:

    Me:y’all are crazy
    Also me: this is a normal thing in America

  84. Julius Sugiharto より:

    Fun to see Pokemon Go Go Live by Casey
    Dont forget to watch Gamers Cinema ” Watch Game Like Movie ” Channel too.
    Tx. Cu

  85. YZA Quest より:

    Hey subscribe to this channel and i will subscribe to you with 21 of my
    comment done when you’ve finished.

  86. Dj Morgan より:

    gutted it’s not as good as i hoped with the effort that was put in :(

  87. Destiny Swan より:


  88. Youtuber Radar より:

    long legs Pikachu.

  89. ThatGuyLiam より:

    i hate this music

  90. PEWDIE(mr.charmander) より:


  91. LaRusso より:

    2/10 not enough button mashing and failing servers

  92. Caleb Mcintyre より:

    Wtf is that music?!?

  93. Johnny Do より:

    EZ VIEWS 101

  94. Charlene Tan より:

    omg i was in nyc when they were shooting this, sadly i didn’t see this

  95. Agent creeper より:

    I learned the song I cqn sing it flawlessly

  96. kike ruizo より:

    Where you bought your jacket ?

  97. Angel Games より:

    Pinche pokemon go mamavergas de mierda

  98. Akemas Tico より:

    What is you problem

  99. Feel Good Music より:

    I’m fucking dying bro lmao


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