POKEMON GO TRANSFER | Goodbye Zubat :’c – By Sam Green Media

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Ever wondered what happens when you transfer your Pokemon in Pokémon GO​!?

Animation: Sam Green
Backgrounds: James Lee
Voices: Ethan Gallardo

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  1. The Eeveelution Family より:

    NOOOOO!!!!! ZUBAT!!!!! :(

  2. Cinthya Verlaine より:

    Now I’m feeling guilty TT___________TT (I’m so sorry Pidgey)

  3. Vuntedum より:


  4. The First Murp より:

    This is worse for me than anyone else
    My favorite Pokemon is crobat

  5. Vijo Sta より:

    Cool Vid

  6. C4mk3v0 より:

    ..I need the candy…… Though It’s my best friend…. Shit…

  7. super lps productions より:


  8. The donut moose より:

    O_O im scared for life..

  9. shrekisdrek badassingthon より:

    Cause it’s kinda cancer

  10. shrekisdrek badassingthon より:

    Pokemon GO to hell

  11. Jamie Bradish より:

    Goooodbye zuuubat gooooodbye zuuuuuuubat. All the zubats want things their

  12. Cybug2 より:

    Wha….what did I just watch :’0

  13. Breaunna Bird より:

    well that got dark

  14. hi I'm Xander Xander Lambeth より:

    Wait. That means. Oh god so many dead dratanis. I thought they poop candy
    than they become a wild Pokemon ;-; ;-; ;-;

  15. Codi Gonzalez より:

    so brutal Dx

  16. Shayer Kishun より:


  17. Elena Chase より:

    Wth is wrong with you ???

  18. Swifterxlol より:

    This will change my Pokemon Go experience whenever I play it.

  19. Wild “Lucky” Card より:

    Welcome to Earth.

  20. cjwalkerist luke より:

    0:26 Zubutt

  21. Dadoctor1963 Gamer より:

    its the truth

  22. AWESOME/ Adorable Animals より:

    i hate this

  23. A n g u s G re e n より:

    Man I wonder what grimer candy tastes like

  24. Cyber Kirby より:

    Pokemon Candy IS POKEMON!!!!

  25. Franky J より:

    mmmmmm..so that’s what happens to the Pokémon when you transfer them! lol

  26. Juan Govea より:


  27. Skull Bones より:

    Hey guys did you realize that some professors is named wood style examples
    Prof oak
    Prof birch

  28. CandyCat より:

    Poor zubat

  29. Baby Iron Golum より:



  30. Skywolf より:

    When he says Go it sounds like a goat scream

  31. Rikz Fahad より:


  32. Micah Norvell より:

    NO NO. just… fuuuu…. No

  33. Naomi Coronel より:


  34. Evan Mcbride より:

    well I’m a make this a longgggggg comment maybe not

  35. yomomapictures より:

    poor zubat

  36. Mega Mudkip より:

    WTF just WTF

  37. Xxx_duffguy _xxx より:

    well i am never transfering my pokemon again

  38. Alejandro Tamez Zapata より:

    i h8 u pedophile.

  39. Dr_Boo_Gaming より:

    ─▐▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▌██▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▄▌ The invasion has begun……
    ▐▒▀▐▀▐▀▒▒▄▄▒▄▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▌Copy & Paste this on every video you see.

  40. Corentin Blanco より:

    mother fucker

  41. Atik Hassan Tinku より:

    This is the working оne fоr mе, i just fоund it on twittеr.
    ТRANSFERRING РOКЕMОN on POKЕМОN GО | &quоt;Gооdbye Zubat :'c&quоt; – Bу
    Sаm Green Media

  42. Floated Crane より:

    what the FUCK

  43. dragon slayers より:

    why did you do this

  44. dragon slayers より:

    why did you do this

  45. Nova より:

    Make a new video you have a fun break so do it noooooow

  46. Blackstripe “Demon” the cat より:

    okay thats how candy is made in pokemon go wow

  47. PokeManer Ov より:

    #SamAAMA do you have a pet Sam and would u hav

  48. Allison Jenkins より:

    So many theories about transferring Pokemon into candies, but you can get
    candies when you capture them as well. Does that mean that the Pokemon are
    carrying around the dead remains of their brethren?

  49. ACE Does Gaming より:

    poor Zubat ;~;

  50. Alexier より:

    This is so sad!

  51. rengester salvador より:

    Oh i get the candy it use for powering up and evolving pokemon ok ok i get
    but really a blood

  52. Monkel D Zackron より:

    now I feel sad for transferring all my zubats

  53. Stanton Jtalim より:

    does the traner eat the zubat candy

  54. shadows the lynx より:

    pokemon GO kill ur zubat to get candy from it ._.

  55. RebeccaJelly Jam より:


  56. Sarah Tinord より:


  57. Lil Will より:

    It’s secretly Dr.Zed

  58. khrisnlauren w より:

    pokemon GGGGGOOOOOO

  59. Edu Games より:

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kd o esqueiro

  60. GamerReports より:

    Dr.Zed ????

  61. Tamama Aslanoglou より:

    plsss sam green plss epic minequest ep 6
    🙂 i like it so much

  62. janoukipstijn より:


  63. Umneriko より:

    Oh look another reason to not play

  64. DarkAngelXeno より:

    No, No, No, you transfer DATA to the professor and you RELEASE the pokemon
    then you get a specific candy for that kind of pokemon from the professor.
    where do they come? professor took time in making the candies that specific
    pokemon creating diffrent flavors and testing what they all like… why do
    you get 3 after catching one? they carry thrown away candies from the
    professor. (probably still edible but not the flavor they like. ask me any
    questions ill be likely to answer



  66. Panda Power XX より:

    epic minequest 6 ? +1

  67. XxSonic4xX より:

    my brother had the exact same idea

  68. neil nativ より:

    so true!

  69. Melty Melon より:


  70. Blue Phoenix より:

    RIP zubat ?

  71. Bradley Alvarez より:

    does that really happen

  72. Maishian より:

    I have killed literally thousands of pidgeys this way. And I don’t regret a
    single one.
    Not . a . single . one ಠ_ಠ
    Damn vermin.

  73. Elvira Martinez より:

    pls pls PLS make epic minequest 6

  74. Funkehappy 209 より:

    Why is it professor oak doing the job?

  75. Marshall H. より:

    I always assumed Oak was collecting all the Pokemon for his illegal Pokemon
    restaurant. Gotta get those fried Pidgeys from somewhere…

  76. Delek Monster41 より:

    Thy killed zoo bat

  77. chica dibujo より:

    estas demente chico

  78. Master Laxus より:

    wow.. So that’s what happens when you transfer Pokemon in P-Go..

  79. Quinten mc より:

    gimme minequest i’m so sad i need epic minequest 6 to be happy again

  80. Nathon Perea より:

    Don’t for get the epic mine quest

  81. Frost AJ より:

    Now I want a zubat :,c

  82. Alma reed より:


  83. The Random Person 125 より:

    Well then, Professor Willow wanted Oaks job and so Willow got Oaks job. Oak
    wanted Willows job so he did. That’s the story ok.

  84. Marco raya より:

    that was sad

  85. killer NANJA より:

    prosessor oka pokemone kliie

  86. ThatRandomGal より:

    Im never transferring a pokemon again..

  87. Danny Playz より:

    Keep making more videos!

  88. Fvninja より:

    Pokemon GO fuck yourself

  89. Zoroark The killer より:

    So grim

  90. Zoroark The killer より:

    So grusum

  91. DragoX Gaming より:

    0:28 dat ass do…

  92. SharpenLimited より:

    So thats how they made pokeburgers

  93. Jayna Plays より:

    Zu-ZUBAT. PREFFESOR OAK!!!!! ??????????????????

  94. Bestowal Bat より:

    poor zubat ?

  95. j primus より:


  96. Roxy TheCat より:


  97. Golden Guy Martin より:

    Why j-just why?

  98. StarTheCosmoQueen より:

    i cant stop laughing

  99. Char-Char Liong より:

    0:30 lol I didn’t know that zubat has eyes XD

  100. Char-Char Liong より:

    I came here from instagram


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