DIY Pokemon Go Pikachu Gummy ! Pikachu Figure jelly

How To Make Pokemon Go Pikachu Gummy ! Pikachu Figures jelly

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  1. Cutie Cat より:

    0:31 Pikachu does not shoot lightning out of it’s ears!!

  2. Jen Foote より:


  3. Pedro Guilherme D4rksouls III より:

    Hmmm…this e amenzing

  4. Renee Montoya より:

    mila ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ⛄ ❄ ? ? ? ?
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ☺ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  5. ChadTheRock より:

    I don’t understand why it has to be Pokemon go and not just pokemon

  6. Bean Heller より:

    where’d you get the kit?

  7. Mysiata801 より:

    Or things like that dissolve or break down after a while?

  8. Watermelon XXlovr より:

    Clearly they know nothing about Pokemon cause pikachus Lightning comes from
    hid cheeks

  9. Todd Lucas (Toddybear101) より:

    Do people actually waste their time on this stuff?

  10. BlueFire より:

    ….That is not where pikachu’s lightning comes out of….

  11. lillipup's castle より:

    Wuts Pokémon go

  12. Elisabeth Lopez Moreno より:


  13. AngieARTmanga より:

    arrrrrrrrrrrr so cute of this pikachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Maddie Bek より:

    He or she forgot Picachu’s tail!?

  15. катейка 228 より:

    хаю хай

  16. 박현성 より:


  17. Hiya より:

    WHY WAS ELECTRIC COMING FROM HIS EARS?!!?! I understand if you know nothing
    electricity comes from his cheek if you didn’t know just adding in a fact
    🙂 xD… kill me

  18. Lugia Chan (EternalSkyy) より:

    Why was lightning shooting out of pikachu’s ears….. ;n;

  19. Squid Pro Games より:

    This is rly dank. Really.

  20. Diana Suarez より:

    Cool I’m gonna make my VERY OWN Kid cave (KIDS ONLY)

  21. Sushi Devourer より:

    hilarious how everyone’s putting “pokemon go” in the titles instead of just
    “pokemon”Also I used to not think Pikachu was that cute, but this video
    made him seem even cuter! lol

  22. Tomasz Adamczyk より:

    pikachu don’t attack from ears

  23. e율 より:


  24. Lance Greensoul より:

    thats pikachu that is GUM-CHU!

  25. Liam MacDonald より:

    pikachu. cuteness. overload!

  26. Catrinus De Boer より:

    Ik wil ook zoon Pikachu

  27. game on より:

    from wher you get it

  28. 세니 より:

    꺅 피카츄!!!!!!!!!!

  29. daemoncaprinae より:

    bad and naughty pikachus go to the Jello Prison

  30. เขาเรียกเราว่า วัยรุ่น より:


  31. Kate Sparkman より:

    Pikachu’s electricity doesn’t come out of its ears XD

  32. Adamdoesfnaf 2.0 より:

    Why don’t you talk!?!?!?

  33. Meyke Salarie より:

    Pikachu dont make thunder whit his ears hè maken iT with his face

  34. The Drawing Sceptile より:

    Why is it Pokemon go ok mudkip is not from Pokemon go ITS NOT POKEMON GO

  35. KANDY BLAK より:

    cool intro

  36. a Bear より:

    Yeah those “pokemon Go pikachus” shoot lightning out of their ears.

  37. Carly Waterson より:

    What type of animal is picachu

  38. I LOVE Sans so u can't have him より:


  39. Regina Cheung より:


  40. Sadia Masood より:

    wow so cute???????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Elma's Learning Toy Chest より:


  42. Jae Poopy より:

    Adding the “Go” after “Pokemon” to get those views in I see

  43. Fluffeh 133 より:

    Why did it annoy me so much when the title said pokemon go instead of
    pokemon and how electricity came from his ears when it was supposed to be
    its cheek

  44. DIY to the max より:

    it’s just pokemon not pokemon go

  45. Madimo 1 より:

    why does pikachu have to be so damn cute

  46. Anna Grant より:

    i wanna eat it

  47. Oscar K. より:

    its just pokemon not pokemon go

  48. Naomi Laan より:

    can you eat it

  49. Gamze Yenigün より:

    Kanalıma göz atıp abone olursanız beni çok mutlu edersiniz

  50. Sinead Moth より:

    Poor pikachu

  51. SpaghettiYetti より:

    By using the term Pokemon GO they can get many more views because it is a
    huge hit right now, that’s why they are saying Pokemon GO instead of plain
    old Pokemon (despite what it should be)

  52. Rachna Mehra より:

    why do they always make jelly things?

  53. Suhrid vLoGs And Games より:

    No Pikachus were harmed in this video

  54. Alexandre Lourenço より:

    V ert

  55. Gipsy Moonac より:

    The electric shouldn’t go on the ears.. It goes on the cheek

  56. Watch Anime より:

    No, The jelly should be Raichu

  57. Telkens Senna より:

    Where can you buy that pikachu?

  58. Zuza Pa より:

    i made a Rainbow gummy one

  59. Halina Alex より:

    Bruh not every single darn Pokémon thing is Pokémon GO. Just say “Pokémon”
    instead of “Pokémon GO” in the title.

  60. the night guard より:

    U forget the tail so plz put it in and …keep up the good work plz

  61. Angga Pramudya より:

    how many can I use it that gelatin pika-molding for other color pika jelly?

  62. Darrenal Charles より:

    the first 34 seconds of the video made me cringe.

  63. Mayra Azurdia より:

    why you don’t have any vousis

  64. Kekey Kaylila より:

    Wow pikachu jelly awesome

  65. shahd shahd より:

    ur mudkip toy I WANT IT ’cause I hear I leak mudkip

  66. ximena gonzalez より:


  67. Flippert Toontown videos より:

    I made this. It’s actually decent

  68. Eclipse The Wolf より:

    why did the mold have to be made of jelly too? Also Pikachu is just from
    Pokémon. Pokémon go is just a game.

  69. Alex Junior Gamer より:

    what a dumb ass bitch pikachu does not get electricity from his or her ears
    he gets electricity from his or her cheeks bitch and is not pokemon go is
    pokemon estupid korean

  70. Pedro Abreu dos Santos より:


  71. Pedro Abreu dos Santos より:

    nem um br ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; ;-;

  72. McFan より:

    But pikachu isn’t a Pokémon go.. Pikachu is a Pokémon.. But cool video

  73. Jax より:

    Now im not a die hard pokemon fan or anything but please refer to it as
    just Pokemon and not pokemon go

  74. Dung Huynh より:

    Holly molly

  75. CUTE EEVEE より:

    pokemon go cool

  76. ExtremeMeatyPuns より:

    sees jelly me:knock knock friend:whos there me:wiggle friend:wiggle who
    me:WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE uses flute* friend: :O- pikachu

  77. Kitten Mimi より:

    why people always says pokemon go instead of pokemon?

  78. CAT is LIFE より:


  79. SpaghettoBorioso より:

    I was going to watch this, seriously, but I lost it at Pikachu shooting his
    electric charge from his ears

  80. Ms. Anonymous より:

    He should also paint the jellies after??

  81. Ms. Anonymous より:

    He kept playing with the Pikachus!
    He’s so cute?

  82. Ms. Anonymous より:

    DAMN! He made making that Pikachu soooooo easy!!!?

  83. Gumi nichu より:

    it’s not pokemon go, just pokemon… :/

  84. Robert Chura より:

    Butt ?

  85. bruce lee より:


  86. David Ibarra より:

    where did u get the picachu figure?

  87. Ozer Zer より:


  88. windows 10 Jacob より:


  89. LlamaLady より:

    OR use a mold and save jello

  90. Changhwan Jeon より:

    OH he or she is korean

  91. Tuija Luhtala より:


  92. Rhianna Miller より:

    yeahhhhno. should of said just POKÉMON rather then POKÉMON GO in the
    description. other then that,shit video! keep up the terrible
    work!(ok,jk,dont keep this up,leave YouTube.)

  93. Hugo Mery より:

    again its not a pokemon GO video. If i make a video about makeup i dont say
    oh this makeup has the same name like this peeling. Now i name my Video
    Makup peeling. Thats still Clickbaiting. You should name it Pokemon xy diy
    because its the pikachu from xy. Look at the Box. And do you know why you
    are naming it Pokemon go? Because its a big hype around it.

  94. Pikachu Ketchup より:

    where do you get that!! ?

  95. Malika Syahida より:

    pikachu yay??????❄❄❄⛄⛄⛄??????????????????

  96. GeomatryDash NoBaZ606 より:

    If you listened closely you can tell that the video starts at 0:00

  97. gianna charland より:

    Why pokemon go? It’s just pokemon pikachu

  98. Que Te Importa HaHaHaHa より:


  99. GamerRapa より:

    podemos fazer uma parceria de auncios?


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