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  1. Janelle V より:

    That dog is my favorite so cute!

  2. Janelle V より:


  3. chan yandar e より:

    ??? ? ?????

  4. Hailey Vera より:

    Dat pug doe

  5. Fluzzy Puff より:

    0:44 Best 1 Yet :D?

  6. bob fishkins より:

    Someone please tell me who that girl is at 2:02.

  7. Amber Lps より:

    I love how the first guys put there shirts on like, thank you!

  8. Johnathan Seiley より:

    this only shows that all of y’all care about looks

  9. Angie Ochoa より:

    half of the boys were WOW and the girls?

  10. Rosalyn Wix より:


  11. Mariah Reyes より:

    The last boy is so not

  12. Shamaria Dempsey より:

    that girl in the robot song i don’t really at all

  13. Grace Sutton より:

    some of the boys r hot

  14. yeltsin dominguez より:

    sound ??? 4:20

  15. yeltsin dominguez より:

    sound ??? 2:38

  16. Shaniah Reid より:

    the boys are cute :3

  17. daniel vang より:

    the black guys had really fucken good body compared to the wjite guys

  18. Reinaldo Gutierres より:

    im brazilan

  19. Goku SSJ god より:


  20. Pucca Panda より:


  21. Pug Gaming より:

    What’s up with all the boys having the same haircut

  22. Siu-Linn Victoria Chung より:

    I want a play list of all the songs they used :p

  23. Nanop Ooop より:

    4:08 song name ??

  24. Suzy Feeney より:

    Ancient Greece appreciated natural beauty so most of the ‘befores’ would be
    attractive in that time. To late, sorry.

  25. Ross Lemon より:

    Those dudes keep fucking staring at the camera like it’s a juicy steak or

  26. Ross Lemon より:

    Those dudes keep fucking staring at the camera like it’s a juicy steak or

  27. Ayeen Aguilar より:

    10:15 is the best and the little girl is so cute

  28. LMNTRIX より:

    1:55 OMG !!!

  29. Illuminati Unconfirmed より:

    2:06 for the thumbnail… thank me later

  30. Iris Fernandes より:

    the 4th one was so funny

  31. Jolie Luna より:

    wow that is all i got to say about this

  32. miroslaba gonzalez より:

    super fino

  33. Katharina kat より:

    Irre ich mich oder kann es sein das das baby mit den blauen Augen mein
    cousin ist…XD

  34. Geraldin Granados より:


  35. YG3 GoodGame より:

    cutest lil girl ever god bless her 5:58

  36. Linda Solano より:

    true dont judge?

  37. Gabby Santana より:

    The baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Gabby Santana より:

    I like the pug one

  39. Antonella Calderon (anto) より:

    i need the name of the second song and the song in minute 1:40

  40. Bershell Clark より:


  41. RobloxMusicMagic より:

    nope still ugly

  42. britney ortega より:

    I liked the girl who had blond hair color is divine

  43. Sevonna Pierce より:

    ,the one at 5:13 was so cute ???

  44. Souhail Bentoto より:

    This Fucking pissed me of.

  45. Jayden Hill より:

    what the fuck is that fat kid

  46. ELi Mora より:


  47. Khanni Keller より:

    the fat one

  48. Allicyn Otwell より:

    ooooommmmggg guys no no noooo! no one gets that they r trying to say that
    there is a beautifle pearson under everyone…… soooooo dont juuuddggee.
    they rnt making fun of people. understand the facts…………

  49. popsicles4fun より:


  50. Jade Enchanted より:


    The morale is good to prove that people are really beautiful on the inside
    no matter how ‘ugly’ they are on the outside.


    See the beauty in things.

  51. Jana Zollner より:

    7:36 what the heck?

  52. alain zone より:

    Le garcon la

  53. Jana Zollner より:

    What? Are you people trying to make fun of people with acne?? that’s just

  54. Alisha Richardson より:

    ha hot peeps

  55. •V3XE • より:

    5:05 song?

  56. Molly Ashton より:

    awesome but one thing how do you do it

  57. Эвелина Хабибуллина より:

    в конце девочка милая

  58. Alicia Cooper より:

    i love your doy

  59. Joao Matheus より:


  60. Ramon Victor より:

    qual nome da msc música 1:48

  61. mirai nikki_ _todoanime より:

    cual es el usuario de vine del chico que aparece en el segundo 1:27

  62. Arooa 04 より:

    01:43 Instagram ? ?

  63. cherp68 より:

    0:54 WTF!!!!!!!!

  64. Alex Rivera より:

    this is funny???

  65. DerpyDudes より:

    this is the most narcissistic, attention seeking fad i have ever seen.

  66. Andrea Herrera Gonzalez より:

    alguien me puede decir el nombre de la cancion dinde estaban la paraje q se

  67. Laura Lozet より:

    wesch on croit. qu’il sont moche mais enfaite c des bg

  68. Tyler_4301 より:

    10:12 m90s

  69. Společný kanál K+A より:


  70. dsdfer dsdfer より:

    people doing this is a microcosm of why society is so fucked up

  71. Videogamelover より:

    lol at.1:22 these idiots take iff their shirts but still look ugly xD

  72. Eva Paraschiv より:

    the guy at 5.33 please

  73. ohaRega より:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the annual “Look at how disgustingly
    self absorbed I am Challenge”. Our contestants are a very select group of
    retards, carefully handpicked by our committee.
    Take your seats, and enjoy!

  74. Barricadex S_D より:

    take off your make up bitch

  75. Aicha Ahlaqqach より:

    plz Name of the song in (6:05) of Chris Brown

  76. Baldwin Reyes より:

    Como se llama la cancion del munuto 8:6

  77. Mary Jane より:

    Wtf this is so awkward, just ppl who think they’re so hotbeing like “jk I’m
    actually super hot, see?”

  78. Lori Gonzales より:

    I like the one that is kissing

  79. antony Lonappan より:

    I have glasses…does that mean I’m ugly? :(

  80. Lori Gonzales より:

    I think it is so cool

  81. GWBEGAMER z より: what is the music pl

  82. Daniela Herrera より:

    como se llama la cacion del segundo 15 hasta el 27

  83. Jéssica jequiti より:

    Whats is the music 4:00?

  84. elizabeth Lopez Gonzalez より:

    muchos baby ok

  85. Niccole Marie より:

    They don’t do it right!

    It’s DONT JUDGE for a reason not let me look unrealistic and then look fake
    Af tf if ya’ll wanna see a REAL don’t judge challenge then go to my
    musical.iy @QueenBitch44

  86. Matheus Carvalho より:

    8:05 CJ ?? GTA San Andreas ???

  87. Lily Morales より:

    i hate this so much some peoplehave all have things like a unibrown and
    pimples and all of that so you need to take down this vidio anx this is the
    worst video ever people who do this are horrible

  88. Ainhoa Bonilla より:

    3:24song please

  89. A legjobb B.V. Chennel より:

    az első

  90. A legjobb B.V. Chennel より:

    sexy 00:25

  91. A legjobb B.V. Chennel より:


  92. A legjobb B.V. Chennel より:


  93. Rowojon より:

    Stupid as fuck

  94. Rokarja Rabe より:

    that dog ???

  95. Luz Echeverria より:

    Mi Amor <3

  96. Devon Kerth より:

    wow lol wtf

  97. StarFox AJ より:

    this is horrible

  98. Guildwars2WvW より:

    song name at 2:40 ?

  99. Make_believe TV より:

    скажите названия песен

  100. Kate Upgrade より:

    Who is he? 3:10 and 3:58 (sorry i”m do not speak english)


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