THE REVENGE Pokémon Go – PRANK! (original)

Now it’s the Pokémon’s turn! Watch the Pikachus hunting down the Trainers with Monster-Pokéballs.

Jetzt sind die Pokémon an der Reihe! Schau, wie die Pikachus mit Monster-Pokébällen die Trainer jagen.

Maintenant, les Pokémon ripostent! Regarde comme les Pikachus chassent les entraineurs avec des Pokéballs monstrueuses.

#PokemonBasel | #LoveBasel


Video Credits:
Pokémon: Marquis, David, Tatjana & Oli
Hidden Camera : René Heini / Cédric Spozio
Regie : Alexander Meyer |



  1. legionek より:

    stupid prank

  2. zIpatinhaZica PvP より:

    quero ver mas:-)

  3. Elijah Greenidge より:


  4. punk simmer より:

    The kid part was cute the rest is a joke

  5. JoelGamer より:

    doy 3 subs si se subscriben ami canal 😀 %1000 confiable y sin retrasos
    (Avisar aqui abajo)

  6. clibfilm より:

    what an awesome idea

  7. David Maciel より:

    lol ??

  8. David Jones より:

    wen people are walking up to cars and peoples houses. wait and starting car
    accidents because of this damb game. shit was funny dont be a lame and play
    wen the game if for kids not grown ass adult’s.. at least the ball is a big
    bounce ball and not bassballs painted that way

  9. Zacoff より:

    i hope so much that somebody shoots or at least sues those motherfuckers. i
    would just pull my gun on those retards.

  10. Megapro474 より:

    fuck you dhis vídeo is small

  11. EvanCraftDuDe8 より:


  12. Капитан Прайс より:

    никто не поймет что за хрень тут написана

  13. Dark Claw より:

    lol I would love to do this

  14. Maxgames より:

    Hackers all report :D

  15. Luke Cammarata より:


  16. Юрий Володько より:

    Уроды ! Особенно первого чувака жаль ор с телом был.

  17. Swiss Rus より:

    🙂 wer hat’s erfunden? der schweizer

  18. eateetu より:

    suamen lippu näkkyy torille

  19. ‫יאיר עמר‬‎ より:


  20. Geri Ott より:

    Haha love the comments!

  21. churlafan gaming より:

    in the first video these people can go to jail

  22. Patriciasings より:

    this is soooooo not fake??

  23. Sam Gilfellan より:

    Nothing screams fake like a prank video…

  24. Sasuke Kun™ より:

    Lol das war in Österreich

  25. HouseofCards 00 より:


  26. Artur Carvalho より:

    Iso é orivel !

  27. Boss 21 より:

    de erst isch de geilschte gsii

  28. Андрей Крыжановский より:


  29. Maciek Naczk より:


  30. Maria De Jesus Leal Do Santos より:


  31. Doigor より:

    very nice hahahahha

  32. Arazhul_HD Fan!! より:


  33. j1nx より:


  34. Josefina より:

    Haha ide schwiiz

  35. Triple より:

    they were a dick to the first guy ngl

  36. Владимир Дворцов より:

    your idiot

  37. Asterifa より:

    Eifach nur nice!???

  38. tapati より:

    The Roach Clip podcast brought me here….great stuff

  39. Nathalia Hernandez Campoz より:


  40. WooTeez より:

    So fake, the first guy practically throw himself inside the pool, you guys
    are fake, fake, fake forever! You shouldn’t call this a prank, this is just
    a funny staged show, not a prank.

  41. Philipp Wagner より:


  42. Richy_Rich0_0 より:

    Fake as fuck

  43. 0210 fnsl より:


  44. pan kukurydza より:


  45. Alexandra Kamswig より:

    Das ist ja verrückt, da bekommt man ja Angst! ??

  46. Molten Sheep より:

    If someone did this to meh I wood tayke de poke ball an runnnn

  47. NSGRB より:

    Absolut Unlustig.

  48. hot chessesoup より:

    fake fake fake fake fake fake fuck Pokemon go

  49. Chakrya Pho より:


  50. mllenathalie de youtube より:


  51. Nate Brown より:

    This is totally fake

  52. Flexotic より:


  53. 普通の人間桜華 より:


  54. Pixellp52 より:

    At the last part you were in Austria. Right?

  55. L W より:

    What Der heck

  56. MasterOfDissaster より:

    This Video is awesome !

  57. d232utch1 より:

    Check out Deep Box Games!

  58. Shagyo OurNan より:

    it’s fake

  59. Andre G より:

    Pokemon Go is boring as fuck after a while

  60. Athul Krishnan より:

    Those Pikachus have some big balls!! ??

  61. harsh visaria より:

    hilarious xD xD

  62. ChromeFX より:

    The first guys phone broke wtf

  63. Sophie Johnson より:

    Its funny, but its a dick thing to do. What if you have just broken their

  64. LegoGnocchi より:

    So the tables have finally turned.

    HA HA!

  65. Sketchman より:

    i hope it have backfires soon :/

  66. Dee Jay WirteX より:

    This is life! :)

  67. John Asimakis より:

    here are some asholes fucking around

  68. RapidShotzGaming より:

    PART 2!!!!!!!

  69. 3456 22 より:

    기분 더러울듯

  70. Grimmjow より:

    Stop saying if it’s fake or not
    Just enjoy

  71. ANGEZOCKT より:

    Wenn ich mal gejagt werden sollze und mich dann tot stelle dann frag ich
    mich was die lachen werdwn

  72. Julyte Fab Turtle Lithuana より:

    Poor people xD

  73. 中嶋一彰 より:


  74. moonlight. より:

    Quelqu’un sait dans quelle ville de suisse c’était?

  75. Carlyxoxlol より:

    ?????I feel bad if they weren’t playing Pokemon go XD ?????

  76. kamen gogo より:


  77. アッカーマンリバァイ より:


  78. Sarah Del rey より:

    this is sooo fake

  79. Adam fouad より:

    People like that needs to get shot

  80. Max D. より:

    Nice cut bros

  81. hadraplana より:

    stupid fake

  82. Cristian Popoello より:

    Thats shit

  83. PixelSlayer TV より:

    Lol ich war an dem Tag an der Schifländi und habe Pokémon gespielt schade
    bin nich im Video. Aber das Video ist genial ??

  84. Chrissie Vel より:


  85. da da より:


  86. Valentina de Vita より:

    I would also be run by pikachu guys. they are too kawaii!!!

  87. GhostUnicorn より:

    D Schwizer mit irne idee….Sind doch schwizer??????

  88. adubaci. touil Abdelbaki より:

    lo. haceia de verdad

  89. Burden 2257 より:

    You can see that this is fake in first 10 seconds,now take my dislike and

  90. Phong Phan より:

    May dua khung

  91. Super Sand より:

    So many people are so triggered in the comments. Like damn just enjoy the
    fucking video

  92. kacey552 より:

    So fake my gosh

  93. Bella Nina より:


  94. Aussie Roberts より:

    have to be mentally retarded to think this is real

  95. Hidan より:

    ha ha lol

  96. Krümeltoast より:

    Pikatchu costumes look perfect on guys

  97. Marie Wagner より:

    american enough brilliant including border.

  98. 1124Rany より:

    You guys are

  99. Marie Wagner より:

    home lift might advanced unit.

  100. 420MEME より:

    Girl, I would pikachu if you were naked. :^)


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