PokeMon Go Add A JoyStick Play At Home Cheat Hack! Plus Change Location

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    Hope you get banned soon.

  5. Isheka Arora より:

    Thank u so much

  6. Harley Augustsson より:

    for me when i do it all, it still says that it couldn´t detect my location.
    what do i do?

  7. John Sentry より:

    I did this, ended up in my desired location, and was able to use the
    joystick to move, however it said ” unable to detect location ” no matter

  8. Bhusan Thapa より:

    i didn’t get any pokemon on nyc but it shows nearby plz help

  9. Rudy Leija より:

    uh I didn’t understand what or how to do it I use a tablet for pokemon go

  10. Vaughan Mcgee より:

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  11. Pruthvesh Chaudhari より:

    in my divice it says latest version of xposed installer is nt active.
    install framework and reboot so how to install framework ?

  12. Trent Bowman より:

    I can’t use this method as apparently the framework doesn’t support my

  13. Felipe Lima より:

    In my phone, the buttons disappear before i run pokemon go app. Anyone have
    a solution for this?

  14. Francisco Padilla より:

    this is ruining the fun of the game i want it to be a challenge to catch
    pokemon not easy

  15. Korey uchiha1504 より:

    dont have xposed installer

  16. Black Morgan より:

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  17. Ivan Gomez より:

    can you get banned

  18. TechLoverSam より:

    Hey!! Controls not working character is not moving..
    Please Help!!

  19. mek jibon より:

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  21. Canadian Video Gamer より:

    +DroidModderX Root Master, link is broken, can you help?

  22. Nicholas Gathara より:

    stop making these videos Pokémon is gonna patch it ???

  23. NuclearProgram Plant より:

    i cant do it

  24. TaeShan Dortch より:

    Why cant i uodate google play servises

  25. Devon Mclean より:

    It says failed to detect location, how can i fix this?

  26. Ridwaan Shaikh より:

    what speed should the steps be to actually walk and hatch eggs also because
    the avatar walks too fast to hatch a egg

  27. Canadian Video Gamer より:

    website not working

  28. Roberto Ambrosio より:

    how to do u install xposed installer

  29. Manoel Chaves より:

    Where is the linkkkkk

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  32. ashleigh hempstock より:

    it doesnt work
    need help how do you root a samsung galaxy s4 mini :)

  33. Tabeer Amin より:

    its saying GPS signal not found
    now wat to do

  34. Agustin Cambero より:

    how or where do I can root my Android? I have the Samsung S7 edge, the
    version is 6.1

  35. Rocco - Minecraft & More より:


  36. Shiva Ots より:

    NEXT FAKE !!!

  37. Cedric Tan より:

    I have everything working except when pokemon go opens the joystick closes

  38. Weiss Fox より:

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  39. Cedric Tan より:

    the joystick keeps closing

  40. Welch Haynes より:

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  41. Ima Birdie より:

    Its working but no Pokemon or anything are showing up

  42. Jaydip Akbari より:

    is it work in lolipop ?

  43. skullkeeper 94 より:

    Can you get Xposed framework without a CFW? The tablet I have doesn’t have
    a supported CFW (I know, surprising)

  44. Sage Archer より:


  45. Gabriel jones より:

    like explain rooting and all that plz

  46. Gabriel jones より:

    wish you could slow down on step by step also due to I cant see ur phone

  47. PDS KabusikiGaisha より:


  48. Blaze Rane より:

    it keeps saying Failed to detect location

  49. Swati Mittal より:

    thank u very much

  50. Bright Sawyer より:

    details or coins? get em easy with this specific cheat on line here people
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  51. SkeletonGamingz より:

    is this for marshmallow only?

  52. MaxAmaSity より:

    it wont let me install the apps, it keeps saying “app not installed”

  53. MaxAmaSity より:

    im getting app not installed

  54. Photo Alley より:

    all of you are the people who want to be the best. eliminate any way of
    playing fair

  55. MaxAmaSity より:

    website is down for matinence

  56. shreyas kulkarni より:

    guys help me it’s still showing “failed to detect location” I followed
    every step shown in video

  57. Kagebunshin より:

    i need xposed installer kitkat 4.4.2

  58. Reggie “2” J より:

    The joystick works but the pokestops dont and if i try to catch a pokemon
    it runs away after 1 ball even a weedle ran away does any know how to fix
    this plz help

  59. Reggie “2” J より:

    The joystick works but the pokestops dont and if i try to catch a pokemon
    it runs away after 1 ball even a weedle ran away does any know how to fix
    this plz help

  60. TheGameCrew NL より:


  61. Logasuriyan Subramaniam より:

    what app is it

  62. Matteo Braidy より:

    pokemon is only fun because you have to move

  63. Imran Khan より:

    its not staying tick marck on setting, mock location

  64. Barr Clarke より:

    Pokemon Go Hack – Pokemon Go Hack Unlimited and Free PokeCoins Hack =>>>


    it is not working

  66. Earnest Artinger より:

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  67. Sanjana Bhosale より:

    does it still work

  68. Mr. Everything より:

    Works for me But cannot find any Pokémon or Pokestop wth is wrong? Please

  69. Mr. Trunk より:

    i am get banned forever how to fix this plss

  70. safa demirhan より:

    i got only one problem: when i am trying to open and close these two apps
    from my xposed installer, it says framework not installed… how am i
    supposed to install it? my android is 5.0

  71. Swastik Sharma より:

    someone please help I can’t use pokestops while using this hack and also
    the pokemons run away when I try to catch ’em :'(
    please help people

  72. Arthur Rosa#ContenteTV より:

    where I install the Xposed Installer?

  73. Luis Martinez より:

    Español porfavor no entendi nada

  74. WallisGaming Roblox And Vines より:


  75. Ion Morth より:

    I can’t download xspoded installer pls help

  76. Moore Noble より:


  77. TheBladeWizard :j より:

    do you need the 6.0 os to run

  78. shankhadeep saha より:


  79. Ix_Anonym Ix より:

    es ist zu kompliziert du hurensohn was labberst du opfer

  80. Ix_Anonym Ix より:

    Hurensohn zeig doch einfach misset

  81. The Emerald Eye より:

    what is the app called exactly? before it’s installed?

  82. MrDexter より:

    works fine, the only problem is that pokemon go controls goes off in the
    middle of the game and I have to open it all the time, please help

  83. Abdurrahman Ibrahimovic より:

    does it also crack your eggs

  84. xxApolloCreedxx より:

    do you get viruses on your phone if you do this?

  85. ηεβυlค 一тя より:

    Mhh, this is a nice hack…
    Let’s root bitchez!

  86. Lorilee Zarebski より:

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  87. Calvin Isaacks より:

    there is no winning

  88. Calvin Isaacks より:

    pokemon won’t run with mock locations on and the joystick won’t run with
    them off plz help

  89. Hasna chalbi より:

    I didn’t know how to do it

  90. StG TheOne より:

    it doesnt work it says dont find locatiom

  91. Jeje Pasq より:

    every time I turn on mock location it turn off.

  92. Trippi J (Trippij) より:

    Help! I did everything but every time I do allow mock location it says
    failed to detect location plz help!

  93. Tanmay AroraYT より:

    everything works fine before i start the game and when i start the game the
    conrols dissappear what should i do?!!!!!!1

  94. TheMento98 より:

    Yeah don’t actually do this unless you want your Pokémon Go account to get
    banned. Niantic is still dealing with other bugs but they still catch
    players everyday doing this kind of bullshit and ban them so just be smart.
    It isn’t worth losing your entire account just to play a geo-caching game
    at home.

  95. Muhammad Harmansyah より:

    work to kitkat ?

  96. Matt Duffie より:

    this really messed up my phones GPS how do I undo all this stuff?

  97. Trippi J (Trippij) より:

    I did everything you said everything works but the pokestops and gyms and
    Pokémon I can move around but it keeps saying Can’t detect location. pls

  98. Darren Valenti より:

    doesn’t work

  99. Cody Porter より:

    how can o get it 2 work on a lg g3 keeps saying cant find locatison

  100. Nik Mahadik より:

    how would i operate on Lollipop version its not working on it


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