Pokémon GO Meets PARKOUR in REAL LIFE!

Watch the behind the scenes here: https://youtu.be/JMAl6fjc62M
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Music by Christopher Escalante – http://www.christopherescalante.com
Tunes – http://tinyurl.com/zoh7a6y
Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/hk5lusq
Bandcamp – http://tinyurl.com/jxvvmue
Bandcamp – https://escalantemusic.bandcamp.com/track/pok-mon-parkour-in-real-life

Our two cosplayers who were Team Rocket, they are called “Pins and Things”, and you can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PinsNthings

The costume Devin Graham wore/the main Ash character, was made by Allison Dredge
Check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/allisondredgecostumes and follow her on Instagram @allisondredgecostumes

For everyone asking where we got the Pokemon onesies, we got them on Amazon, here’s the links.
Pikachu: http://amzn.to/2a95HYe
Charmander: http://amzn.to/29URNGw

SUPER thanks to our fans who showed up and created the gigantic Pokémon ball for the opening shots!

Film by Devin Graham using the RED Dragon in 6K resolution, with the Glidecam Devin Graham Series for the stabilizing shots.

Drone shots done by Tyson Henderson.
Edited by Devin Graham and Tyson Henderson using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Sound Design by Devin.

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  1. The Unknown HD より:

    Why all the dislikes?

  2. Andrea Diagbouga より:

    This is cheesy as fuck.
    I love it.

  3. Angel Paniagua より:

    if they didn’t go through 20 years of acrobatic training I’m gonna die

  4. Tiffany Plows より:

    Does moves do

  5. CrookDragoon 22 より:

    Bra this video is awsome

  6. xrider30 より:

    This music is so cool !

  7. Ryan Kassel より:

    No special effects at all… None… Said nobody ever in the world

  8. Brixtar より:

    if I wanted to kill myself I will try to do this

  9. dennie paynter より:

    fucking genius!!

  10. launchpad13 より:


  11. Ka Kiu Chan より:

    Where did you film this? I recognized some places in your first Assassin’s
    Creed video.

  12. Beastly Muffin より:


  13. valeria g より:

    epic vid

  14. Javier Valenzuela より:


  15. Dustin K. より:

    that was awesome! ?

  16. Papyrus And Sans より:

    pikachu charmander squirtle bulbasaur

  17. Papyrus And Sans より:

    so is charmander

  18. Papyrus And Sans より:

    pikachu is ash’s pokemon

  19. OwenTube2014 より:

    This was probably the best Pokemon video I ever watched

  20. Haley Yeje より:

    How many flips are you going to do there are so many flips but it’s cool

  21. Doomsdeal - より:


  22. falcon phoenix より:

    picachu got dem moves

  23. Ewan Friend より:

    Wow so cool ?

  24. MechaMemes X より:

    to summarize this video two dudes jump around in Pokemon onesies

  25. jadon smith より:

    who made this song cover?

  26. Mountain_Money より:

    Well… girls can’t flip a hat without getting their hair messed up.
    Girls don’t act like ash

  27. robert joe より:

    I love this video

  28. Melanie Mathews より:

    As I was watching this I kept saying, “Hey! I know that place! I drive by
    there everyday…”. It is really funny because there place where he caught
    them at the end, is a crazy street for poke spots.

  29. michael lanham より:

    its sad that people think pokemon go is the only pokemon game.

  30. JadenTheKid Playz より:


  31. Alejandra Escoto より:

    This vid cool ?

  32. fatloser21 ok より:

    team rocket

  33. Rosario Eugenia loya (chayo) より:

    i know where this was filmd at Slatlakecity UTAH City library ?

  34. neptoonz nereid より:

    That was some SKILLS

  35. DaJoker Gaming より:

    where can I find the music

  36. Its Leex より:

    Boi, when I play Pokémon Go I don’t see flipping rodents

  37. Leightom Strand より:


  38. Zach Bautista14 より:

    This Is Some Dying Light Parkour

  39. Peridot より:

    Jessie and James suck at parkour like always

  40. Chris Chamberlain より:

    just ignore the no trespassing sign you silly hooligans!

  41. Gunter The Penguin (GTP) より:

    Why is every one so fucking retarded they think parkour is like 50% flips?

  42. Aspect より:


  43. Paul Garcia より:

    When did ash turn Mexican?

  44. Paul Garcia より:

    Not to brag but I can type without looking at my keyboard

  45. Annalisa Canegallo より:


  46. Zoe Clarkson より:

    the pokemon have some sick moves

  47. Haden Heath より:

    Wat the fuk is this

  48. Jonathan Galdamez より:


  49. MrPregnant より:

    anticlimactic music

  50. Jay Suave より:

    y’all taking this way too far

  51. Yesina Platero より:


  52. Melissa Luszczki より:


  53. Lindsey Duncan より:

    0:39 A Kid With A Ash Hai xD

  54. Lindsey Duncan より:

    0:36 Ash

  55. DarkShadowX7048 - より:

    So cringy… But at the same time pretty epic

  56. Cameron Owen より:

    they must of been sweating their balls of in those costumes

  57. SyBI より:

    Great Devin! One of the best Videos you´ve ever made!

  58. George Okello より:

    Pokemon Go best thing to happen 2016. Not for the game, just for inspiring
    brilliance like this and reminding everyone how amazing it is

  59. Jalen Myers より:


  60. Jade Babb より:


  61. Jammy Jeaya より:

    How many people did you get to do the Poke-Ball? And how many people did
    you get to not mind the parkour? That must be hundreds of

  62. Jammy Jeaya より:

    How many people did you get to do the Poke-Ball? And how many people did
    you get to not mind the parkour? That must be hundreds of

  63. Muhammad Luqman Bin Mazri より:

    cool.i like the backflip

  64. Muhammad Luqman Bin Mazri より:


  65. ydn より:

    omg.why does real.life james looks like that???

  66. Kailey .O より:

    Devin it’s so cute to see ya on the other side of the camera!!! hope you
    had fun as Ash, it looks like it was a fun video to shoot.

  67. the triogaming より:

    Pikachu was the best

  68. sultan majid より:

    pokemon so much better if like this

  69. Happy Storm より:

    Shoutout to my brothers and cousin who were in the crowd that chased
    Pikachu and Charamander.

  70. nicolas leon より:

    wow that’s so COOL CAN you show me how to do that

  71. ching lubguban より:

    this trick is amazing

  72. Viviana G より:

    Dang this was awesome

  73. Mc DP より:

    deven looks a little like ash

  74. Milky Memes より:

    Oh god I love it but it’s so damn cringy

  75. Jake Rayman (JRayy) より:

    How does this NOT have more views than Casey Neistants video? Sorry I can’t
    spell. Seriously, this is epic and amazing in its own right. I think the
    music used in Caseys video was a bit racist. This music is so epic and the
    way Pikachu and Charizard co exist with each other is fantastic. Why isn’t
    this viral?!

  76. Kirk Ramtahal より:

    was that riachu or dragonite?

  77. Donut dogs -TheSquadChannel of Gaming より:

    damn. Char char and pikachu are parkour buds. 🙂 so kawaii

  78. Elite Spartacus より:

    WHY? Why would you do that to the Pokémon’s and take away their freedom?
    D,: (awesome video)

  79. R and J Films より:

    was anyone else weak when they saw Devon hahah

  80. 07Dragon (RTI offical) より:

    How many times did you fail in this video

  81. Ron Simmons より:

    ? im gona have Pokémon role play with my girlfriend for her birthday

  82. Alex ZK より:

    Hey team superbtramp did the costumes make it harder to the the parkour

  83. Evalyn DeLong より:

    That’s so cool! Got to Catch’ em all!

  84. Jefrey Meza より:

    Prepare for trouble!
    James: Make it double!
    Jessie: To protect the world with devastation!
    James: To unite all people within our nation!
    Jessie: To denounce the evil of truth and love!
    James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
    Jessie: Jessie!
    James: James!
    Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
    James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
    Meowth: Meowth. That’s right!

  85. Sunny Bunny より:


  86. GavinThe Panda より:

    Charizard:wow this kid is a level 6,go away noob,
    (Charizard runs away)
    Me:darn,OOO A ZUBAT

  87. King Marky より:

    At 1:16 you can see the camera guys

  88. Sans Undertale より:

    *so cool.

  89. Ghost Bandit より:

    most of it was freerunning what with all the unnecessary flips…

  90. Lillian Hart (Hermionotter) より:

    Found this because of Christopher Escalante XD but wow O.o this is

  91. Dallas's gaming/vlogs より:


  92. Dloweification より:

    This is literally just people dressed up in Pokemon costumes while doing
    parkour for additional views.

  93. Awesome Guinea Pigs より:

    You guys are awesome

  94. Adam Flax より:

    Now seeing this. Im never gonna play pokemon go :(

  95. Adam Gamer より:


  96. Nick Jansink より:

    sick vid mate

  97. Haley Ramirez より:

    I saw tiler from dude purfict

  98. Kenia Bonilla より:


  99. Andre Watson より:

    L for ur whole team

  100. Awesome Guinea Pigs より:

    Teach me you’re awesome


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