This Is Pokemon Go

Before yesterday, the sum total of my Pokemon knowledge was a handful of memes from a decade ago. But as I recently discovered, you don’t need to know much about the classic games, cartoons and comic books to enjoy the new title that’s dominating headlines this week, Pokemon Go. Because Pokemon Go isn’t just a game; it’s augmented reality as it was meant to be. And it’s an awful lot of fun. I’m Michael Fisher and I’ve caught a lot of Pokemon over the past 24 hours – LET ME SHOW YOU THEM!


Ingress Battery Pack:

Pokemon Go (iOS):

Pokemon Go (Android):

Ingress (iOS):

Ingress (Android):



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“Smart Ideas” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat:


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  1. Magmator GR より:

    I want to buy a phone to play pokemon go which one is better nexus 5x or
    Huawei p9 lite

  2. Random Drunken Serb より:

    And both aren’t available on Windows, so I don’t care ? :D

  3. Hamza Ashfaq より:

    finally +fisher…i find you…..i was your great fan when you were in
    pocketnow …..good luck fpr your own channel

  4. thecityboy781 より:

    there’s a lot of Pokemon by B.U if anyone is from Boston lol

  5. Erwin F Lopez Martinez より:

    Which is the app to screen record Mr Fisher?

  6. Rana Shafi より:

    what is it called? the game ??? I really need it, plz guys , what should I
    write in the app store??

  7. GRIG MASTER より:

    one of these phones is an one plus 3, but the other one … is it a

  8. JiuJiu Beans より:

    Looking for a good phone that will run smooth with pokemon go anyone got
    any options?

  9. tomcat13 666 より:

    These morons loiter and trespass at a building i sometimes work at during
    the night. Its out of control and fucking irritating. I mean it’s like a
    convergence of zombies at a mall. I can see it becoming a problem.

  10. McRocket より:

    So THAT”S what it is about. Thanks for this.

  11. Abhishek Gupta より:

    its pronounced caterpi

  12. YoungBlaze Of Chitown より:

    My Pokemon were doing drugs in my neighborhood , im not sure if im doing
    this right, but then one asked for money …. i was so uncomfortable,

  13. TheRedstoneBrigade より:

    it’s so cringey how bad he is at catching Pokemon

  14. nik pik より:


  15. Robert Harmse より:

    cant do this in South Africa …youre phone will get stolen bwhahahaha

  16. Thomas Nessa より:

    pokemon not pokeman. i dont really care, but i just had to correct you.

  17. Tomi より:

    Michael Fisher reviews Pokemon Go,it’s super effective!

  18. Moneyfromaps より:

    what is the name of the smaller phone he used?

  19. The Carrot Bros. - LuxuriantCarrot より:


  20. Ouma Shu より:

    he use oneplus X to play pokemon go and it not the best phone to play this

  21. 3many15 より:

    bro practice your throwing ? haha jk man cool vid!

  22. Rahul Dabas より:

    It says name isn’t available, what do I do?

  23. Marcell Harmaci より:

    Munzee is similar. Using Munzee you have to capture QR codes hidden out

  24. Shin Pleil より:

    ɷɷɷ Heeeeyyy Friendssss I Have Foundd Workingggggg Online Hacck visittttt :

  25. Artem orlov より:

    You play on one plus x??? Si running Good?

  26. suleman alayed より:

    Man poketnow is dead after you

  27. vignesh sivakumar より:

    Do not play this game in India. This is so fuckin dangerous to play in

  28. 김성현 より:


  29. k3431D3 より:

    How tf are you that terrible at trowing pokeballs?

  30. TheGrayWolf81 より:

    Watch there be a Pokestop at the top of the Egyptian pyramid…

  31. Sheep より:

    Diddent u use to do phone reviews for another channel? Your voice sounds
    identical to somone from pocketknow or whatever the channel was named.

  32. True life より:

    is that one plus one that u r playing in??

  33. ElectroSwingNetwork より:

    “Don’t get hit by a car”, 2 soon

  34. ElectroSwingNetwork より:


  35. edwin aburto より:


  36. rahul garg より:

    what if u fall off a bridge or something while wandering like that
    or if they are on the middle of the road
    we dont hv this game in india u know

  37. Rutik Bhoir より:

    when this game is coming to my country

  38. Rutik Bhoir より:

    this game is not in my country. …I want to play

  39. Nik Dahda より:

    Name is not available….what name do i give to trainer?

  40. Ulyses Casilum より:

    Sht :'( i miss your voices it’s been a couple of a month since the last
    time I’ve seen you in Pocket Now. And turned out I’m a fool keep on
    waiting, for you in Pocket Now ..and yeah you’ve just move to another
    channel :’) miss you so much been I’ve been watching you for almost 4years.

  41. trever pitts より:

    how come
    Ingress game did not take over like pokemon

  42. Dinuka Senadeera より:

    Its all fun and games untill some one dies!

  43. Dorthehen より:

    Tip: (and btw i’m not 100% sure this works or not, i ‘ve heard it from
    several people) As you are about a catch a pokémon, spin the pokeball
    around berfore throwing it, to gain extra point for style.

  44. Harsh Billimoria より:

    awesome game…awesome video…hope we get some more of them in near future

  45. anime vs anime より:

    pokemon isn’t an stupid cartoon .it’s anime and there are no pokemon
    comics. pokemon is an anime and manga and video game

  46. Ansh Sharma より:

    from where I can get this game for

  47. sachin sharma より:


  48. Pradhyumna Gupta より:

    Has Michael left pocketnow?

  49. Chidiebere Nwaekpe より:

    Michael Fisher ?????? So glad I found this channel

  50. SrS Bruh より:

    What a nooooob XD

  51. Reebs より:

    Eeyyy!! Representing Cambridge and Boston! Love my city <3

  52. Michelle Gregory より:

    i was wondering why shadows.

  53. Grymligast PS4 より:

    What phone are you using in this video?

  54. TheAbeham より:

    I’ve never even completed a Pokemon game because they’re super repetitive
    and get boring all too quickly.

  55. mcoyid より:

    This game is stealing data & suspicious. Purposely made Viral. Where really
    it isn’t

  56. mcoyid より:

    Bakwass! Shitty game.

  57. SFP Secret より:

    can you send me keys please
    my friend code is 39117035LD
    I would be happy to be friends too
    please join our tribe , we need reedling , toe jammer , sponge and maw .
    the minimum is lvl 10

  58. Prashant Sathe より:

    I’ll hit like even I don’t like Pokemon go

  59. Martin Zapletal より:

    Ingress >>> Pokemon Go

  60. Sword of Gideon より:

    This is another tool used by the devils to get demons into the real world.
    Avoid this application.

  61. Mick Harrison より:

    you were cool when you got your own channel…..

    and then you uploaded a video about fucking Pokémon.

  62. Tim Küsel より:

    What’s your daily driver ? HTC 10 or S7 ?

  63. Top 1Percent より:

    Where do I go look for Charligard? Any ideas?

  64. Top 1Percent より:

    You do not “enslave” your Pokémon!! Man, you got a wrong idea about the
    whole Pokémon world. Damm…

  65. Nishanth patil より:

    Michael still using the Motorola RAZR v3…….???

  66. Jelano Phillip より:

    By the end of the year I bet you would have at least half a million
    subscribers! Good luck on your new endeavors. ????

  67. Aaditya Chakraborty より:

    it’s not there in my country, India, how do I play it

  68. Mar Co より:

    hahaha no way

  69. SuperChiko4000 より:

    good stuff

  70. THE BEARDED Vendetta より:

    well 1+ 3 is everywhere now a days ?

  71. nihal riyaz より:

    do you need internet to play

  72. Aman Gill より:

    Is it for ios also

  73. samson misquitta より:

    I love u now go Pokemon

  74. ishan mahajan より:

    If i dwlnd it from third party store will their data server block me when
    it becomes availabe in India…??

  75. iam legend より:

    This will decrease obesity from any country but it may increase the rate of
    accidents aswell.

  76. Khan Rk より:

    wheres to download this app

  77. Sameer Bahirat より:

    only one thing i felt missing was ‘turn by turn fights’ like the older
    Nintendo days ?

  78. vijesh p より:

    This is virus

  79. Anish Shah より:

    gr8 stuff

  80. Rithun Arackal より:

    It is not yet available in playstore,if i download it from other websites
    will it work? because i am in india.

  81. KMakProTV より:

    is this the Pokemon go review or one plus 3???????

  82. xoxo Tou's より:

    where do i download it?

  83. Wahed Ali より:

    Dude which mobile ur using..??

  84. Falke Zee より:

    where can I get Pokemon go for Android??

  85. Kevin Robert Michelson より:

    Nice review and professional as always. This game’s benefit compared to
    others is just the aspect of walking around, so what’s all the fuss about

  86. Samanth Chilukuri より:

    why a separate chanel Captain!!

  87. sss より:

    more upload please!

  88. Timon Vos より:

    clear Anyone see bigger this varianw ?

  89. saideivr47 より:

    Have to thank mkbhd for mentioning you.Finally I’m able to see fisher after
    a long time.loved his videos at pocketnow and they have just gotten better
    .Waiting for more videos

  90. Shaikh Ayyan より:

    still not relised in india

  91. tjplitfc より:

    i don’t understand this game. Why is it not on play store?

  92. Sand Skiff2 より:

    I just biked 20 km just to hatch 2 eggs….. This game is getting me fit

  93. TechLife&Stuff より:

    No no no viva la #resistance lol good to see you back.

  94. Firman Koestiana より:

    I went to the mall today while hunting Pokémon….?

  95. PartiallyDrunkHoovy より:

    Would you still recommend the Moto x pure?


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