Pokémon Go – Gym Battle & Evolving Pokemon

We Battle a Pokemon Gym leader in San Francisco to try and reclaim it, while also capturing new Pokemon, and evolving ones we already have!

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  1. ed Dewes より:

    skip to 9:42 for the actual battle

  2. George David より:

    Hey can anybody tell me why I don’t have a button to evolve my Electabuzz
    (CP 209)? Is the most powerful Pokemon I have and I want to make it
    stronger. On the other ones I have evolve buttons no matter if I have
    candies or not to evolve them but not on my Electabuzz. Also where can I
    seen how many battles he wan? Any option to se this? Thank you.

  3. George David より:

    hello.. you chracter is a girl? or just looks so? Also my friend you should
    practice more targeting..I had the same problems as you at first but after
    3 days of playing now, I started to hit them really good. Some are hard to
    get but many of them they getting catch from the first attempt , great

  4. Lps Songs girl より:

    Are you Aaron from Aphmau you sound like him?

  5. Ngoc Dao より:

    wow u r such a noob at this game. use the lucky egg n why would u get away
    from ur lure module. gave u a sub anyways ;)

  6. IJ1 より:

    how does your Nexus’ battery deal with this game? my Nexus 6 drains
    insanely fast when I run Pokemon go, even on lowest settings possible

  7. TheWurstNytmar3 Gaming & More より:

    Hey guys. I just started my own channel. I would appreciate it if you took
    2 minutes out of your day and watch my first video. Just leave a comment
    about what I could do better. Like, and Subscribe any I will sub back with
    2 accounts. If your gonna leave hate just don’t say anything at all. Good
    video Alia. I look forward to my new subs.

  8. Phantom Bruh より:

    how does ur pokemon go work on your nextbook ares 8 but not mine

  9. Noah Yates より:

    Does anyone know what I should do? I don’t live near a gym, and my parents
    won’t drive me

  10. Sagar Goyal より:

    Holy fuck there are so many pokestops there!

  11. Anson the pro! より:

    GameXplain In Hong Kong,Apple daily’s(蘋果日報)Youtube channel stole your video
    clip for their video.Do you allow them?

  12. Priyotosh Mondal より:

    Lol There is only 2 pokestop in my entire city….and no gyms….feeling
    bad :(

  13. Tony Powell より:

    Sorry but what the fuck is happening…just looks like you’re dodging? How
    do you destroy the fucker?

  14. Fat Penguins より:

    Dude turn of AR

  15. Will Brack より:

    Porkemon gotta eat em all!

  16. Ivan Nisotovski より:

    i dont know how this game got so popular??? am at level 8 and its the most
    boring game i have ever playd

  17. 特別攻撃隊桜花 より:


  18. First Name Last Name より:

    why are you running away after you used that lure module???? I thought the
    pokemon get lured to that pokestop for a half of hour.

  19. Raku Hero29 より:


  20. Thomas Pasko より:


  21. Edward Kee より:

    u are in Washington DC because I had a hack were I could take my person any
    were to get pokestops and I decided to go to DC so I did it and I recognize
    the guiding hand pokestop

  22. Matthew Dellavedova 73-8 より:

    this dude really just took 5 tries to get a pidgey

  23. Aleefa Salma より:

    dude where on earth do you live? there are only like 2 pokestops within
    walking distance near my house

  24. Jia-Chi Mae より:

    Nice job wasting our time to get to the gym battle, there is your nice 10
    minutes, and when you finally got there, you say you don’t know what you
    are doing, then the server went down? Maybe it is better to not ask for
    likes and subs with this kind of quality.

  25. PurpleShep より:


  26. Madan Kanojia より:

    can you tell screen record

  27. george allen より:

    yo this nigga is in the ghetto part of compton sounding like a bitch lol

  28. Pastel Strawberries より:

    Dude I do the easy and lazy way. I catch Pokemon while travelling with bus.

  29. bomfunkful より:

    Just get a life….

  30. melissa bounlangsy より:

    I just got pokemon go and it is fun

  31. iTzMedi より:


  32. Asnal Amrah より:

    aga muaseng

  33. Patrick Groening より:

    team red is better because suck it blues

  34. HeyIts Slusher より:

    When I did my first battle I had no idea what I was doing but this video
    actually helped out a lot

  35. diyagheith1 より:

    TEAM VALOR OR RED anyone??

  36. Hammad Shahid より:

    Thanks for wasting 5+ mins of my time!


    i got a squirtle on my house’s sewage!lol

  38. xCaptainAroniousx より:

    This guys voice is a fucking idiot

  39. Jon Goerig より:

    What is the bar under the health bar that fills up?

  40. keri buccini より:

    jealous of your map ??

  41. Adarsh Sharma より:

    hey plz teach me to attack. i was battling in a gym and I lost cuz I didn’t
    knew how to attack .. I clicked on opponent’s Pokémon n it it a type of
    attack ..

  42. Abrie Greeff より:

    Guy sounds like hes on meth :/

  43. Billy Wilson より:

    Guys how do I use my special move in battle?? Please reply

  44. Maria MSP & CFM :D より:

    I have 5 level and i have better team o-o

  45. Emma M より:

    Uh you mean team mystic

  46. Dan 123 より:

    You used to have to battle it first with your pokemon, then capture it, now
    you just throw microtransaction balls at them, kinda sucks tbh. I liked
    older pokemón games better. The gameboy ones.

  47. Jason B より:

    Posting videos is not for you, barely understand you and I’m more confused
    about this game then when I started

  48. Cameron Barron より:

    your pokeball throwing game is weak af haha

  49. Hodor より:

    Yeah OnePlus :D

  50. kamal banwani より:

    wht to do after joining a team

  51. kaleb smith より:

    You guys should get the hack

  52. kaleb smith より:

    This guy sucks

  53. 赤ちゃんオギャー より:


  54. Fakhri Bayhaqi より:

    team blue

  55. Danimax より:

    You’re horrible at this game. Please stop playing.

  56. alexandra mosquera より:

    This is nothing compared where I live.i live at Las Vegas and almost every
    gym battle is at 1000 cp

  57. Nyan Lover より:

    no expination what so ever

  58. Cringey Videos より:

    Hi just started new account to today and have reached lvl 5 so can do gym
    battles now but I just wanted to ask is physduck any good in gym battles?

  59. Fran Andia より:

    Tienes q atacar mas

  60. Mumzly04 より:

    look at you with all the stops

  61. Nexus. より:

    u ran away from ur module .. *facepalm*

  62. Dougy doug より:


  63. Ulti より:

    i found a pokestop at my church guess who’s going there evrey weekend haha

  64. Immortal Gamer より:

    i encounterd your mom

  65. S Sarkar より:

    what happens to the pokémons which i transfer to the professor?

  66. nicole taylor より:

    team blue 4 life

  67. John Doe より:

    The gym battles are fucking GARBAGE

  68. andre Jara より:

    why are you a girl in the game

  69. J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟ より:

    the lowest level pokémon in a gym near me is level 1700cp…. no many no
    life’s here so I can’t do shit at gyms

  70. Meagan Sullivan (Kittylove) より:

    Hey so what happens when you want to fight but the trainers pokemon has a
    level that exeeds your own. Is there still a chance for me to win or do I
    need to make the pokemon level match theirs.

  71. Squidy Is epic より:

    Yay go team mystic

  72. Allram Eest より:

    Fuck, the combat looks like utter shit.

  73. Frank Vinson より:

    why are you a girl fag

  74. Frank Vinson より:

    why are you a girl fag

  75. MichaelSerial より:

    Can anyone recommend a gym battle with a more experienced person playing? I
    already know this stuff.

  76. MichaelSerial より:

    You might get a higher video retention rate if you don’t wait until 10
    minutes into the video, before you show the subject matter related to the
    title and description. You have 7 seconds at the beginning to keep the
    viewers attention before they bail.You probably have a huge drop off in the
    beginning of the video. Just trying to help. If you are not GameXplain,
    this is an A and B conversation.

  77. MichaelSerial より:

    You should wait until you evolve your pokemon instead of powering up first,
    for obvi reasons.

  78. PlushiePoogle より:

    Every video I watch people have Pokéstops like literally every 5 steps..
    the closest Pokéstop to my house is 5 minutes away (by bike) and then the
    next ~5 are another 10 minutes away from there and THAT IS IT :/

  79. Rajat Aggarwal より:

    Lol can’t u catch them on first try?

  80. Titinwe より:

    welp, in my town the gyms are changing colors like limewire xD

  81. Hassan Saeed より:

    You sound like there’s a cock stuck in your throat

  82. L. Van Essen より:

    You throw so bad, but I really like the video. Thank you.

  83. Luhxy より:

    There are so many PokeStops around your area !

  84. for games より:

    I have Pikachu :D

  85. Astitwa Lamichhane より:

    if your pokemon is defeated will it still be iwth you or you dont have it

  86. Oliver Cruz より:


  87. FireStorm Graphics より:

    where tf is that all the pokestops shitt

  88. TurboThunderGaming より:

    How do you record your gameplay video? I can only take screendumps. Also
    you should curve balls for more XP.

  89. ItsGabiGaming より:


  90. goldengamer_911 より:

    Lol does this guy have a Nexus to

  91. goldengamer_911 より:

    Lol does this guy have a Nexus to

  92. Mikey S5940 より:

    I have 44 pokemon

  93. Bayron Enriqe より:

    you are so bad your’e noob

  94. eiendiaies your_ufo より:

    No need to go around to look for pokemon. Where are cheats for this game,
    phone itself navigate on map and collecting pokemons

  95. Abyss Sona より:

    Forever 3 step markers. Fix. This. Already.

    P.S Servers are shit

  96. DK 4Life より:

    Why the FK are you a female character though? explain?

  97. Жsעĝ Voltage より:

    more views than subs wow!

  98. Martin England より:

    I missed where you shared the instructions

  99. matthew tonna より:

    the concept of the game is great but the battle system kinda suck

  100. Rob Harrison より:

    You were not catching at the right time you have to catch it berfore the
    Pokemon fight you


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