Pokemon GO | 1000 CP POKEMON!!! | High Level Trainer (Level 15)

I am now level 15 in Pokemon GO, and have high level Pokemon that have over 1000 CP. Lets go battle some gyms!

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  1. Joe Ross より:

    try this.. i start from level 15 account 😀

  2. cameron ward より:

    We’re are my team instinct boys

  3. MG Gaming より:

    Cam is one ugly fuck

  4. Richart より:

    Teammm blue !!

  5. Костя Миронович より:


  6. Tom Shepherd より:

    That intro???

  7. Tyler Itick より:

    The steps don’t work for me

  8. Oredax MC より:

    I’m planning on taking over gyms with my brother for team mystic but it’s
    hard to let go of some good pokemon

  9. Retu Ruotsalainen より:

    Team blueee for the win

  10. Sandey Nuari より:

    boring games

  11. Julien Tellouck より:

    Pikachu 😉
    vraiment sympa la vidéo
    cool la vidéo

  12. Jacob Magnussen より:

    Team blue Woop Woop

  13. Jelly Spider より:

    all i have to do is lvl up 4 times

  14. LukeTheGuy2 より:

    My parents won’t let me play Pokemon go…

  15. zackery howard より:

    team instinct

  16. Gilly 12 より:

    I’m level 14 I got a 1132 lapras

  17. Jordi Puig より:

    like si eres español o catalan xD ( soy catalan )

  18. Thatvesseltho より:


  19. Adam “Br3wtForce” Looze より:

    If you are having any bugs in gym battles, it is because you are tapping
    way too much. Each tap must be sent to the server. If you tap less, more so
    when its time to attack again, you should not have any issues. This is the
    cause of the 1hp gym battle bug.

  20. Hridey Goel より:

    how much do you earn per month ?????

  21. sammy placencia より:

    I have an eevee lvl 360 do I max it before I evolve it?

  22. sammy placencia より:

    are you supposed to max your eevee before you evolve it?

  23. Jin Furukawa より:


  24. Xavier Mejia より:

    my highest pokemon is 2862 cp and it’s Snorlax

  25. Paul Michaels より:

    My strategy is not use stardust. Then I transfer all lower level pokemon. I
    am on level 10 with 20000 stardust highest pokemon is 700 cp arnacanine
    with 45 arnacanine candies.

  26. erexo より:

    dude cut ur hair

  27. tttG gg より:

    Your hairstyle is next level gay.

  28. Sven De jong より:

    Team blue for the win!!

  29. Terrence より:

    Pokemon Go Cheats Free Pokeballs and coins :

  30. Marcothx1 より:

    haha ? nice intro

  31. xbeastlyzayTv より:

    when you enter a gym battle and lose do u lose your Pokémon?

  32. kai knight より:

    Comment if your team mystic cause team mystic is the best

  33. Lampie6gaming より:

    Im Also lvl 15 but my highest cp is 631cp

  34. Ender zio より:

    I know that that’s a week ago but I’m lvl 13 and I have a better vaporeon

  35. Amiel Gareth - ThatRandomArtist より:

    I recommend saying these to anyone whose a Pokénerd.
    When you’re mad at someone: I’m not gonna Raichu a love song!
    When you have to leave/break up: it’s not Staryu… It’s Starmie.
    When rare Pokémon/Onix appears: THAT WAS ONIX-PECTED!
    Last one:
    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any deaths caused by people mad by yer
    puns, I got these Poképuns on knowyourmeme.com

  36. darren chhay より:

    im in gold team and ive only got one more pokemon to catch

  37. Touchole 79 より:

    Thank goodness ur team blue now I can watch you and be happy you helping me

  38. Khevin Choque より:

    hostia soy español y aca too ingleses¡!¡¡!

  39. Wimpy Fan より:

    Team instinct

  40. Jose Baez より:

    im lvl 10 how cp i can get for pokemons

  41. Darion Williams より:

    fuck you Chris, Team instinct :D

  42. Ramiro Pineda より:

    🙁 dont take out yellow gyms im yellow

  43. Ishan Parikh より:

    Hey guys i need yr help
    i’m from india nd u know pokemon go not launch here.
    but still we play this game but sub problems.
    1 – if we do friendly battles and loss the battle our pokemon hp goes down.
    so why this happed? its friendly battle right?
    2 – is there any other way to increase the hp of pokemon without use our

    Thnx sir

  44. The legendary puppeteer! より:

    lol whenever i evolve a pokemon i get the same but with much more CP, it’s
    pissing me off

  45. The BlackHornWasp より:

    Gonna have to subscribe to my mystic brother.

  46. Tsiyown Guss より:

    I’m level 15 and I only have a 726 gym

  47. Its Jonathan より:

    Outro song

  48. jeff jones より:

    how are you guys finding these things at level 15? I’m 16 and have yet to
    come across anything really above ~800.

  49. HolyBookProductions より:

    highlevel? dude im lvl 15 and ive played since 2 days… literally

  50. Ярослав Петрив より:

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    Band! This wearable device could vibrate if you walk nearby Pokemon with
    you smartphone in your pocket! The best thing to save your battery and to
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  51. Darryl Hernandez より:

    Team mystic please like comment if mystic

  52. LizziesKindaBeast より:

    What is the downside of keeping my cp 10 Charmander instead of 60 cp
    Charmander? I am attached to my original Charmander I named it and
    everything is it possible for it to get stronger than 60 cp Charmander?

  53. bossgill1 より:

    The Intros are so funny

  54. TechnoCrafterHD - German Gaming より:

    Where mah team mystic homies at?

  55. TechnoCrafterHD - German Gaming より:

    Where mah team mystic homies at?

  56. Valzga _ より:

    Oh you think you’re funny

  57. Bret Herriges より:

    How are you able to have 600 items in your bag

  58. Soup2D より:

    Fuck me that intro

  59. aris gonzales より:

    Cam I am team mystic too!

  60. Bananriel Dreemur より:

    Am level 23 and have been trolling with my 1999 dragonite

  61. ThePlayer990 より:

    how can he have 3k gold ?

  62. BOSS MAN より:



  63. Kelvin Alarte より:

    I dont like the battle system. they should add more to it. something much
    complicated. just sayin.

  64. no name より:

    they dont have the 3 steps bug why?

  65. Erick Ortiz より:

    this guy looks like the nicca from ice age with the acorn

  66. Illuminady より:

    team instinct ftw

  67. Arrow Stryke より:

    YAS #teamMYSTIC

  68. Yg Koz より:

    Hell yeah team

  69. ThePandaBlade 101 より:

    Rip pidgeon

  70. big fish-littlefish より:

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  71. Jhoncroz Gamer より:


  72. Tundrafox22 a より:

    VALOR FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. jnz1987 より:

    i just wanna know how you guys get a pokemon with 1000+ cp at lv12..

  74. sewerface より:

    What a useless video. We’ve all been deceived. Fuckin bait and switch

  75. GregTom2 より:

    “It’s so exciting to use my vaporeon that costs 25 candies of a common
    pokemon to make and somehow has a guaranteed access to a 20 DPS basic
    Freaking cancer. Cancer mate.

  76. Slvl Clan より:

    dude i joined team blue / mystic before i watched this video, #mysticisbest
    btw awesome video im rn lv 14 with my strongest being snorlax 1001 cp and
    flareon with a cp of 829, really enjoyed this video tho im gonna watch some
    more of you now. you got a new sub if mine even matters to you xD

  77. Aleksander Berg より:

    that start was fucking earrape

  78. The Websy135 Channel より:

    Team Mystic 4 dayz

  79. TheGreatHunter DK より:

    what does it when u spin the ball before u throw it?

  80. Tak C より:

    hey, how could I get stardust fast ?

  81. Rene Balnuß より:

    Blue scum :D

  82. NiTiN - Clash of Clans より:

    congrates of poKemon go Players

  83. Juan Hayes より:

    How did you get your 1100 cp arcanine?

  84. MrAjjhad より:

    Hey guys. Can someone explain me, how the WP potential works? I know that
    the potential will rise if I level up. But has for example, every Tauboss
    the same WP potential (if we compare on the same level)? I realy can’t find
    any information about that. Thank you guys :)

  85. Isaac chang より:

    # team mystic and I have level 2360 charziard

  86. lil Naps より:

    this nigga hair is fucked

  87. kylesteinhauser より:

    Ah the good old days when the footsteps actually worked.

  88. Island_Pride_808 より:

    This code gets you 7000 points for cash for apps a8851eb 🙂 your welcome

  89. Sparrow より:

    I’m also on level 15 but I can only find 400 cp pokemon, and my highest is
    only a 600 Jolteon…

  90. Mr epic より:

    i am blue too :D

  91. kostas kosta より:

    Do you have a charizard?I found one in the road and iI don’t know if it’s

  92. brooksie9999999999 より:

    bro people are lv 40 already so if your posting lv 15 high lv tea mystic
    must be behind asf valors are at 40 xD

  93. Sergio Prieto より:

    How do you get coins in Pokemon go

  94. Kamil Grącki より:

    yea team mystic cool ?

  95. TKA BOY より:


  96. Nafis Rahman より:

    how can you see the gym leaders level?

  97. Roger Cabrera より:

    first of all its called team mystic not team blue, second of all team valor

  98. Roger Cabrera より:

    first of all its called team mystic not team blue, second of all team valor

  99. Tiwaking “Tiwaking” Tiwaking より:

    Level 15 is not ‘high level’

  100. S_K_A_Y_N_E_T より:

    че за пидар


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