HOW TO CATCH MEWTWO! Today we are back playing Pokemon Go! How do you catch mewtwo? I went out and asked people how they did it!

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  1. dimondlord 555 より:

    mew two

  2. Joshua Ighade より:

    there is no fucking mewto

  3. Stonuhh より:

    kys dont watch this vid unless youre a weeb like this kid

  4. Δημήτρης Ζύλφης より:

    I play Pokemon and I want pikachu
    This game is very good I like it

  5. Konrad Knops より:

    pewdiepie wannabe

  6. Reece Edgar より:

    what team are you on

  7. Robert Merrigan より:

    I love you and your videos Jordy but you look like the ultimate douchebag
    in this video haha it doesn’t suit you pun intended haha

  8. alacaster soi (creepercannon) より:

    Banjo and Kazooie theme

  9. Muhd Hassan より:

    when singapore can get pokemon go

  10. freoz del bosco より:

    you also the best cocksucker. thanks fo last night.

  11. George SMITH より:

    Kweeble Koop is a pussy because he waists his social life on Pokemon go

  12. GameboyNL より:

    Welkte telefoon heeft Jordi?/Which Phone got Jordi?

  13. Kreios Error より:


    Step1: Highlight the numbers
    Step2: Ctrl and F
    Step3: Put 9 in
    Step4: Enjoy

  14. Tineke van Doorn より:


  15. Ghostly Magic より:

    whatever you’re smoking i need to smoke it then go pokemon hunting lmao I’m
    from New York man and word is that mewtwo is in fact, in New York city

  16. The Cool Vlogger より:

    MewTwo is in New york

  17. Dylan Maher より:

    “It’s a jinx. Look at it”
    *doesnt look at it*

  18. duper2 より:

    2 hours ago you had 900 000 subscribers, now you have 5 million?!

  19. Rose Vargas より:

    The kid has mewtew

  20. Finn's Las stand より:


  21. Finn's Las stand より:

    Mew nor mewtwo is in he game

  22. Panther Boy より:

    Anyone team blue?

  23. Steedie より:

    But how to catch Mewtwo?

  24. Justin van strien より:

    50k people wanted to catch mewtwo

  25. Jerry KCfan より:

    Bruh your the best you don’t even have the master ball

  26. ΡᎾᏓΑЯ ᏣАМᎥИᏣ より:


  27. Alien Reptile1000 より:

    And I have a mewtwo

  28. Alien Reptile1000 より:

    And u don’t have a master ball

  29. Alien Reptile1000 より:

    Fucking how are u a Pokemon master if u a level 13ass hole if u don’t have
    a mew and u looking for a fucking mew two

  30. Mikes PC Gaming より:

    You can use air shou to screen record

  31. XenoGenesis (TBNR) より:

    Kwebbelkop fuckin’ chill with all the words you are saying o_O

  32. Wout Wilens より:

    Gefeliciteerd met je 5 miljoen subs

  33. TheOfficialDubXX より:

    bruhhh, he is wearing yeezy boost 350 xD

  34. junior gemes BR より:

    só português

  35. Noah Garcia より:

    Congrats on 5M

  36. Thomas North より:

    mewto is not in the game yet

  37. Ashton Blalock より:


  38. Barbara Zanleoni より:

    i got all of them

  39. Barbara Zanleoni より:

    i got pickachu charzied maitue

  40. HEROBRINE VS Steves より:

    When will you go to time Square

  41. Tyler Santiago より:

    Can’t believe I watched the entire video

  42. DA MAD BRO より:

    L.isten kis if there’s a question mark in the title it means they don’t
    Cauchy them.

  43. wifaq alshokry より:

    I love ass ketchup

  44. Brody Doud より:


  45. TheLukis Zaidzia より:

    Omg this video he did for fun … But someone don’t understand -_-

  46. sunny19886 より:

    David luiz!!!

  47. Yann Picard より:

    Sooooooo bad. huuh!

  48. Tyler Sommerville より:

    You should be nervous dressing up like that in a park

  49. Zorax より:

    pewdiepie, i found your child!!!

  50. superman より:

    Was he wearing yeezys

  51. xXHuggePvPXx xXHuggePvPXx より:

    Why you doing “HOW TO CATCH MEWTWO” When MEWTWO is not in the game lol

  52. Everything Is Not Real より:

    you are fucking pussy man

  53. ChillyTuber より:

    u could just hunt for 5 mins i just got a 2,000 mewto

  54. Kailih9 Dead より:

    i have now subbed bitchs XDDDDDDDDD

  55. Master より:

    mewtwo is not in the USA

  56. Bmac 068 より:

    Lachlan is way better if he gets like a 500CP he calls it pretty bad

  57. ‫גמגץ חם‬‎ より:

    he looks kewl

  58. Gino Schaefer より:


  59. michael ryan より:

    tre is a mewto already even in the pokedex

  60. Sl3nder13 より:

    Where is this?

  61. William Lane より:

    I have a magmar and 2 onixes

  62. Zion Wood より:

    This dude is obviously trying to be pewdiepie

  63. Kitty 4983 より:

    I’ve traveled all over America and I didn’t catch it ;-;

  64. Eli Corbin より:

    You lied

  65. FacundOviedo o.O より:

    cuando le copias a luzu

  66. jason nam より:

    side show bob

  67. The Fox Player より:

    use pokevision. you can se when they despawn. and you can se where they
    are! ps dont comment

  68. Grant Cummins より:

    mew is awesome

  69. Naeem Batts より:

    You should try to find ditto

  70. D3minican より:

    How to catch mewtwo??? Just ask ppl lmao

  71. Deathkid より:

    where is this park?

  72. Gregory Davis より:

    Yes and I have to be lol 20+ to get or find mewtwo

  73. Akio Rivera より:

    You make my day

  74. Bobby May より:

    this guy is high af

  75. Zwide より:

    You can’t actually catch Mewtwo
    , only in Time Sqaure idk why

  76. SYN3RGY より:

    And I’ve hit the cap

  77. SYN3RGY より:

    Typical rich kid … Guess what I’m level 50 without all the money

  78. loftyhome gaming より:

    you cannot even find mewtwo in the game he will be a dded in later updated

  79. Nickstar より:


  80. Dylan milkyway boy より:

    U Muppet I don’t play pokemon u lil pro wannabe

  81. ovmine crafter より:

    I got mew two I live in amican

  82. gabebot17 minecraftlover より:

    what is a supply drop?

  83. doubledanger6 より:

    And what is he wearing?

  84. Bertan Pektaş より:

    David Luiz ?

  85. Tom Dewit より:

    team rooooood

  86. Luciana Naftaila より:

    you not a pokemon master bich

  87. Korbin Williams より:

    I don’t play Pokemon I can’t it’s not compatible with my phone

  88. Danielle Delaosa より:

    Mewtwo is in South America in the jungle just so everyone knows 🙂 thank me

  89. Hisyamudin Jali より:

    I don’t like how he speak

  90. TruthHurts より:

    So David luiz is a douche… 

  91. Riku Remes より:

    Oh David Luiz plays Pokemon Go too…

  92. Akatsuki G4mersXd より:

    mewtwo is in philippines i think because some people in the philippines
    just caught mewtwo

  93. klyne de ocampo より:

    mewtwo does eggsis bro [no lie]

  94. Toffee Bear より:

    I have a meowtwo

  95. Jojo Diamond より:

    LOL i like him

  96. Stephanie Taylor より:

    guys everyone is fighting mewtwo in london

  97. Elger van der woude より:

    wie is nederlands

  98. KoopZ より:

    Jävla jude.

  99. Kiên Trần より:

    13::5 found a 9gagger

  100. Fyar より:

    who tf does this guy think he is. IM THE POKEMON MASSTTERRR lookin azzzzz


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