How To Download Pokemon GO For iPhone EARLY! UK & EUROPE (NO Credit Card Needed!)

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Step 1: Download Itunes to your computer

Step 2: In the Itunes App, change your region settings to New Zealand

Step 3: Search Pokemon GO in the Itunes APP.

Step 4: Download the APP in the itunes APP.

Step 5: It will ask you to create an account. Make sure you make a new Gmail or Hotmail account for this to work. DON’T USE YOUR PRIMARY GMAIL/HOTMAIL ACCOUNT!

Step 6: Relax You’re almost there.

Step 7: After you have made a new Apple ID it should bring you to the Billing Page. If you have NONE at the side of the Billing at the top,. You are doing it RIGHT! Click NONE & Google streets in New Zealand & Get an Area Code & Phone Number

Step 8: After all that is done, Sign into Apple Store using your New Zealand Account.

Step 9: Search Pokemon GO And HIT DOWNLOAD!

Step 10: ENJOY!

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  1. Leo Messi より:

    I did everything as mentionned in this video but when I tried to download
    pokemon go, I got this “You must update toiOS 8.0 in order to download and
    use this application ” I’m using iphone 4GS

  2. Jacob Franco より:

    I’ve found working PokemonGo Glitch here : I made 14000
    PokeCoins with it!

  3. Patryk Black より:

    it’s work on iphone 4 ?

  4. Cara Daniels より:

    guys i found a really cool hack we can do to get tons of coins! check it
    out here –

  5. ArtLife // Arthur99366 より:

    It says: “For Support, please contact us at……” I did all the steps
    correctly and even put details correctly..

  6. SnyC MC より:

    U suck My dick

  7. Hamody Haj Yahia より:

    thank you

  8. nihal cavadzade より:

    when this game come official to asa

  9. basu karki より:

    OMG thats a virus guys. Here is a hack that actually works:
    Thank me later, and dont let them trick you! How To Download Pokemon GO For
    iPhone EARLY! UK & EUROPE (NO Credit Card Needed!)

  10. Priya Ramchandani より:

    When I press none and then continue it says title required can some body
    help me

  11. thijs de smet より:

    thanks, i followed the steps and it worked. within 15 minutes i could play
    pokemon go. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  12. acc200productionshd より:

    Guys use this Apple Id its free for all of you – ,
    password – PokemonGo1 – I hope this will help you much !!! (IOS)

  13. TheKingHax より:

    Thansk Crhistian my dude!

  14. ElijahMYT より:

    Guys Pokemon GO has come out in the UK right now!

  15. Oliver Sakkestad より:

    thank u so mutch!

    it worked for me but when i clicked instal i realised i needed IOS 8.0 🙁
    and i have 7.10.2 :(

  16. shubham bhatt より:

    Can someone give me apple id for Australia for just downloading a pokemon
    go game
    Plzzz somebody help me….

  17. Liam より:

    Thanks man ! I’m from the UK and we don’t have it here but thanks to you i
    do :)

  18. FeintAttacks より:

    MASTERS! If you capture anything good tweet me a picture on Twitter! -@

  19. EddieFx │ Motion Design より:

    Thank you so much!

  20. MaxIsGinger より:

    *not the New Zealand one

  21. MaxIsGinger より:

    Yeah but how do you sign into your actual account and the New Zealand one

  22. AnonyGen より:

    When i put none when i creat account they want me to put an itunes code to
    pass i need help

  23. Im Censai より:

    Thankyou sooooo much <3

  24. MrJaymzt1 より:

    Cheers bro, done it!!!

  25. swirlingsugg より:

    Does anybody know when is it coming out globally?

  26. Miiillo より:

    It’s keeps asking me for credit card details man ffs. HELP MEEEEE ?

  27. Shenny Kaplan より:

    I done everything and its been ‘waiting’ to be downloaded for ages, anyone

  28. Gustas Pil より:

    Do it work on iPhone 4?

  29. HarleyQuinn BJD より:

    It wont let me make an account :(

  30. DaDynamicDynamo より:

    Is it available on a Nokia Brick?

  31. dfsdgdf fsgdfgJonesey より:

    Well that was a huge waste of time. Does not work for UK.

  32. ZackyArt より:

    I literally followed all the steps exactly but when I go to the App Store
    it still brings up the UK one… Wtf why is this happening? Can someone
    help me please!

  33. Wo1fWizard Gaming より:

    Hey, thanks for the work around, but when will it officially be released in
    the UK??

  34. Agar Dude より:

    Can someone please tell me what i do fill in for street in New Zealand,
    Phone number and Area code? Example would be awesome ;)

  35. Luke Ferguson より:

    all the pre pokemon downloaders will probs just get banned on release! just
    wait a couple days!

  36. 1008_Alicia より:

    i don’t have a laptop to create a new apple id. Please Help ME Thanks

  37. al より:

    you sound like iBallisticSquid

  38. ItzLaurence より:

    Does anyone know when this is coming out in England/UK


    will anyone please kindly tell me when or if it will come out in the united
    kingdom ↖(^ω^)↗

  40. 粉笔长腿的 より:

    I need help making a New Zealand account :'(

  41. Georgia Lay より:

    can you change your apple id back after?

  42. tom210203 より:


  43. Jai Vaja より:

    Wait I’m confused. Do I make a new account before or after I click “get”
    for Pokemon go???

  44. Dh Rafi より:

    is there any problem if I use the same google id to log in once I used in
    my US account to start the pokemon go game ???? please reply ..

  45. KnolPower ! より:

    Can someone give me à Australian Apple id

  46. Twinners17 より:

    I heard a rumour that Niantic could ban you for doing stuff like this, at
    least on Android… could they still ban you doing stuff like this on

  47. Henry Chiu より:

    thank you so much @FeintAttacks for this video

  48. Ruhul Amin より:

    Hi Youtube . *GET Unlimited PokeCoins and PokeBalls Permanent to your
    Pokemon Go Account* now =>
    How To Download Pokemon GO For iPhone EARLY! UK & EUROPE (NO Credit Card

  49. Megan Robinson より:

    Guys people are getting banned in the uk for getting it early just wait and
    be patient

  50. chichong wei より:

    so useful thanks

  51. Jordan Cato より:

    downloading right now

  52. Fifa Gamer 99 より:

    I get to play this game thanks to you man really appreciate the help

  53. Arthur Amadeu より:

    I dont know whar to put for suburb

  54. sndrpro より:

    Does it work on iphone 5s?

  55. MakeUpBy LEve より:

    When you do all this is it ok to switch back to your UK account and play it
    or will it not work/mess things up?

  56. Noelyn Baquilar より:

    Well, i really want this game!. But i i live in Europe = Denmark and i need
    to wait till August ☹️???

  57. Asif Ferdous より:

    Does the data carry over when it gets released in the uk

  58. FrankiePlays - Random Games! より:

    Could anyone tell me a random New Zealand postcode + city?

  59. christian butler より:

    i can’t create a new account! i don’t know why and its pissing me off.
    could you give me the account you used? please.

  60. Fraser Marr より:

    none Doesn’t show up as a paymet option

  61. Lauren Louise より:

    Someone help with the suburb part of the Apple ID???

  62. sm3llthecheese より:

    An actually video/website that has a thorough detail in helping THANK YOU,
    alot of videos and websites are useless cheers mate

  63. Sadie Evans より:

    So can you then log out of the NZ iTunes account back into the British one
    and keep Pokemon go on my iPhone? or do I have to stay on that new account
    and loose all my other apps

  64. Katie Illsley より:

    I’ve finally got pokemon go! Thank you so much +FientAttacks you helped me
    so much! x

  65. Sam And Ad より:

    need a new zeland number please?

  66. I Try より:

    How the fuck am i getting a new zeland phone numbers i cant find on google

  67. Mr Light より:

    What’s a suburb?

  68. M.a.d.di C より:


  69. Reece Hughes より:

    thanks dude

  70. Xx SW3G Josh xX より:

    I need help o nthe billing option where it says area coee and phone number
    what do I type?

  71. Xx SW3G Josh xX より:

    yo man I need help on this option

  72. Asuna XI より:

    Can I get it on iPad?

  73. MissPremiumGamer より:

    When will it be out in the uk

  74. Lea Kea より:

    This doesn’t show anything about it

  75. sam cockings より:

    is there any dangers in getting it early. maybe getting banned when it
    releases properly.

  76. M3gabat reunited より:

    I’m stuck at billing and none what now

  77. Titanic Goals より:

    Why is this prick speaking in an American accent

  78. Theo “fancygamer” Trood より:

    Thanks this worked

  79. Lewis Quine より:

    it says you need to have a New Zealand credit card?

  80. Flamy Zam より:

    It wont send me a email to verify so I gotta wait 24-48 hrs :(

  81. Appelsiini Mies より:

    Do i need to put my real phone number and address to the fake account?

  82. Valerie Crue より:

    This is where I got my Pokemon Go that worked on any country

  83. moch lol より:

    Does someone have a apple ID for me that i can use?

  84. Young Grillz 99 より:

    Its patched

  85. Scott2781 より:

    dont do this you will get banned from google play etc , just wait a couple
    of weeks

  86. Max Plays より:

    dude i fucking love you thank you so much i was trying to do this for a
    week and it finally worked thanks

  87. Sniekey より:

    Step 5 doesnt work for me, if I sign out and try to sign in with my New
    Zealand account it just says : Wrong Email and only gives me the option to
    try again or cancel

  88. MoreGann より:

    if i start it will close howw im on iphone 6

  89. Soulgamer O より:

    This is to complicated Im to stupid for this

  90. MiloandOreo より:


  91. Sleepy より:

    I’m from New Zealand and our servers keep crashing due to overload. Please
    kindly fuck off :(

  92. Bahadır Bağ より:

    The guy making nice rap

  93. Ayyy Lmao より:

    Will the game still work fine if you sign back into a UK account?

  94. Austie HD より:

    when ive downloaded it , do i have to stay on the new zeland acc on my
    phone to play it , or can i swap back to my uk account and play it?

  95. The Real Gamer より:

    well…. then ill have to wait until it came for germany what a shame….

  96. Trident Dare より:

    Thanks I’m installing now

  97. Hazzmatt Plays より:

    Will I lose my saves on my other accoint

  98. Diabełek ! より:

    Thanks for that video, now i must GO CATCH THEM ALL!

  99. Lucy&Libbi より:

    If i change the account on itunes will it get rid of the spotify ive paid
    for previously ?

  100. ChapTube より:

    What are some street names and and area codes for aussie?


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