Tyler Breeze fails to explain Pokémon Go to Fandango: Raw Fallout, July 11, 2016

After beating The Lucha Dragons, Breezango turns to Pokémon Go, but Fandango struggles to grasp Tyler Breeze’s explanation of “gym leaders” and Pokémon strategy.

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  1. Zach Rabey より:

    Team Instinct!

  2. Logan F より:

    I’m on team Yellow XD

  3. Focused Corgi より:



    Tyler breeze is the smart one of the team

  5. MyRyuKAKUSAN より:


  6. GamerLuna より:

    So much YES !

  7. MrBoBoTom より:

    I have no idea what you are talking about.

  8. syed hassan より:

    Just give them the tag titles lmao

  9. Jonathan De Oliveira より:


  10. Mr Quack Man より:

    what team is the best instinct, mystic, or valor

  11. TheDatok90 より:

    they can do so much more than jobbers….they are so entertaining

  12. Ryder Revolution Manager より:

    Pokemon go is for loserz my Zack Ryder is way more fun than DAT loser game

  13. GamingLab より:

    I bet so many people went back there after raw to see if there actually was
    a gym lmao

  14. の傍観者サリエリの隣人 より:


  15. びにーるさん より:


  16. Hideki Yudani より:

    I think Fandango should change his name to Pokemongo.

  17. St M より:

    Im team yellow too!

  18. will moore より:

    They need to lose a match by Breeze getting count out for catching pokemon.

  19. Michiko より:


  20. Stephen Smith より:

    Worst Thing ever now stop Wwe

  21. gorillaman より:


  22. Kevin Owens より:

    the ending was so gay

  23. Bryson Jones より:

    Evan wwe lol

  24. komaneti00 より:

    sungeki koso puroresu no daigomi de gozaruyo.

  25. 一ノ瀬瑠奈 より:

    I have come from a Japanese news site. These people are fascinating, aren’t
    they? It’s more fascinating than a joke entertainer poor at Japan. And it’s
    also pleasant for POKEMONGO to be also delivered in Japan.

  26. Undertaker RKO4Ever より:

    I feel Breeze always explaning pokemon go to people.

  27. Kasym Vlogs より:

    I Love Pokemon go

  28. Red Wolfe より:

    How about the game Breezan Go?

  29. Sebastian Esperes より:

    Why does Fandango sound gay??

  30. ThatGuyFromNY より:

    Tyler Breeze needs to lay off the drugs ?

  31. Hina Khan より:

    fandango is talented

  32. Stephanie Gouldson より:

    i so want to play this pokemon go

  33. Satuki より:

    that was so cute <3 <3

  34. Mitsuki Horenake より:

    The sad part is that this video is probably fake.
    Not cause I don’t believe that he is playing it for real, but because the
    GPS doesn’t work indoors.

    • TF2Charmander The Robloxian より:

      Weird because I saw a screenshot from M3RKMUS1C of his friend or brother or
      whatever, and a rattata was on his crotch XD I thnik it was indoors.

  35. BRaLiZeable より:


  36. Dragollade 99 より:

    He joined the wrong team -.- #TeamValorFTW

  37. phenompy より:

    I really liking their zoolander team gimmick

  38. Antonio Mccloud より:

    fandango] I’m the gym leader now Timothy ?

  39. Watzit Toya より:

    Team Instinct Tyler Breeze!

  40. the BLOWFISH3556 より:

    Fandango, Tyler, and Timothy should have their own show.

  41. Venom 720 より:

    Don’t tell me Fandango’s character is supposed to act gay lmfao

  42. y nujabes より:


  43. Nick Toshi より:

    ⚡Breeze is Team Instinct! ⚡

  44. Aaron gaming より:

    they getting a push…finally

  45. Jason Jabroni より:


  46. Fraiser Antonio Rodriguez Lugo より:

    putos los que estén leyendo esto jajajajaj

  47. Tareq Elagha より:

    Run with me Timothy lol

  48. Feed [LeCochonALaine :D] より:

    “Yellow team” I hate u.

  49. Tj Benson より:

    They’re acting like two major sweet boys. And it’s hilarious. And that
    sweaty hair flip at the end.

  50. Katelynn Billeck より:

    Run with me, Timothy

  51. Stan Bird より:


  52. Sweetie Gasai より:

    Pokemon Go rules!

  53. Pewdieful Gamer より:

    It’s funny how WWE superstars actually play games like Pokemon.

  54. Brief Keef より:


  55. The GameKid より:

    I love how Tyler runs off lol

  56. Faleasha Myers より:

    Bahahaha this made me so happy!!! ?

  57. ‫خالد ابراهيم البلوشي‬‎ より:


  58. Katy S. より:

    still better than roman reigns :D

  59. krazyman0337 より:


  60. Derek D'Arcy より:

    Why is this not on tv, oh right no writer wrote this

  61. Fullbuster より:

    Tag team title shot

  62. AFE ActionFigureEntertainment より:

    timothy lol

  63. Dami Ikwe より:

    is Fandango’s character supposed to be gay now??? totally confused lmao

  64. Mr. bulldobs squire より:

    Run with me timothy

  65. SLIM THE GAMER より:

    WTF that was gay as hell

  66. gold saucer より:

    They need a Nintendo Power.

  67. Bency Geneus より:

    WOW, Breeze is on yellow, no wonder he was a jobber for so long, valor is
    the best

  68. TylerGaf142 より:

    Pokemon Go 4 da win!

  69. Thaddeus Tran より:

    *face palm*

  70. LOPSAN より:

    Taric is that you? LUL

  71. SkyVerse HD より:

    this was amazing

  72. SkyVerse HD より:

    this was amazing

  73. RegiBang より:

    I N S T I N C T BOYS!

  74. Gabriel Sotelo より:

    Is he gay

  75. Bobby Hill より:

    Fandango is hilarious

  76. RoiN9ne より:


  77. grize bone より:

    they should break up the team because fandango is now the gym leader

  78. Emmitt Papadimitriou より:

    Magic Cards!? HHAHA

  79. Jsphcreeper anonymous より:

    the game is really fun

  80. sayElectronica より:

    Their name still sucks (+)

  81. Amiel Gareth - ThatRandomArtist より:

    WWE Fans know Pokémon GO?!

    Give me a “Run with me, Timothy” shirt with a Pokémon Logo and then we’ll
    be good.

  82. thomas allen より:

    IM the gym leader now Timothy!

  83. Alex Caragea より:

    Fandango is the worst

  84. Muhammad Saiful より:

    yeah tyler ! you same team with me !

  85. UPLSharingan より:

    Yes! MMMCharles is on Team Instinct! Even more respect for him now

  86. BrianRolling より:

    Pokemon mentioned in WWE. Now I saw everything.

  87. T.F. Sento より:

    RUN WITH ME! Holy hell, Breezango is growing on me. Title shot when WWE?

  88. Thatoneguy Caw caw caw より:

    Team yellow is breezy

  89. Marv Oloo より:

    go yellow team

  90. jvemPiRe14 より:

    im the gym leader now timothy

  91. Andy Pardo より:

    I play pokemon go and it’s awsome

  92. Allen Cardenas より:

    “Timothy run with me” xD

  93. Seph Nuguid より:

    tyler is team instinct wat

  94. JackgarPrime より:

    Magic Cards?! Pokeymonz?!

  95. Miles the pirate より:

    yeah play Pokemon go there was no robbery’s or kidnapping in progress no
    *cough* sarcasm *cough*

  96. Esteban Garcia より:

    Esta promo es oro puro!

  97. Deeply Client より:

    Team instinct!


    Stop playing Pokemon go because people are killing other people and kidnap
    because of your GPS signal

  99. Romulo Paredes より:



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