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  1. omgkatie より:

    Love this game!

  2. thatsocaroline より:

    Pokemon Go should have something where you can add people as your buddies!
    Like if you agree!

  3. Lil Leila Gamer より:

    I’m on team blue too!!(Team Mystic)

  4. Yolanda Martínez より:

    I am your biggest fan

  5. Yolanda Martínez より:

    I play Pokemon Hi I have Ben wotching your videos since the beginning

  6. Gregorio Diaz より:


  7. CookieRanger より:

    I hate the fact that my friends didn’t give a crap when I talked about
    Pokémon and now they’re doing it for the trend ?

  8. DoomShade555 より:

    Ekans is snake backwords and Arbok is kobra backwords

  9. DoomShade555 より:

    Level 8… not to brag or anything :)

  10. xxKay Kayxx より:

    I have two?

  11. GamingWith 1Jackson7 より:

    I’m so sad cause I’m don’t have a phone so my iPad doesn’t have a GPS but
    there was a squirtle, charmander and a bulbasor

  12. Gabriel Gunarso より:

    Walked 2km to fing a nearby magmar and it dissapeared ?

  13. Caden Zeeb より:

    847 vapereon

  14. Ana Carolina Macedo Barros より:

    i herd if u look under a truck u can find a mew

  15. lauren Keown より:

    I’m in team mystic too

  16. Aieshia Cortez より:

    I don’t have a Twitter account so my favorite Pokemon that I have is
    pikachu 456

  17. Molly Morgan より:

    Loving the Pokemon go vlog with cat and Justine yay???? u guys are so
    funny together???? love u Joey amazing vlog?

  18. banksy より:



    Oh no Joey the demon named Pokemon go has taken you as its slave!????

  20. sx3todd より:

    My all time fav is kadabra

  21. BellePlayzMc より:


  22. Iancamilantz より:

    Who else can only find rattatas and pidgeys near there house

  23. Ethanofficial Fifa より:

    I got nidoking today

  24. Eva Brand より:


  25. Tyleigh Daigle より:

    bae why your my bae people kill each other over this game why

  26. Candice V より:


  27. Ocean Pearle より:

    If the ball spins 3 times it means you caught it

  28. Carlos Valdes より:

    Isn’t ijustine supposed to be dead

  29. Hannes Rademan より:

    pokemon go is not avaidable in my country

  30. Narrator Of Shadows より:

    I’m on level 12 as of today

  31. Emily Houston より:

    You have evee!!!

  32. Brynn G より:

    joey : *catching clefairy* catch that hoe catch that hoe catch that hoe

  33. Luis Carrasquillo より:


  34. Sophs Moran より:

    yes please since i cant play pokemon go :(

  35. Kawaii より:


  36. Gwen B より:

    ekans spelled backwards is snake

  37. Elijah Vargas より:

    I’m waiting for my phone to be turned on to play. 1st time installing. Does
    anyone have any tips?

  38. Taylor より:

    my first Pokemon is a bulbasuar like you?

  39. Arabella Strom より:

    how do u have a pikachu!!???

  40. Mikayla Mitchell より:

    i only have one pokémon???

  41. Nyla Barnes より:

    Joey we have the same team

  42. Error Sans より:


  43. Belle Rubio より:

    I play and my level is level 7. My best Pokemon is a raticate

  44. Paola Acevedo より:

    Yes I am on the same team as Joey and I have 47

  45. Tango Airsoft より:

    I have a white van saying “Free Pokemons inside” outside my van

  46. Game Nederlander より:


  47. Amy Kulchisky より:

    So caught 122 out of ALL

  48. Chrisi Sheen より:

    I have rattan
    bulb ashore
    charm and er
    wiggle puff

  49. Randomvlogs より:

    Joey me and you would get along so well it’s not even funny. My biggest
    dream is to come to Cali and meet u and to collab with you. But now that
    the Pokemon go app has came out makes me wanna come join you on hunts. I
    have a good bit of my pokedex completed and would love to show u

  50. Sharon Bordelon より:

    my faviorte pokemon i

  51. Autumn Montonye より:

    Love it! My hubby, his fam and mine play together. We go on family outings
    and make it an event.

  52. KellyTheGamer より:

    Im team blue too

  53. Grace Hengst より:

    My charmander is my best and I think it’s at the same cp as urs…

  54. Melissa Fernandez より:

    I love love love love playing

  55. Brianna_ Garcia より:

    my sis has 80 Pokémon

  56. Jesus Barbosa より:

    I caught a chansey in my house I feel likes it’s rare but

  57. Ricardo Costa より:

    you are coping d4rkframe

  58. Ricardo Costa より:

    you are coping d4rkframe

  59. MineCraft Gal (MinerRush) より:

    the only Pokemon I have is bultasour idk how to spell it.

  60. Isabella Tietje より:

    I’m on level 6!!

  61. Grace CurrFlynn より:

    i love this game and video

  62. Moises Barron より:

    level 12 Team Instinct
    110 pokemon collected

  63. Jose Orellana より:

    Will I have 300

  64. Kisha Ritchie より:

    Team Mystic all the way.

  65. The Undead Beast より:

    Joey don t use your Stardust

  66. Nana Valencia より:

    Shake your phone up and down

  67. Amanda Cheng より:

    which team is joey on

  68. Victoria LaSpisa より:

    i LIVE for Pokémon Go

  69. Sellons より:

    Pokemon go just became available in Canada today and it has totally
    reignited my love of Pokemon. Great vid, you should definitely make more
    Pokemon go vids.

  70. Vanes22 Q より:

    These people are so STUPID to be playing these kinds of games sooner or
    later people could break in there houses or they could be kidnapped ( just
    saying )

  71. Braxton Berry より:

    Make morrrrre

  72. Monse Herrera より:

    Team yellow

  73. Monse Herrera より:

    I’m almost at level six in one day

  74. Adam Belouad より:

    I play

  75. Luciana Colon より:

    AM going to get it yayay

  76. Bryan Serrano より:

    I have a raticate 232 cp and I am in level 6

  77. Advance Luck より:

    Joey the secret to it is to tap it when you catch it so it can stay in

  78. InvocationXII より:

    “I caught a vermont” >.> lmfao

  79. GeoTDC / GeorgeTheDubstepCat より:

    My best Pokemon is mudkip

  80. will Rodriguez より:

    that game is awesome

  81. Britney より:

    My mom doesn’t let me walk outside a lot ?, but Ima start walking a lot
    more I hope

  82. Ender Games より:

    LOL I have Pokemon GO but have not captured a Charmander yet

  83. Devin Muzinic より:

    please do more of these

  84. Jess Jauregui より:

    YASSS #TeamMystic

  85. Gennesis Porras より:

    me and my sisster and dad play togeter

  86. isabella casey より:

    Team blueeee

  87. Emillie Diamond より:


  88. Strawberry xox より:

    Do Pokemon Go on your gaming channel!

  89. Rose Roeder より:

    I have 75 pokemon

  90. Hugo Charlesworth より:

    There’s a Pokemon gym in my house

  91. Trish Penner より:


  92. Annbell Edmond. より:

    Pokèmon Go is o freaking fun?

  93. Hollie Matlock より:

    I was at the river and saw a guy he was like I found a Pokemon and then he
    fell in the river and said at least it was a water Pokemon and I started to
    laugh really hard ???

  94. HayMaster 17 より:

    I play

  95. Jack Webb より:

    charazard zub bat

  96. closie ? より:


  97. Cody Babbel より:

    that’s a stalker app plz get ride if it

  98. burrito king123 より:


  99. abc 123 より:

    What team is everyone? #teaminstinct #noshelterfromthestorm

  100. Janiel Trash ? より:

    when you can’t play because you don’t have a phone


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