Pokemon Go players go mad as rare Pokemon appears in US park

When squirtle appeared in a corner of Downtown Park, in Bellevue, WA, hundreds of Pokemon Go fans rushed to catch it.

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  1. Jun Choi より:

    This place is a glitch. Lure modules everywhere… Thankful to live 10 mins
    walk away from here… Went from level 1-13 in one day cuz of this place…

  2. VgelPrdctns より:

    lol 0:06

  3. Hulla Baloo より:

    i dont get it. is squirtle rare? I have one of those popping up near my
    house a few times every day :S

  4. elia veronesi より:

    che sfigati…

  5. x71345 より:

    drop a big bombs and give the Darwin Awards to all of them :)))

  6. Thorir the Hound より:

    played this game for 5 minutes and it sucks. I don’t understand this hype.

  7. Marko A より:

    not sure if it’s a retarded nation or the whole human race is degrading…

  8. IAmAStrongIndependentMan AndDontNeedAWomanInMyLife より:

    Run, sheepies, run.

  9. CMDR Tacki XT より:

    What in THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?

  10. Rizky Suwendi より:

    whoops i hear a someone screen is shattered. lol

  11. Momo the EmoWolfFreak より:

    What is wrong with people?

  12. EpicNoodleShip より:

    So many idiots in this comments lol…. if you dont like Pokemon then go
    out swimming, playing football or do other dumbshit for dumb people, but
    dont watch videos about pokemon go and insult others

  13. 初音未來 より:


  14. EverlastGX より:

    Lmao America is sad

  15. Isuzu Buyer より:

    Great, now when the Aliens want to take over the planet, they’ll just round
    us up by hacking Pokemo Go.

  16. TheRandomPanda より:

    I caught a squirtle ;)

  17. designamk1 より:

    All I see are sheep not people

  18. Bonjour より:

    I’m here for the hate comments and to see how the fans defends themselve.

    Heh with more hatred, neat

  19. ZsQuil より:


  20. Tobyfredson より:

    I would just like to go out on a date with a girl and have a nice walk in
    the park without any Pokemon GO to it!

  21. Ivan Veselinovic より:

    must be something in the food they eat that kills the brain cells…..

  22. Jose Enerio より:

    We could be the Human Go in the real alien world

  23. Artis Līcis より:

    This is going too far.

  24. キュービック より:


  25. mike honda より:

    Get a life

  26. Draganm より:

    you wanted a zombie apocalypse ? HERE IT IS. ENJOY

  27. Canal NoControle より:


  28. Robert Siereveld より:


  29. Robert Siereveld より:


  30. GCT10/31/1990 より:

    This is ridiculous now… Shows how damn a lot of people are

  31. Guillaume Parola より:

    Well as least geeks can run now

  32. Dwi より:

    and thats why alines dont contact whit us

  33. Russian Man より:


  34. matt hansen より:


    Did they even know each other? It’s already bad enough if they did but if
    they didn’t that’s so effed up like WHAT haha. He should get his phone
    shoved up his ass.

  35. Lyphian92 より:

    illuminati crowd control at its finest. fortunately their power is at end

  36. Rekko Rekko より:

    Mindless Zombies, so sad…

  37. Melly Ru より:


  38. Setroc forever より:

    the end is near.

  39. Kristi Bezatlliu より:

    Poor Squirtle..did he get out alive?

  40. Doni paterson より:

    wow look at all those stupid followers lol unbelievable!! is wtf is this
    would coming to?? it is 2016 right???
    because it seems we are going backwards?

  41. - watabow81 より:


  42. unknown person より:

    0:14 the boy knows nothing.

  43. unknown person より:

    Zombie apocalypse is comming.

  44. James Atkins より:

    I don’t have my phone yet( As I chose not to have one), and i’m just
    looking at this and i’m like…

    And does a make-believe creature make people go outside like this?

  45. SanIzanami より:

    Which Pokemon was it?

  46. exellentgamer より:

    Did anyone not talk about the guy that got shoved near the start?

  47. LHB GAMING より:

    The stupidity of people…….

  48. Random StuffGuy より:

    0:06 FUS RO DAH!!!

  49. Alanah Jane より:

    lol a squirtle appeared in my bedroom and I was like sweet ?

  50. Patricio Azuara より:

    welcome to the future

  51. 121Sonic より:

    Which one was it?

  52. markus dahle より:

    but squirtly is more common then pidgy where i live

  53. mrrectumgrinder より:


  54. Don icanttellyoumysurname より:

    0:05 lol

  55. Brianna Jamison より:

    wow! this is getting out of hand

  56. Froggy Boy より:

    Wow this is ncrazy

  57. Garet Buschman より:

    Did they do this over a squirtle..?

  58. ximto より:

    Idiotization mass.
    Bunch of idiots manipulated.

  59. Fausto Pereira より:

    smthing is very wrong wth this peopl

  60. Fabián Martínez Caro より:

    as they are manipulated by a fucking shit game

  61. petrya coiosu より:

    WTF is wrong with this people?…sorry i mean idiots

  62. ainanor より:

    yeah go play pokemon! this is how the elite whans to fool you while they
    are making plans for your future!

  63. 5210gabbyrmz より:

    and somewhere in the world people are starving suffering and dying, smh

  64. Stingercam21 より:

    This gaming addiction has gone too far, I can’t believe that people
    actually lose it for this !!! There’s something wrong in society nowadays,
    seriously this is madness.

  65. Super Replay より:

    mds ta pior q o brasil kkkkkkkkkkkkkk pais foda o pra jogar um jogo besta

  66. Sidney Crosby より:

    already over 50 people in my country have been drived over by a car because
    of this game. gr8 game :)

  67. Alex Alexandru より:

    This is the generation that we created,all we do is stay with the face in
    the phone and catch some stupid pokemons and we forgot to interact with
    each other,i tell you this is gonna end bad at some point.(sorry for my

  68. L3ndzo83 より:

    Illuminati.. it is time… something has to be done about this..

  69. Demonic Akumi より:

    I get my rare Pokémon by walking around too actually.
    It’s waiting until let’s say Gamestop, Toys ‘R’ Us, Target, Best Buy, movie
    theatre (Japan only obviously) whatever has one of those special events,
    and I walk there and download the Pokémon.
    I don’t have to deal with this kind of bullshit though.
    Oh and before some person go “How do you walk to Japan and back for the
    theatre one?”, that’s the only time I do it at home as I would get family
    or something to get it at the theatre for me and then traded it over the

  70. JaMarcusT03/MT03YT より:

    Oh yeah, i forgot squirtles are rare creatures. If only the game gave me
    the option to start with him- oh wait…

  71. Derp Dog より:

    imagine a terrorist group was playing pokemon go and coming for this
    pokemon then they see a lot of people and the pokemon was caught so they
    went so pissed and ALLAHU AKBAR!!!
    -666 Trainers

  72. Mustang Rt より:

    but drugs hurt

  73. wendy avila herrera より:

    damm this people is so stupiddd . i cant believe how ridiculous they look
    playing that game! Just like they wanted to see you monkey see monkey do ..
    Hahha dumb fucks! Open your eyes pendejos

  74. stubridy83 より:

    This world is so fucked

  75. Maxis Plus より:

    la ignorancia

  76. Constance Pagkalinawan より:

    Hello! I sent you a private message and hopefully we can connect soon.

  77. Lee McDaid - Guitar より:

    Laugh all you like – but this lowest common denominator crap is why we
    probably will never get Half-Life 3

    Thanks, you dumb, casual brained WANKERS!


  78. dum ass 3211 より:


  79. Jojangamer13 より:

    We need a new plague -.-

  80. bla blubb より:

    they would run down a cliff if the game tells them to

  81. Sammy Sunshine より:

    Sad very sad….

  82. Dandekku より:

    i wonder what happens if a mewtwo or something appears…….

  83. Rover Waters より:


  84. Decebal Trandafir より:

    NO WAY! ?

  85. e. vako sinner より:


  86. e. vako sinner より:


  87. Kirill Shmakov より:

    This is so bad.
    Pokemon Go is just another stupid game.
    Zombifying all and full. No life such a wastage!
    Lol u all should wake up and stop playing this weird game that makes
    everyone crazy.

  88. Snake OP より:


  89. Valentin Toldi より:

    cant understand the guy …….. 0:06

  90. The Sir より:

    I’m in awe of the stupidity of humans.

  91. manos3002 より:

    It’s the devil in side of this game….

  92. Rack より:

    Why are people complaining about this…For real? Can you just be happy
    that others are happy?
    Why the fuck is this bothering you.

    You are all the stupid guys here…
    PS : I’m NOT a pokermon GO player ;)

  93. Spring Time より:

    Finally, someone found a cure for obesity in developed nations.

  94. Justine Martell より:

    Holy crap people are starting to get violent now?

  95. fluckey より:

    For a fucking squirtle? I see them Everyday at
    My house…

  96. Official Avenz より:

    I’m the only one that hates Pokemon go?

  97. Jordan Vann より:

    That’s sad. I caught 10 Squirtle’s already

  98. KnowYourEnemy より:

    Did anyone catch the damn thing? How many are there?

  99. Hodor より:

    this is what mind control does.

  100. JD Africa より:

    I’m guessing they all started with charmander?


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