Pokémon GO – Demonstration – Nintendo E3 2016

Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 2016. Discover a whole new world of Pokémon right in the palm of your hand! Find out how Pokémon GO allows players to find and catch more than a hundred different Pokémon as they explore their real-world surroundings.

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  1. -_MasterBall_- より:

    nintendo lança logo pelo amor de deeeeeeeeus

  2. Mark Naquin より:

    so I pre-order two bands for pokemon Go plus. on ebay they are 500 to 700
    dollars!! only on pre-order

  3. Hector より:

    lança no Brasil

  4. Vimal Selva より:

    Can you please add to not glitch the gps signal for Pokemon go on the IPad
    mini 2 cause I have the gps icon but Pokemon go says I don’t or make to not
    need Internet and gps signal and still play it properly and it shows you

  5. eddie john より:

    Pokemon Gotta Catch Em All

  6. DaMS ShiRoW より:

    Niantic ?

  7. robin Hood Gaimer Comico より:

    no Brasil

  8. robin Hood Gaimer Comico より:

    vou me matar se não lamsar esa merda de pokemon go

  9. robin Hood Gaimer Comico より:

    nintemdo seus reboes lamsa logo pokemon go no Brasil vcs são ums merdas só
    lamsa em outros paises lamsa logo es a merda aqui no Brasil seus merdas ♡ ×

  10. Sonam Sherpa より:

    when will it launch in Nepal?

  11. dixon usen より:

    Nintendo can you get Eni cooler

  12. Bryan Canut より:

    oooooooo nintendo se quise lançar pokemon go no brasil a gente agradese

  13. Litten Kitten MishiMishi より:

    OMG that (possibly American) person’s Japanese is spot on!

  14. Retro Hero 276 より:

    Here we are a month later and this is almost the biggest app of all time

  15. Whovian2020 AEF より:

    JWizz!!! (So sorry if I spelt it wrong.)


    vídeos de não funcionar lançar Pokémon go eu vou lançar um monte de Granada
    eu te maltrata


    poraNintendo lança logo Pokémon go no Brasil

  18. Laif より:

    I can’t have pokémon go,I have a wrong Smartphone

  19. Matheus Comedia より:

    Nintendo crescendo outra vez .. Superando muita gente que não apoiava os
    jogo da nintendo agora ela cresce mais ??

  20. Ron Morey より:

    now if only the game wasn’t down/crashing/glitching more than it was

  21. gamerp0pstar3 より:

    Give us Team Rocket for Pokémon Go!

  22. Lluvia Thomas より:

    I really wish pokemon go was out in england

  23. soundkire2 より:

    Latin America!!! For God’s sake!!! realise pokemon go!!

  24. TalesBrr #ContenteTv より:

    brazil no exist pokemon Go ;-; #sad

  25. 三毛ランジェロコメント用 より:


  26. Victor Serato より:

    ta, e o Brasil?

  27. Leonardo Emery より:


  28. Vittorio Pivarci より:

    pokemon go on 3Ds :V

  29. Crazy Gamer より:

    A cool way to generate unlimited Pokecoins for Pokemon Go! Check this, you
    will be amazed:

  30. Michael Biedermann より:

    little did they know that this game would take over the world

  31. maverickcorlas より:

    all I want to know is will it use up your data ?

  32. AugisTheUnitato より:

    Dayum. That English-Japanese translator is goals.

  33. Javier Ontiveros より:

    I wish I didn’t put money into this app. Froze froze froze froze can’t sign

  34. Floow TV より:

    #brasil precisa de pokémon GO

  35. Floow TV より:

    #brasil pokémon GO

  36. Floow TV より:


  37. Gamer Cheesedog より:

    From *_* we have *__* “Hai”

  38. Absolute Rua より:

    Will we be able to battle other trainers outside gyms? Form our own POKEMON
    teams? (I really want a full bug team)
    Find Ditto? Have Tier List / Best Pokemon to have in gyms and trainer
    battle? Can trainer battles be offline as well as online if y’all implement
    that? Can we have friendlist, and other players in the friendlist can track
    us to avoid robbery and etc? Can we have a fourth team…. Team Rocket? Can
    all hospitals be life the handheld, meaning free restores to full health to
    all our Pokemon? Can we walk to increase distance on our eggs offline? May
    we allow Bike Mode, meaning when we go a certain speed, it recognizes we
    are riding a bike, therefore allowing increased speed? These are all my
    questions as well as my suggestions.

    • Absolute Rua より:

      Can we also increase the cp gauge as we level up. I will love to use my
      starter Pokemon competitively, so like when we play at the gym or play
      against other players, that can increase the CP or we can simply allow us
      to use a few amount of dust to keep our starters or etc up to par with our
      higher cp Pokemon.

    • Absolute Rua より:


  39. Alistair Creed より:


  40. Rikelme Gameplay より:

    nintendo disponibiliza pokémon go para o brasileiro??

  41. ElíasMaster HD より:

    18/07/2016 pokemon go ha dominado el mundo

  42. pablo cesar fernandez rodriguez より:

    asesinos deberian meteros en la carcel

  43. Andrew Lee より:

    August 1 2016, this game is gonna

  44. David Castillo より:

    update that phone tho

  45. Doublas Vicente より:

    how are you supposed to see the led lights of the go plus when you’re out
    on the sun

  46. RagingGoat Filmz より:

    the guy in the middly doh

  47. Gabriel M. より:

    quando o Pokémon go vai chegar no Brasil ?

  48. Gustavo Limma より:


  49. lucas consoli より:


  50. lucas consoli より:


  51. campos3452 より:

    Google glass would be an awesome companion for this.

  52. PixelGames より:

    Then it is releasing in Brazil?

  53. Your Neighbor より:

    Little did they know. This would be the start of Nintendo’s revival to be
    the very best that no one’s ever known! And down with Sony and Microsoft.


    Comeback of the century. Amazing.

  55. 300pzl より:

    is that eric wareheim?

  56. FluffyLittleFurret t より:


  57. asdfghj45165 より:

    this will KILL people!!!!

  58. Sheri Cheri より:

    When will the server be back up??!!

  59. Castietes 4 Ever より:


  60. Daniel Gomes より:

    Nintendo why isn’t Pokemon go available for Trinidad and Tobago

  61. Gigan Motion より:

    I met Madura in mii plaza last week and I only just realised who he was 0_0

  62. Death Skull123 より:

    pls give us pokemon go in taiwan

  63. Logic Jidd より:

    no satoshi

  64. mitchell seville より:

    Why is Pokemon Go Plus so expensive?

  65. David Ekstrom より:

    ching wing pang poong pang poo

  66. UltimateTiger1200 より:

    Who thinks this will be perfect with hololens?

  67. BECCA SYLVA より:

    lança aeh no Brasil poww :(

  68. PlayCerRBLX より:

    when it’s out if every other country but not Canada. ;3; the feels
    The pain
    The harsh
    The smudge

  69. ChickyChi より:

    little did they know the chaos that this game was going to cause XD

  70. McD5791 より:

    …little did they know…
    …little did anybody know…

  71. gabriel sousa より:

    Nintendo vai toma no cu .

  72. The Svastarija RS より:

    Sta je to samo kinezi :D

  73. NMJE M より:

    Pokemon go is on one of the lamest game. Its such a waste of time and life!
    Really really dumb game!

  74. renanzinho MCPE より:


  75. Clifford より:

    i cant stop hearing the “mmm” sound

  76. Eduardo Silva より:

    quando vai lançar pokemon go no Brasil não aguento mais quero jogar pokemon
    go #pokemon go no Brasil

  77. Prinplup Nine より:


  78. Lucas Cunha より:


  79. carlos より:

    lança no Brasil

  80. Alfredo F より:


  81. Jaryd Weyer より:

    We need it in South Africa!!!

  82. Prespectzz より:

    I hope there comes a game like this but witout wifi

  83. Emnbalaban Ismail より:

    i heard something with yokai

  84. Joshi Gamer より:

    pls pokemon go for samsung galaxy s 5 mini

  85. I3eowulf 89 より:

    At 16:30 A level 3312CP Arcanine

  86. Craftistic boy より:

    check the news people this game is just a scam so you would go where the
    pokemons are but it is all a trick . there are just going to make you lost
    in the middle of nowhere and bad guys will be there so they can hurt you.
    don’t believe ]me? go search pokemon go on the news

  87. Its.Isaiah より:

    It needs to come out

  88. TSO Türkçe Süper Oyuncular より:

    Do not downland
    Beacause it can be take your gps information

  89. Sonic338 - Pokemon, Minecraft & More より:

    Where’s Unlistedleaf?

  90. Perfectchaos007 より:

    30 pokeballs per second in the beta. Probably like 1,000,000 per second now

  91. Perfectchaos007 より:

    This game turned out to be pretty popular in the US

  92. BrianSuxx より:

    I got a feeling that they’ll release the Go Plus when they add the next
    generation Pokemon to the app!

  93. caio vinicios より:


  94. Pedro Henrique より:

    pokemon GO in brazil

  95. Pedro Henrique より:

    pokemon GO in brazil

  96. AwesomeGaming66 より:

    HOW DO YOU LOG IN!?????

  97. cal 6ixGod より:

    A smart watch app would be a cool alternative to the Pokemon go plus and
    I’m sure the screen would add to the experience. I know the Pokemon go plus
    isn’t free so I’d be fine with a paid smart watch app. Maybe half price of
    the Pokemon go plus. People pay hundreds of dollars for their smart watches
    so to have something else on the wrist that can do what the watch is more
    than capable of doing is crazy.

  98. Gustavo_Stuchi Gamer より:

    Pokémon Go é um lixo


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