Pokemon Go…pls fix your server
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  1. Suki Liong より:

    6:33 is that phoenix from dota 2 ?

  2. Zaki Aquamarine より:

    f*ck digimon

  3. Ayshooooooooow より:

    omg I almost spit tea when suddenly Digimon music was playing hahah

  4. Logan Turner より:

    I hate Pokemon Go, but i love when you play it.

  5. D DEXTER より:

    How to download pokemon go 

  6. xXAnimeMusicXx より:

    Oh my god, the Digimon OP… XD

  7. Harlandea Indie より:

    finally pewds playing outside

  8. installer gaming509 より:

    its harry potter

  9. Shiong Jin Low より:


  10. spidiest 312 より:

    could you play minecraft pixelmon please felix

  11. Bailey Sherman より:

    is poods rly the ceo of Burger King?

  12. Septiplier_mark_jack ! より:

    Poor Brad and Michael they have to walk around after Pewds ??

  13. Pewsepiciplier 13 より:

    When he skated past that group I died XD

  14. Makenna Smothermon より:

    in he may have said it in the video but what team is pewds on?

  15. awesome person aj より:

    did anyone else see Alfie when pewds fell

  16. Monkey D. Dy より:

    Actually it is not Nintendo

  17. Sara teklies より:

    5:05-5:10 ???

  18. Michelle Finninger より:

    is no one gonna take notice to how hot felix looks in this video

  19. Maan Samman より:


    Undertaker Sit up ?

  20. Jason Emerald より:

    Better Use Bike

  21. Kollinen より:

    Why is no one in team valor? Am i really the only one?

  22. David Ristic より:

    Wait.. Digimon Intro, lol!

  23. CJ Tchass GTA X NBA より:

    fuck this video

  24. Tracy Lincoln より:

    pokemon go is not dangerous

  25. Melanie McClinton より:

    Pewds – when you fall off the horse you gotta get back up

    Me – buy a car

  26. Mc Dzeko より:

    vei um video dele e mais famoso do que um video clipe de um famoso

  27. 間宮幸音 より:


  28. Haycraft Marabele より:

    Pokemon go is not from nintendo iTS from The Pokemon company Some poeple
    call it The destruction of nintendo

  29. Goetzl _TV_ より:

    Whats the name off the song at 4:56 ? pls tell me xP

  30. Goetzl _TV_ より:

    Whats the name off the song at 4:56 ? pls tell me xP

  31. Peptobismolsnake より:

    Why do people even play this trash?

  32. Christine DarkHeart より:

    When he got to Burgerking tho XD Anyways, I think I need that as my new
    ride and me and Pewds will ride off into the sunset. (And maybe fail
    multiple times..)

  33. Kougyon より:

    It’s a Ho-Oh!!! 6:30

  34. animangachu96 より:

    he’s got a “Pokémon” with Digimon on it

  35. Flotchet 83 より:

    He plays at pokego but in this vid he capture 2 pokémons

  36. Rudy Rojas (FireFox) より:

    0:10 *Wants to catch some Pokemon, plays some Digimon thing*

  37. Potato Guy より:

    Don’t ask me, why? But pewds with those glasses you remind me steve jobs

  38. Hodeskallen より:

    Nooooooo way!!!! Why is pewdiepie playing this game. How can this game be
    fun I dont understand

  39. Little Huata pup より:

    I got a lot of Pokemon I got picachu and more

  40. Takma, Otaku ファンタスティック より:

    لي مترجم المقطع للعربي محشش

  41. Blockbuster_LP YT より:


  42. Dvmvge より:

    song at 4:57 ?

  43. Guillaume B より:

    Did you seriously just use Digimon music in a pokemon video? xD

  44. Gaminglicious より:
    And its now you realized. ._.
  45. Krenzy Benzy より:

    1:34 that Citroën cactus?

  46. Neue Perez より:

    dat digimon theme

  47. Alfie Brownsword より:

    OMG 46mil subscribers it’s surely a record

  48. sah 2000 より:

    you are don’t good youtubers you are bad youtubeur

  49. desertrose88 より:

    oh please someone help! what is the sad song at the end of the video? :(

  50. TNT TNT より:

    Do he know that his t-shirt is digmon not Pokemon also the them song in the

  51. Hyped Turtle より:

    Aww no custom subtitles :(

  52. Isaac Zuren より:

    3:30 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Soundtrack!

  53. Dfg12po Gaming より:

    Lol you played Limp Bizkit

  54. Ameru より:

    Hahaha, he’s so cute :’))

  55. SpringtrapGamerK Gamer21 より:


  56. Iron_Nugget より:

    Pods u using undertakers theme song

  57. djnilse より:

    It’s Niantics Servers isn’t it?

  58. Luka B より:

    God damnit poor Michael always getting bullied by poods.

  59. BattleKing より:

    Poodlecorp hacked them at that exact time i think it was

  60. Mui Bobo より:

    The clothes’s picture isn’t Pokemon ?

  61. Albert Chyn より:

    3:12 I want that shirt Pokemon Digimon

  62. Kayla Atlas より:

    does anyone know the song at 1:30

  63. Makana Paulson より:

    *cough cough* hetalia

  64. X Vilow より:

    where do you live pew

  65. kalreyan より:

    guys really don’t ever play pokemon go I saw the news it’s really dangerous
    pls don’t I’m not kidding

  66. The Killer Of 2007 より:


  67. William Renaldo より:

    is it digimon opening song in the intro ?

  68. TeunosZ より:

    dat disclosure

  69. EMRE ORUC より:


  70. Guten Morgen より:

    1:35, у пацана патч Стоника, лол

  71. Pigturd 95 より:

    It was hilarious when he went through the drive through of Burger King

  72. Channel Zeldo より:

    1:30 Парень с патчем )000

  73. Imondoii より:

    that description tho!

  74. the potato より:

    omg alfie

  75. bob cools より:


  76. Revo Jevico より:

    haha butt-erfly by wada kouji

  77. Ana Aguilar より:

    guys , you know that digimon theme song was on purpose ?

  78. Rochelle Anne Gonzales より:

    Pewds is so abusive to Michael hahahaha

  79. ITZMHDgamer (Mehdi) より:

    des français ici

  80. Jackie.lolita より:

    Was that alfie??

  81. Color .Retardo より:

    someone have a link for his case ?

  82. DrewVisor より:


  83. jimmy bond より:

    sorry pewdiepye

  84. jimmy bond より:

    Pokemon go not dandruse

  85. chand sullivan より:


  86. Sunita Patil より:

    Ha ha ha oòoooooooh man it was so funny video

  87. carlos Castanos より:


  88. 아츠도츠카 より:

    pokemon Global Offensive lolololol

  89. TSlea より:

    I cried laughing at this idk why ?

  90. Aliff Haffizzudin より:

    Can u imagine how handsome u are

  91. Parth Katlana より:

    plz another Pokemon go video I’m highly addicted to it and it’s probably
    gonna spoil my career but fine who care

  92. Sythical Indeed より:

    Lmao that board is deformed. Makes so much noise. Get one that Casey has.

  93. Coolskeleton95 aka Papyrus より:

    the great pap

  94. Octivany Ayu Salsabila より:

    yaa i hate when the server down too? what the….!

  95. Henrique Seger より:

    I’m gonna catch POKEMON. *Digimon Theme Song*

  96. Jenna Productions より:

    He is the only YouTuber that makes me laugh

  97. minecraft funny より:

    ха а я русский

  98. Soulgamer O より:

    4:10 music plz

  99. Soulgamer O より:

    The end Hahah


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