入れない箱とねこ。-The box which Maru can’t enter.-

炭酸水が入っていた箱です。There were many soda water of PET bottles in this box.



  1. Laura OMara より:

    soooo funny that part where he just goes over to his owner and is just like
    “im so ashamed of myself” and then hes all like “BOX,! you will pay for the
    pain witch you have caused me”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priceless

    so i got $300 put on this cat deal jk lol

  2. Dulcie McGrath より:

    Boxes and Maru. Perfect combination, right?

  3. July LPS より:

    Maru = ?
    Box = ?

  4. Sadie N. より:

    I think Maru is plotting the murder of this box.

  5. Misa Jones より:

    At the end, Maru’s like “I WILL DESTROY YOU, BOX.”

  6. Chell Imaginary より:

    Trypophobics be liek:

    ─────███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░██░░█ help
    █▓██░░████░░░░░░█▓▓████████████▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█ omg
    ──██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██░░░░░░░░███▓▓▓▓▓██ this gave me cancer
    ─────────████▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█████ no

  7. giseerouchon より:

    You can actually see the thinking going on here…

  8. Fanaprimo より:

    You are an evil man, I would have scratch you !

  9. mayati より:


  10. catcow moomeow より:

    Omg love Maru love cats?

  11. うちはサスケ より:


  12. Diane Robidoux より:

    Love this cat ,Maru ! ?

  13. saintconnor より:

    no box gets the better of me – maru

  14. barbedwirekitty より:

    ‘Find small hole. Insert head.’

  15. Я и Мир より:

    симпатяга. Любимец сети.

  16. Mark O'Cain より:

    ばか ばか ばか ばか ばか

  17. Tektonic より:

    Honeycombs….. Catacombs…

  18. Fai†h Z.Q. “faithite94” Lim より:

    puzzle-cat or puzzled cat. haha!

    cat’s box law. A box is one which allows a cat in and out.
    Else it’s not a box.


    Sometimes you must think outside the box ;)

  20. Nazi Jung より:


  21. Aleeya Azhar より:

    Maru is so cute!!!!!!!I really want to meet him

  22. Fátima Deus より:

    I didn’t see Maru for a long time, but now I receive again his vídeos. I
    like Maru very much.

  23. Handsome_Hero より:

    02:04 he’s like ‘aww mummy I get in help me please =^.^= <3 '

  24. 藤田加寿子 より:


  25. Cathi Falconwing より:

    Flawless Victory!

  26. tokfrans より:

    There were many soda water of PET bottles in this box.

  27. Trevor Luebbert より:

    was waiting for a headfirst dive into one of those slots

  28. ccjgk971 より:


  29. TheRealFoxyThePirateFox より:

    he did get in the box!!!!

  30. kenley より:

    Where there’s a will there’s a way. That Maru!!!!!!!!

  31. bananian より:

    trying to fit a round cat into a square peg.

  32. vknit1101 より:

    Love this cat.

  33. 忍切り切りマイ より:

    box master (=^・^=) 箱師匠~

  34. bitspacemusic より:

    Maru’s like, “What is this sorcery?”

  35. Fátima Deus より:

    I miss Maru!

  36. RubyDIY より:

    SO KAWAII! <3

  37. Kymaera より:

    Hmm… So if he ever wants to send friends a boxed gift, it’s fine so long
    as it’s a box of soda water….

  38. Diablos より:

    Foolish humans!! There is no such box which I cannot enter!

  39. Squinton0 より:

    Did he modify it, or did you give in to his requests :P?

  40. Cassandra Williams より:

    315 dislikers are dolls that have diamonds on their belly button

  41. tifany MP より:

    I consider this plagiarism by cartoon network

  42. wurlitzer895 より:

    Oh! Maru! You’re utterly adorable, but totally and utterly bonkers!!

  43. The Cake is a Liar! より:

    The logic of size measurements doesn’t apply on Maru.

  44. vaiouser より:

    Maru: “Hmm…this is a challenge…but i must sit! because i fitz!”

  45. AshLField より:


  46. Fátima Deus より:

    What happened to Maru? I miss him!

  47. beadladee より:

    Maru, is a box expert.

  48. Kot Matrosskin より:

    Коробок и кот

  49. chicagoman58 より:

    Maru is SO adorable!

  50. Massi Archer より:

    Gatti e le scatole =Amore :D

  51. Deena Bobeena より:

    oh Maru is Maru he will get in the box

  52. Supreme Commander より:

    This box entirely changed Maru’s life.

  53. brezzainvernale より:

    I just love your cat! Why is he so obsessed with boxes?

  54. Corey Jacobs より:

    Hmm…. mmm… Hmm… *Sniff sniff* “Yes.. It smells right..Hmm” lol

  55. Usagi- Neko より:

    Maru newer gives up.This video hawe message for people to not give up.And
    Maru is SO CUTE.He is IRRESISTIBLE. :D

  56. Judy Xiong より:

    your very popular just because your cat loves boxs

  57. Юлия Зозуля より:


  58. Knight Phaeton より:

    Maru is so cute and beautiful fattie cat!

  59. BreakYoself007 より:

    Maru makes me want a cat sooo baaaaaddddd

  60. booblikon より:

    But he DID get in the…
    he’s like EAT the box, tew

  61. Francoise Isa より:


  62. rom35w より:

    Hi Im French and a french broadcast tv news (BFM TV) has just released your
    video with Maru to illustrate a scientific study that explains why cats
    like so much boxes !

  63. tickyul より:

    Maru badly need a serious anti-bloating diet!

  64. 卓泓均 より:

    nothing special 

  65. ginestrian より:

    Your Maru is adorable :)

  66. Kiyoko Mori より:

    I’m curious.. does Maru meow? I don’t think I have ever heard him make a
    noise in any of the videos. I know some cats don’t vocalize. Just curious
    if hes a talker? 

  67. Альбинка Малинка より:

    Обожаю этого котэ))

  68. Influennza Pyloric より:

    what a fat funny cat!

  69. aprylnicolemock より:

    I <3 Maru. 

  70. CountessVonRad より:

    “Puny box make Maru angry!”… 2:12 “Maru SMASH!”

  71. Alex Dzugkoev より:

    At first Maru’s like ‘Oh! A new box for me!’ But then he’s like ‘What the
    hell? I’m positive this is a box. What are these awful things in the
    middle? I can’t fit at all!’. He gets sad and goes to his master for some
    petting. But in the end he’s like ‘Soo much better when those things in the
    middle are gone!’ :)

  72. Shaheen Shaheen より:

    Maru is such a good, humble soul, all he ever asks for in life is a
    cardboard box

  73. TheSeriousShow より:

    Maru: “Hey, look! A new one!
    (Sees box)
    Maru: “What… *WHAT IS THIS MAGIC!*”

  74. skbuoy より:

    What type of cat is Maru? I want a Maru!

  75. Fátima Deus より:

    So cute, Maru!

  76. Briavel1 より:

    Maru: “I shall never give up!”

  77. IgnacioAgramonte より:

    PRECIOUS SMART CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. iTube22100 より:

    Maru, the Only !! Love Love Love

  79. Simon Nader より:

    Mission Accomplished for Maru 

  80. Голубая Лилия より:

    i love Maru! he’s so cute and funny!

  81. Timmy Tomcat より:


  82. Samantha 1 より:


  83. ARGM より:

    Maru is awesome! I wish I had a cat that was as curious as he is.

  84. Chad Worthy より:

    Worried me for a minute. Glad Maru was able to overcome those obstacles to
    finally sit in the box and get revenge upon which caused the troubles. 

  85. skye shepherd より:

    there is no box which Maru can’t enter! 

  86. Chester Kitty より:

    omg I love Maru!

  87. karenm8757 より:

    Oh my goodness, Maru makes me laugh so hard! 

  88. lightwork11 より:

    Maru loves a challenge. And he is aptly named, Maru is indeed, precious.

  89. Trish M より:

    Did ya see that? I figured it out eventually; because I am a very
    beautiful, smart, and purrsistent, boxcat! [And-I took a couple of bites
    out of that box-because I can]! 

  90. Christine Peters より:

    He is so smart!!

  91. EpsilonCrew より:

    What is this black magic?!

  92. Mako3214 より:

    If I was a cat, I would climb into boxes all day.

  93. InflammabilityRing より:

    I like to think he was consoling Maru at 2:00 :P

  94. Dina GV より:

    Love you Maru, you are so beautiful and smart.

  95. Екатерина Гирман より:

    Какая киса красивая ))) просто прелесть !!! Так и хочется погладить ее!

  96. Reinis Aizsilnieks より:

    way to many holes, cant figure which to enter :D

  97. KAZ SERTICH より:

    He sure does try, though.

  98. Ashish Ranjan より:

    hi mugumogu. what breed of cat is Maru? I would like to pet one

  99. jvidell より:

    Awesome cat is AWESOME!!!!


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